"Out" in Chengdu: Gay and Lesbian Bars

"Out" in Chengdu: Gay and Lesbian Bars
By Nick Callos , eChinacities.com

Chengdu is one of the most open-minded cities in China. A quick look at the seductive male burlesque shows down Dongmen Daqiao on a Saturday night will convince you of that. This south-western metropolis, built for a comfortable lifestyle, is also a place of sexual tolerance. This tolerance and freedom is most visible in the open signs of affection in public, and in the surprising number of gay and lesbian bars. Here’s a list of the best ones.

Gay Bars  (同志酒吧| Gay吧)

1) MC Bar (MC酒吧)View In Map
Trendy and happening all nights of the week, MC is the most fashionable of all gay bars in Chengdu. It’s where the 20 and 30 something glitterati of gay society flock to meet and greet on weekends. Featuring dating shows, lustful pole dancing, prize talent contests (free trips to Thailand have been awarded on occasion), and live singers, this bar-club is both engaging and entertaining. A great place to meet both local and foreign gays, you can do everything from establishing new business connections to finding a new boyfriend. The stall toilets are also quite the draw, as fish twirl and slalom below the glass floor.

Add: 6 Tianxianqiao Bei Lu (Near Dongmen Daqiao), 1/F, Haicheng Dasha, Jinjiang District, Chengdu
地址: 成都市天仙桥北路6号(东门大桥旁)海成大厦1楼
Opening hours: 21:00-3:30 or later
Getting there: take the driveway next to the Wowo supermarket and head towards the river. The bar is on the left.

2) YY Bar (YY酒吧)View In Map
Cheaper and a bit more laid back than MC, newly renovated YY Bar has achieved popularity among the local Chengdu gay community. With live music performances, a handful of pretty cross-dressers socialising with everyone, and spacious seating, the one thing that merits particular praise is the nice and efficient service. If you come here a lot, expect to get even better deals on the already reasonably priced beers (12 for 120 RMB). This bar also has contests handing out Apple product prizes.

Add: Dongmen Daqiao, 2/F, Shidai Shangcheng, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

地址: 成都市锦江区东门大桥东方时代商城2楼 

Opening hours: 20:30-3:00 or later
Getting there: when you get to Dongmen Daqiao, walk past He’s Barbeque and up to floor two. Walk past Le Sud French Restaurant and go all the way to the back. There are couches outside the main entrance.

Honourable Mentions
If you want to see a magnificently orchestrated drag show and other risqué dance performances, go the Bianzou Bar (变奏酒廊), which is also known as 1+1 Bar. It is located at Hongxing Lu Er Duan (红星路二段20号).
A new bar, known as BL Bar, features some hardcore drinking games and a cross-dressing boss who is very welcoming. It is located across the street from Champagne Plaza.

Lesbian Bars (拉拉酒吧| Les吧)

1) Liu Se Bar (六色酒吧) View In Map
Full of handsome gals and young beautiful girls, this prime lesbian nightlife spot in Sichuan’s capital vibrates with an enthusiasm and ecstasy unseen in your average bar. Centrally located, Liu Se Bar has your typical beer and whiskey choices and prices that are pretty standard for Chengdu. The crowd is youthful and this creates an outgoing and loud atmosphere. Dance space is ample. Sexy dancers and star-eyed singers highlight the stage night in and night out. The bar often holds parties and special events as well.

Add: 103 Hongxing Lu San Duan, 2/F, Xiangbin Guangchang, Jinjiang District, Chengdu
地址: 成都市锦江区红星路三段103号香槟广场(二楼)
Opening hours: 21:30-3:30 or later
Getting there: this bar is at the corner of Dong Da Jie (东大街) and Hong Xing Lu (红星路). When you get to the plaza, go to the second floor. The club is next to a Korean barbeque joint.

2) Feng Wang Bar (蜂王酒吧)View In Map
Good for a relaxed drink on a cosy sofa or crazy dancing on the stage, Feng Wang is a lesbian bar that suits a wide range of customers. The typical crowd spans from those in the 20’s to those in their 30’s. Intimate, warm, and non-assuming, this small bar makes you feel right at home. Like all the others, live performances are scheduled on weekend nights. Known as the “Queen Bee” in English, this bar, like MC, is a place where you can establish new guanxi and meet a potential girlfriend.

Add: Dongmen Daqiao, 2/F, Shidai Shangcheng, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

地址: 成都市锦江区东门大桥东方时代商城2楼 
Opening hours: 21:00-3:30 or later

Getting there: this bar is right next door to YY Bar (listed above).

Honorable Mentions
Yue Bian Hua Bar (月变花酒吧) is considered a passionate and trendy bar for meeting fellow single lesbians. It is located near the Xinnanmen Bus Station.

A Few Other Words
Dongmen Daqiao (东门大桥) and Xiangbin Plaza (香槟广场) have been established as the hubs for gay and lesbian nightlife in Chengdu. These two spots are very close to each other. There are plans for additional clubs and bars to be set up here. 

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