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Dodge the Heat at Shenzhen's Most Popular Water Parks HOT

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It can pretty hot and sticky in Shenzhen during the summer but luckily there’s some relief. Shenzhen is home to a number of fun water parks which not only allow you to dive into cooling water, but where you can have a right old laugh, no matter what age ...... Read More>>

Two-Wheel Cruising: Where to Buy Bikes in Shenzhen HOT

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Shenzhen may not be the most bike-friendly city, but things are starting to improve with the appearance of new bike trails and scenic paths. This article introduces three solid shops for buying a bike in Shenzhen. ... Read More>>

A Healthy Body & Mind: Yoga Classes in Shenzhen HOT

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Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, keep fit, lose weight, or manage health conditions, yoga is an excellent choice. This article explores some of the yoga studios operating in Shenzhen. ... Read More>>

Look and Feel Fabulous: Your Guide to Getting Pampered in Shenzhen HOT

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Everyone loves to be pampered. For those of us living in Shenzhen, we're in luck! Shenzhen is a great place to indulge in health and beauty services at a reasonable rate. The guide below offers suggestions on where to spoil yourself in Shenzhen and also ...... Read More>>

Billiards Blitz! 5 Best Places to Play Pool in Shenzhen HOT

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Playing pool has long been a staple hobby for Shenzhen expats. But while many local bars have a pool table inside, oftentimes, there's barely enough space to swing a cat let alone shoot properly, and who wants others pushing past them on route to the bar or ...... Read More>>

Fitness in Shenzhen: From Flab to Fab HOT

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For those of you who have been in Shenzhen over the festive period, the chances are that you have partaken in a little overindulgence in the good things in life; especially rich food and booze. However, now that both new years eve celebrations are ...... Read More>>

Seven-ten Split: The Best Bowling Alleys in Shenzhen HOT

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There are some national pastimes that are so particular to their country of origin that no one born outside of its borders ever thought about playing it. Not many non-Americans (and to a lesser extent Japanese and South Koreans) will ever hold a ...... Read More>>

Beat the Heat: Great Salads and Sandwiches in Shenzhen HOT

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For many, the thought of the unassuming sandwich or the subdued salad might not immediately inspire pangs of hunger. However, with the onset of the blisteringly hot weather in Shenzhen, salads and sandwiches are a fantastic dining option that won’t bloat. ...... Read More>>

Keep Fit and Trim in Shenzhen’s Expat Sports Clubs HOT

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So you’ve just arrived in Shenzhen. You’ve moved into your apartment, taken a quick look at your future workplace and, more importantly, located your local pub. Well done. However, you feel there’s still something missing: hobbies and friends to share ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Top Indoor Ice Skating Rinks HOT

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Ice skating has always been a popular activity but it is during the winter months when the thrill of ice skating really takes off. Here we recommend three popular ice-skating rinks in Shenzhen. These places not only have first-class rinks but also have a ...... Read More>>

Craving Nature? Three Great Hiking Spots in Shenzhen HOT

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One of the great things about living in Shenzhen is the variety of beautiful hiking spots. Whether you choose the quick and convenient hike at Dananshan Mountain, the lush forests of Wutongshan Mountain or the breathtaking waterfalls and natural scenery at ...... Read More>>

The Great Shenzhen Outdoors: 4 Summer Activities HOT

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As hot and humid as it may be in the summer, Shenzhen has too much to offer outdoors for you to rationalize sitting around watching pirated DVDs in an air-conditioned apartment. So get off the couch and try one of these day or overnight trips in and around ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Top 24-Hour Sauna Clubs for the Ultimate Pampering HOT

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Are you feeling tired after a day of hard work? Treat yourself to a full body sauna massage and a soak in a hot spring pool for all-around relaxation. The following upscale sauna clubs in Shenzhen are open 24-hours and provide one-stop convenience for your ...... Read More>>

Stadiums in Shenzhen HOT

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From the Olympics in 2008 to this year’s World Expo in Shanghai, it seems that China will continue to find ways to display its present and past (5,000 years of history, if that is not already ingrained in your brain) to the world. Another example of ...... Read More>>

Expat-friendly Hospitals in Shenzhen HOT

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Many expats get by in China for years using only grunts and gesticulations. This mostly non-verbal communication is a surprisingly effective way to get simple tasks done, but when it comes to explaining your desperate need for a vial of insulin, or that you ...... Read More>>

The Real Massage in Shenzhen HOT


Since one of the things Shenzhen is most famous for is an enormous amount of luxury spas and massage parlours, the problem becomes finding one that suits you. ... Read More>>

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