Craving Nature? Three Great Hiking Spots in Shenzhen

Craving Nature? Three Great Hiking Spots in Shenzhen

One of the great things about living in Shenzhen is the variety of beautiful hiking spots. Whether you choose the quick and convenient hike at Dananshan Mountain, the lush forests of Wutongshan Mountain or the breathtaking waterfalls and natural scenery at Maluan Shan, embarking on a picturesque hiking expedition in Shenzhen should be top priority for any nature enthusiast. Below is a quick introduction to three of the best hiking spots in Shenzhen.

Wutong Shan Mountain (梧桐山)

Wutongshan has several hiking routes to choose from if you want to reach the top. If your Chinese skills aren’t quite good enough to translate the route map, you can simply do what most people do; namely follow the central route.

This central route will take you by a number of small pretty waterfalls and streams. There are also some really beautiful forests along the way. The different forests each have their own individual splendor and charm, which makes the hike even more interesting and varied. For adventurers interested in this route there is plenty to explore, but be cautious and get a map from the front gate as it is easy to get lost. Maps are usually given out for free.


Location: East side of Shenzhen, Stretching over Luohu, Yantian and Longgang districts. 深圳东部,横跨罗湖和盐田、龙岗三区

Getting There:

Take bus no. 201 from Luohu to Wutongshan Bus stop which is about a 30 minute bus ride from the city. You will eventually end up in a small village. The signs to the entrance are obvious and you usually see lots of other hikers walking towards the entrance. There is convenient parking at the bottom which should only cost around 10RMB for the duration of the trek.

Maluan Shan Mountain (峦山)View In Map

Muluanshan is one of Shenzhen’s least known but best hiking mountains. The streams seem clean and pure. The forests are lush and filled with flowers. Maluan Mountain also contains one of the area’s largest waterfalls – about 16 meters high. There are also some smaller falls. There are even some decent rock-climbing spots on the cliffs adjacent to the waterfalls (but only attempt these if you are a professional rock climber!).

Most people usually start the trek at Diecui Hu Reservoir 15 minutes from Xiaomeisha beach, and end at Dameisha beach. The summit can be reached from most of the routes, but if you want beauty, I recommend the one along side the stream. I personally enjoy boulder jumping from rock to rock and this route has this type of fun. If you see it is difficult to pass just hop onto one of the nearby mountain trails which seem to be no problem to find. Maluan Shan has many trails and it may be easy to get lost so it is best to go with a guide or group for your first time.

Location: Maluan Village, Pingshan Street, Longgang District, 50km north of

Shenzhen downtown area


Getting There:

Dameisha beach (大梅沙) can be reached by bus No. 103.

It takes about five hours to complete the route from Xiaomeisha beach (小梅沙) to Maluan Mountain and back to Dameisha beach.

 Dananshan (大南山)

Hiking Danan Shan is a popular hike in Shenzhen. It is on Nantou Island (南头) in Nanshan District. The mountain is 336-meters high and is surrounded by Shekou’s industrial area. The climbing is not tough. It takes about an hour and a half to the top.

The path is well paved (which seems to be popular in China) and has dense tropical vegetation. There are some great views of the surrounding area.

Location: On Nantou Island, Nanshan District, Southwest of Nanhai Dadao, Shenzhen

Getting There:

There are three routes up Danan Shan. The first starts from the road along Minghua Hotel at Shekou, near Guishan Villa. You can take buses 113, 204, 105, 217, 226, 332, 22, 229, 231, 232, 233, 31 or 331 and get off at Sea World bus stop.

The second route starts from the intersection at Shekou Customs building. You can take buses 113, 230, 232 and get off at the United Hospital bus stop.

The third route starts from Jingshan Garden at Nanyou (南油). Take bus 113, 204, 105, 210, 226, 332, and get off at Nanyou bus stop.

Whether you’re hiking on Wutong Shan or Danan Shan, it is highly recommended that you try to go during the weekdays, simply because these places are packed with people on the weekends. Overcrowding can really hamper your trekking experience, especially if the whole point of going there is to enjoy nature and get away from the crowded city. If you absolutely must go at the weekends then Wutong Shan is the slightly less crowded option. However, if it’s a serene country trek you’re after then make sure you come here mid-week.

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