Bargain Shopping in Chengdu: Lotus Pond Market

Bargain Shopping in Chengdu: Lotus Pond Market

Getting ripped off is an unpleasant experience wherever you go, and unfortunately this is an experience that almost every foreign visitor to China will struggle with during their stay here. However, as confidence increases so too do bargaining skills, so much so that some even prefer the challenge of hitting up markets to do their shopping over the glossy, expensive but clearly priced department store. Although many markets around China require bargaining, coming home with an item you fought hard for is often more rewarding than a simple trip to the shopping mall. Chengdu boasts the largest and most comprehensive of such markets in South-West China. As one of the cheapest and busiest weekend shopping outlets in the region, this is the place where with the right attitude; you can truly find some great (cheap) treasures.

Lotus Pond Market 荷花池市场
Lotus Pond Market is the largest wholesale market in south-west China. You’ll be greeted by high decimal levels of chatter and noise once you enter its doors, as customers and sellers’ voices boom incessantly throughout the building. The market sells a wide selection of products, including clothing, textiles, shoes, accessories, sports goods, arts, crafts and toys. In fact, you’ll find over 20,000 different types of products on sale here for a comprehensive, all-round shopping experience. Lotus Pond Market employs 10,000 people and sees an average of 30,000 visitors walk through its doors on a daily basis. With over 15,000 stalls, this market is the main provider of stock for Chengdu’s smaller shops, a status that is upheld due to its reputation of being cheap. Though cheap is often negated with bad quality, this market does sell some brand names however, such as Playboy, Montagut and Goldlion, all available at significantly cheaper prices than at any other department store far and wide. If you do want to pick up a bargain though, you’ll have to be prepared to work for it. If the products are not clearly priced then it is safe to presume that bargaining is both expected and required. For tips on bargaining in China check out these useful articles here and here.

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Add: Beizhan Dong Yijie, Jinniu District, Chengdu
Getting there: Take bus no.99, 57 or 73 to Lotus Pond Market stop (荷花池站).
Opening times: 9:00-17:00

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Is there any kind of directives as in shop number or the different apartments based on the different items sold there, since it’s a large market one might find it difficult locating the particular item sought for without such directives

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