The Great Shenzhen Outdoors: 4 Summer Activities

The Great Shenzhen Outdoors: 4 Summer Activities
By Jeff Swiryn ,

As hot and humid as it may be in the summer, Shenzhen has too much to offer outdoors for you to rationalize sitting around watching pirated DVDs in an air-conditioned apartment. So get off the couch and try one of these day or overnight trips in and around Shenzhen!

Stroll through the mangroves at Hongshulin View In Map


Considering the fact that China has less than 1 percent of its original mangrove population left, a quick stroll through Hongshulin is probably worth it. Squashed between the Binhai highway and the Shenzhen Bay, Hongshulin is one of the few protected environments in the region and features some of the only mangroves China has to offer.

Honestly, the mangroves themselves are not a whole lot to see, but they are home to some local wild birds, including egrets and cranes. And for those of you who have spent any time traveling in China, you know that wild animals are hard to come across.

In addition to a nice coast-side path, Hongshulin also offers most of the typical enjoyable attributes of other Chinese parklife – tandem bicycles for rent, a few streetfood snacks, kites, children playing, and so on.

Add: Hongshulin Park, Binhai Blvd., Futian District, Shenzhen
地址: 深圳市福田区滨海大道红树林公园
Getting there: Either hop in a taxi and say “hongshulin”, or ride bus 339 to the end of the line, or bus 105 towards Haishang Shijie.

Camp on Da Jia Island


Da Jia Island is much more time-intensive than a stroll along the bay. Getting there can be tricky, but well worth the trip. Located off the eastern coast of the outer limits of Shenzhen in the South China Sea, this island is the bigger of two small islands (Xiao Jia Dao is the smaller one – also an option) with some of the clearest and most swimming-friendly water that any beach in China can offer.

In addition to tropical swimming, Da Jia is a great place to camp. You must come prepared, though. There are places to rent tents in the coastal town on the mainland before going to the island, and you can also rent mini barbecues for the night. Bringing your own tent is probably the safest way to go.

Add: Da Lajia Dao (full name)  深圳市大辣甲岛
Getting there: The easiest (and most expensive) way is to hire a driver for two days. From Shenzhen, go to a town called Yangmeikeng (杨梅坑) – it’s about two hours from the center of Shenzhen. In Yangmeikeng, there are motorboat drivers waiting to negotiate with you on a fee to get to Da Jia Island and pick you up the next day. To save some money, take bus 64 from Shenzhen’s Futian bus station (福田客运站), transfer to bus 351 at liuyibu (留医部) and ride it all the way to Yangmeikeng.

Hike at Wutongshan View In Map

If you decide to camp on Da Jia Island, you’ll notice a pretty sizable mountain on the road about 20 minutes outside of Shenzhen. This beast is worth a day-trip of its own. Towering over the quiet neighborhood of Shawan, Wutongshan offers two hefty day hikes and some spectacular views of Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the South China Sea on a clear day.

The mountain has two hikes: a long one and a not-so-long one. Both are pretty serious, but worth it if you need some higher altitude fresh air and a few great views. The full version is highly recommended, as is going there on a clear day.

Add: Wutongshan Park, Shawan, Longgang District
地址: 深圳市龙岗区沙湾梧桐山公园
Getting there: Buses 68 and B625 both go to Wutongshan. A taxi will get you there for around 60RMB from the center of town.

4)  Pick litchis

Unfortunately, litchi picking is not a year-round (or even summer-round) option, but it is something you have to do if you’re in Shenzhen from June to September. There is an official litchi festival from the end of June through the beginning of July every year, but there are a few orchards around town that offer summer-long admission for you to pick litchis as much as you want.

The closest one to central Shenzhen might be the Luohu Nurseries and Orchard. Bus 220 will get you there. A second option is the Xili Orchard. Though a bit out of the way, this one is fun because it also has an overnight option. So hop on bus 326 or 16 with your significant other and make it a romantic getaway!

Besides litchi picking, which is obviously limited by seasonal harvests, many Shenzhen outdoor activities are even doable in the fall or winter. So if you’re in Shenzhen past October, don’t be afraid to be brave and hit the beach for a camping trip or the mountains for a cool hike.

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