Need a Drink? The Best Bar Areas in Chengdu

Need a Drink? The Best Bar Areas in Chengdu
By Nick Callos ,

Before beginning this article, I was thinking about the lines from that Hank Williams song, Family Tradition: “Why do you drink? Why do you roll smoke?” He sang. We all have our own reasons, but there is one thing expats in Chengdu can agree on: this city is a city that suits the reveler. If you live in Chengdu or have lived in Chengdu, you most certainly are familiar with some of the hot-spot bar areas around the city. From laid-back reggae bars to high-class cosmopolitan chic bars, Chengdu’s got it all. So let’s get down to it. Here it is: the best bar areas in Chengdu.

1) Jun Ping Road 君平街—Near Jiu Yan QiaoView In Map
Why is this the first bar area in Chengdu I list? Simple. This area is lined with over 20 bars and the street is packed every single night of the week. Drinking choices abound, and prices are very reasonable at most places. 150 RMB for 12 Budweiser or Heineken beers is the standard rate. While most of the customers at these bars are local Chinese, this place deserves more expat attention.

As you walk along this road for the first time, you will be wondering whether or not you have been warped into some Chengdu version of New Orleans’ “Bourbon Street”. It’s hard to walk more than 10 metres here without hearing a, “Hello, hello, come drink”, from a local bartender.

One of the top bars on this street is Jing Jie Bar (井界酒吧). This bar features a nice outside terrace, an inside loft with cozy floor mat seating and an endless amount of dice to satisfy your crave for Chinese drinking games.

The Cheng Xin Bar (诚信酒吧), which was started by the Cheng Xin Investment Group, highlights the street with its live performance, sexy singers and dancers and creative, Chinese style decor.

Other bars of note include the Rainbow Pub (彩虹酒吧). This bar has a calmer atmosphere, but what makes it special is the wide array of colours your drinks can be served in! Ge Bi Zi Bar (隔壁子), or the Neighbor Bar, hosts some surprisingly electric rock concerts during the week and Si Yuan Zi (四院子), or the Four Courtyards Bar, has one of the loudest crowds on the street day in and day out.

Add: Jiuyan Qiao, Junping Jie, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

2) Hong Men Jie 黉门街—Opposite the “Big Boat”View In Map
Located near Old Nan Men Da Qiao (老南门大桥) and right next to the river, Hongmen Jie has become one of the best bar areas in Chengdu. What more can be said about the four bars that line the river here? For the older crowd, Carol’s By the River is the bar of choice in Chengdu. The bar has a pool table, a relaxed setting and offers a variety of Western food. The bar does seem to be a bit too orange, though. You will know what I am talking about when you go there. Please note: ladies drink free on Friday nights.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention Jah Bar (家吧). As its competing reggae bar in Chengdu has continuously raised their prices (that’s right I’m talking about Hemp House), Jah Bar has stuck it with its 10 RMB Qingdao’s. What a deal! This bar regularly has live music concerts and often hosts jam sessions. Jah Bar’s boss is great at making his customers feel welcome and at home, just as the Chinese characters suggest. The bamboo furniture and upper loft make the trip to this drinking hole all the more unique. Overall, this place is just cool. Back dropped by a beautiful night view of the river, expats and locals alike can enjoy reggae music and a laid-back atmosphere while sipping on beers or cocktails.

The two other bars on Hongmen Jie are She She Pub and Nanuna. Nanuna (纳奴哪) and both offer drink deals on Saturdays. It is 70 RMB for men and 50 RMB for the ladies.

Add: Laonanmen Daqiao, Hongmen Jie, Qingyang District, Chengdu

3) Blue Caribbean Plaza 蓝色加勒比广场 View In Map
Jellyfish (水母), the long standing expat bars Le Cafe Paname and The Leg and Whistle and a bunch of small Chinese bars lining the street next to the Plaza make this area a top nightlife destination in Chengdu. The area has stepped up its game over the past few years with solid music, quality live DJs, competitive drink prices and a club-style dance atmosphere. 

The time to party in this area is Saturday night, which is better known as the Ladies Night in Chengdu. Feel free to bounce back and forth between the two neighbouring bars; ladies can drink for free and men can enjoy large Suntory beers at Paname for only 20 RMB. The two bars hit full steam around the twelve to one o’clock range and rock until the early morn.

Getting barbeque or some other grub after a long night of drinking is extremely convenient as nearby eateries abound. Also, on the side street off Kehua Bei Lu and adjacent to the Blue Caribbean Plaza sits a line of second-floor Chinese bars and the famous British pub The Leg and Whistle (英格兰酒吧). These bars are great to relax at and enjoy low-priced local beer. The Leg and Whistle is especially great for chilling and watching football matches.

Add: Kehua Bei Lu, Blue Caribbean Plaza, Wuhou District, Chengdu
地址: 成都市武侯区科华北路蓝色加勒比广场

4) Shanghai Hua Yuan上海花园View In Map
The Shanghai Gardens is located next to the Tongzi Lin residential area of Chengdu. While the ambience of this high-class bar street is indeed quite pleasant, the main reason it rounds out our list of the best bar areas in Chengdu is because of the amount of German import beer carried here. Paulaner, Beck’s, Warsteiner, Krombacher and others highlight the drink menus at most of the Shanghai Garden bars.

Check out the Tibetan bar on this street as well. The bar has karaoke for free and serves Carlsberg beer for 15 RMB a bottle! Their prices put the other, money-driven bars on this walking street to shame.

Add: Zishan Buxing Jie, Shanghai Huayuan, Wuhou District, Chengdu (Opposite Zhonghai Mingcheng Residential Area)
地址:成都市武侯区上海花园紫杉步行街; 在中海名城的对面 

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