Six New Shopping Malls to Open in Chengdu in 2010

Six New Shopping Malls to Open in Chengdu in 2010

According to the latest whispers around Chengdu, no less than six large-scale shopping malls are planned to open in various districts around Chengdu this year. Although the total number of shopping malls planned for opening has yet to be confirmed, Suning Shopping Mall(苏宁购物广场), Fuli Tianhui Mall (富力·天汇MALL), Longhu 3000 City (龙湖三千集), Another City (财富又一城), Kaidan Shopping Mall (凯丹购物广场) and Chicony (群光广场) have all verified that their stores will be cutting the red ribbons later this year, therefore signaling a major boom in Chengdu’s retail trade development.

Chinese media reports claim that local residents are ecstatic about the news, saying that the opening of a new shopping center near their homes will greatly enhance residents’ shopping experience, giving them greater choice and better access to entertainment, reading and educational material. Whether all residents really are happy about having huge neon shopping mall signs glaring through their bedroom windows is questionable, but the one thing that’s sure is that Chengdu will have no shortage of shopping malls in the near future. Below is a breakdown of what to expect at each of the above mentioned shopping malls:

1. Suning Shopping Mall 苏宁购物广场

Location: Suning will settle in Huali (华丽), by the Xinnan Tiandi Retail District (新南天地商圈).
Main strength: It contrasts starkly to traditional department stores in that it will sell top-quality products. It’ll also contain a supermarket, boutiques, top class food and drink, entertainment and brand products for a “different kind of top class shopping enjoyment.”

Size: the building will cover 120,000 square metres containing fashion, electronics, food and entertainment for children.

2. Fuli Tianhui Mall 富力·天汇MALL

Location: Fuli Tianhe will be located at the intersection of Chengdu’s CBD and the traditional Sanda (三大) retail area.

Main strength: The mall is a joint initiative by Guangbai Baihuo (广百百货) and Fuli (富力), resulting in a gigantic shopping complex including comprehensive shopping options and food, entertainment, games, fitness, travel, leisure, accommodation and business functions.

Size: 140,000 square metres

3. Longhu 3000 City 龙湖三千集

Location: At the intersection of the Second Ring Road and Jianshe Bei Lu (建设北路).

Main strength: The mall has four main highlights, namely a food center, a five star cinema, a clothes shop with a full range of brand name clothes, as well as a “fashionable lifestyle center for women”.

Size: 120,000 square metres

4. Fortune Another City 财富又一城

Location: At the side of Yihuan Lu (一环路) and Fuqinglijiao Qiao (府青立交桥).

Main strength: It’ll contain a Carrefour, Guomei electronics store, a Poly Wanhe Cinema, KTV, KFC, Bishengke and many other international food outlets.

Size: 82,000 square metres.

5. Chicony 群光广场

Location: on the south side of Chunxi Lu (春熙路) by the Dongda intersection (东大街口).

Main strength: Contains a Hyatt hotel and sells anything from make-up and household goods to menswear and children’s wear. It will also have a themed canteen.

Size: 200,000 square metres, which includes a 100,000 square metre square and a 40,000 square metre underground parking lot.

6. Kaidan Shopping Mall  凯丹购物广场

Location: Shengheyi Lu (盛和一路18号)

Main strength: This will be the first European shopping mall in south-west China. The shopping mall is the result of 650 million yuan investment by a European organization. Once it opens, the mall will feature a large collection of famous European brands.

Size: 50,000 square metres, including 200 shops and a few thousand parking spaces.


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