Stadiums in Shenzhen

Stadiums in Shenzhen

From the Olympics in 2008 to this year’s World Expo in Shanghai, it seems that China will continue to find ways to display its present and past (5,000 years of history, if that is not already ingrained in your brain) to the world. Another example of China’s newfound exuberance is the 2011 Summer Student World Championships (Universiade), an annual competition among student athletes that has quietly already taken place in Beijing in 2001 and Harbin in 2009 (Winter Games). Those currently living in Shenzhen know that the Summer Games are not coming quietly this year, as the city government is using it as a reason to build things such as China’s largest electric car lot as well as 22 new sports venues (any reason is a good reason to develop infrastructure). In addition to these new venues, the Games will make use of many of the 36 sports venues already existing in Shenzhen. In all, sports venues cover an area of more than 12 million square meters in the city. Below are some of the biggest.

Shenzhen Stadium 深圳体育场View In Map
Shenzhen is a multi-purpose stadium located in Futian District. Constructed in June, 1993, Shenzhen Stadium cost 141 million RMB and covers an area of 24,892 million square meters. Currently, Shenzhen Stadium is used to hold football matches for Shenzhen Ruby, a club whose name seems to change yearly, depending on its sponsor. Shenzhen Stadium holds 33,000 people, although it never reaches full capacity during its Chinese Super League games. Still, it is a good place to check out the state of professional soccer in Shenzhen. Interspersed in between the football games are rugby and cricket matches. Shenzen Stadium is part of Shenzhen Sports Center, a complex which also contains Shenzhen Gymnasium and Shenzhen Swimming and Diving Natatorium.

Add: Shangbu Beilu, Futian District, Shenzhen
地址: 深圳市福田区上步北路
Tel: 0755 8325 9715

New Shenzhen Stadium (Universiade Sports Center) 深圳世界大学生运动会体育中心
The Universiade Sports Center will be the main site of next summer’s Games and is still under construction, which is understandable when you consider that it is a complex covering 13.4 square kilometers. The stadium alone will seat 60,000 people. Adjacent to that will be a gymnasium with 18,000 seats and a swimming hall with 3,000 seats. The Sports Center will also have a second, smaller stadium for athletes to warm up in. Those few people with electric cars will be able to park in China’s largest electric vehicle charging station before climbing the stadium steps.

New Shenzhen Stadium is located well outside of city center in Longgang District’s Aoti New Town. The decision to build here reflects the desire to build up an overlooked and underdeveloped area of Shenzhen that to this point is almost exclusively factories.

Getting there: Take Bus No. 353 to Ao Ti Zhong Xin (奥体中心).

Shenzhen Bay Sports Center 深圳湾体育场
Located in central Nashan District next to Coastal City Mall, Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre will play second fiddle to Universiade Stadium during the games, and once completed will consist of a stadium, a gymnasium, a swimming hall, and a sports-themed park. The stadium is moderately sized and will seat around 30,000 people once completed, but it looks to be overshadowed by the gymnasium it sits adjacent to.

The gymnasium was designed by a Japanese company and Beijing-based firm and is supposed to resemble a silkworm cocoon, hence the name the Spring Cocoon. It seems that Spring Cocoon just narrowly beat out Bird’s Nest #2 as a name for the venue, for it looks remarkably similar to Beijing’s now famous landmark.
Construction of The Shenzhen Bay Sports Center has taken place slowly, and it remains to be seen if it can reach its goal of completion by December 2010. The games closing ceremonies may be held here.

Shenzhen University Stadium 深圳大学体育馆View In Map
Shenzhen University was established in Nanshan District in 1983. Its 3.16 square kilometers contain a lake and 23 different colleges, as well as a sports center that contains a stadium and two gymnasiums. The stadium has an excellent track for running as well as tennis courts nearby. While use of these facilities is unfortunately limited to students and faculty, you might find yourself there as a spectator, as Shenzhen University Stadium plays host to a number of different sporting events through the year, including cricket and baseball matches.

Add: Shenzhen University, 3688 Nanhai Dadao, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
地址: 深圳市南山区南海大道3688号深圳大学内
Tel: 0755 2653 4409

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