Freshen up Your Home: Flower and Plant Markets in Chengdu

Freshen up Your Home: Flower and Plant Markets in Chengdu
By Nick Callos ,

Garden and flower markets in Chengdu are splattered across the metropolis, from specialised stores to little shops within food markets. Everybody has their reasons for wanting more greenery within their apartment. Perhaps you just want your place to look prettier. Or maybe you want more oxygen floating around your humble abode to counter the polluted city. And the smell is nice, too. So before stumbling out into the great outdoors of this concrete heaven, take a moment to get to know where the good Chengdu plant and flower markets are.

1) Sansheng Huaxiang Market 三圣花乡市场 View In Map
The colours here vibrate and dance in the air, giving energy beneath the lazy grey skies of Chengdu. Located on the outskirts of the city, this location is worth the trip if you are an avid gardener and flower lover. As the largest wholesale plant and flower market in Chengdu, Sansheng Huaxiang Flower Market has an assortment of potted flowers, rose bushes, cool bonsai, herb plants like mint and lavender, small and large cacti, green ferns and fruit trees.

You can also purchase gardening tools, fertilizing soil, plant pots, plant seeds, and other garden accessories here. Prices range from 10 RMB to 50 RMB for smaller plants and potted flowers. If you need a specific plant or flower, check out the large indoor retail centre. It has names clearly listed on the plants. If you want a small animal, like a turtle or rabbit, you can buy that here as well.

The Sansheng area is huge. Divided into five separate villages, it covers over 10,000 hectares of land. The market is nice for a stroll and a relaxing cup of tea. Take the chance to inhale the fresh, oxygen-filled air that the greenery emits. Even if you don't buy flowers, you'll enjoy the rosy aroma, colourful scenery and tranquil ambience.

Add: Chenglong Lu, Sansheng Huaxiang, Jinjiang District, Chengdu (near the Sansheng Jiedao Banshichu or District Office)
地址: 成都市锦江区成龙路三圣花乡(近三圣街道办事处)
Phone: 028 84676767
Opening hours: 08:00-21:30 (roughly). Because it's a tourist attraction, it stays open later on weekends.

2) Xingqiao Jie Market 星桥街市场 View In Map
Right next to the Shangri-la Hotel and Jiuyan Qiao, this flower and garden market is perhaps the best one of its kind within the First Ring Road. Upon arrival, you will think you are walking into a parking lot. But it's filled with a large variety of flowers, greenery, trees, cacti, shrubs, gardening supplies and more. What's missing in atmosphere is more than made up in selection, quality and price. Small pots of flowers cost 6-10 RMB. For home size plants, do not expect to pay more than 25 RMB.

If you want a tree, this market sells them at legit prices. Small, yet-to-blossom trees start at just over 100 RMB. Larger, full grown ones start at 300 RMB and up. For example, the Cinnamomum Subavenium (Xianggui 香桂) are fully grown here. This Chinese herb tree costs over 1,000 RMB. In stock are fruit trees like honey peach trees (Shuimitao Shu 水蜜桃树), plum trees (Lizi Shu 李子树), and pear trees (Li Shu梨树). If you have room at your place, buy one! I thought I did, but it turns out the pear tree I bought couldn't fit through my door. Luckily for me, they let me return it with an 80 percent refund.

Add: 100 Xingqiao Jie, Shuijingfang, Jinjiang District, Chengdu
地址: 成都市锦江区水井坊星桥街100号
Opening hours: 08:00-2100 (roughly). The place usually closes once it's dark.

3) Qingshi Qiao Huahui Market 青石桥花卉市场 View In Map
This is the type of market that you go to looking for one thing and end up buying ten different things. It's a garden, art, antique and pet shopper's paradise. Buy a parrot and bonsai tree at the same time if you so desire.

Located near Tianfu Square and advertised as absolutely convenient, this market has prices that are slightly higher because the plants and flowers are claimed to be of better quality. It is also the most central of all the flower and garden markets in Chengdu. Hence the ridiculous crowds on the weekends.

The selection of flowers at the various shops here gives it a leg up on the others, and the cacti are of good quality. The market also has a wide array of Chinese artwork and antiques for sale. If you are looking to spice up your apartment with plants, woodcarvings and calligraphy, this market will satisfy that need.

Add: Qingshiqiao Huahui Shichang (Near Jinxing Lu), Jinjiang District, Chengdu
地址: 成都市锦江区青石桥花卉市场(锦兴路附近)
Opening hours: 08:00-21:00 (roughly). The various shops begin to close around night time.

4) Other Garden and Flower Shops
If you are just looking for one or two plants, you can probably find something within walking distance. At the wet markets, there are usually one or two plants shops amidst the fruit, veggie, meat and noodle vendors. The prices will typically be the lowest here because these are wholesale stores.

There are some small florist shops in every neighbourhood that carry fresh flowers. And there are even street vendors who sell small plants. Because the street vendors don't have marked prices, be careful when asking about the price and be ready to bargain it down. Do not pay 30 RMB for a small potted plant or cactus.  

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