Shenzhen’s Top Indoor Ice Skating Rinks

Shenzhen’s Top Indoor Ice Skating Rinks

Ice skating has always been a popular activity but it is during the winter months when the thrill of ice skating really takes off. Here we recommend three popular ice-skating rinks in Shenzhen. These places not only have first-class rinks but also have a full range of skate’s and other equipment available. Every year these rinks hold exciting, fun events on the ice, making them the best and most popular in the city.

Wanxiang Chengzhen Ice Rink

Wanxiang Chengzhen Ice Rink万象城真冰溜冰场View In Map
The Wanxiang Ice Rink is an Olympic standard style ice rink located in the fourth building of the China Resource Wanxiang Cheng. This venue first opened on January 1st, 2005 and has an area of 1800 square metres. Many recreational activities happen here on the ice including figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey games and other recreational activities. When you’re tired of doing double axels or falling on your rear, there is a coffee bar on site providing various snacks and beverages. By the entrance of the rink you’ll find a place to rent skates and skating supplies.

Rink schedule and ticket prices:
Mon – Thurs: 10:30–16:30, ticket 40 RMB; 17:00–22:00, ticket 50 RMB
Fri: 10:30–16:30, ticket 40 RMB; 17:00–22:00, ticket 60 RMB
Sat-Sun: 10:00–17:00, ticket 60 RMB; 17:30–22:00, ticket 60 RMB
Add: 1881 Building #4 China Resource Wanxiang Cheng, Bao’an Lu, Luohu District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 8266 8288
Getting there: take subway line 1 to Daju Yuan Station

Hai’an Cheng Ice Skating Rink

Hai’an Cheng Ice Skating Rink海岸城溜冰场View In Map
Hai’an Skating Rink is located in Shenzhen’s Nanshan Hai’an Shopping District. It first opened in December of 2007. The rink has an area of 1200 square metres and can accommodate 300 people at a time. It offers a broad, panoramic view of the bustling street outside, a nice surround sound system, professional light effects and a DJ. The rink was built by the same contractor who constructed the Winter Olympic venue in Turin, Italy and is not surprisingly considered a high standard sports venue in the city. Hai’an Skating Rink is also a great venue for watching figure skating shows and competitions.

Add: 33 Hai’an Cheng Square, Haiwen Xinwu Lu, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
地址: 深圳市南山区后海文心五路33号海岸城广场
Opening hours: 17:30 – 22:00, Mon-Thurs
Price: 50 RMB
Specials: 20 persons or more 15% discount
Getting there: take bus routes 39, 121 or 229 to Hai’an Cheng station 

Alpine Ice and Snow World Skating Rink

Alpine Ice and Snow World Skating Rink阿尔卑斯冰雪世界滑冰场View In Map
Shenzhen’s Window of the World opened in September of 2006; by July the following year they unveiled the Alpine Ice and Snow World. The project includes a ski area and the country’s largest indoor skating rink. Besides allowing you to experience Alpine culture and entertainment right here in Shenzhen, the rink also hosts large scale skating competitions and regular ice shows.
Two world champions Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo have organised some top class shows at the venue featuring major international and domestic figure skating stars.

Add: European Street, Window of the World, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Opening hours: 09:30-21:30
Tel: 0755 2660 8000
Price: 50 RMB, Mon-Fri; 60 RMB weekends
Getting there: take bus routes 101, 109 or 113 to Overseas Chinese Town

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Fantatic rinks on display here, heres a link to a Ice Rink project being built in Bristol, they say they are using new ice technologies.

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