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Catch a Flick at One of Ningbo’s Best Cinemas HOT

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Looking to spend a night out, but tired of going to the bars? Why not catch a flick at one of Ningbo’s best cinemas instead! ... Read More>>

Caffeine, Couches and Cakes: Best Coffee Shops in Ningbo HOT

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There are always the same two kinds of people in coffee shops: One staple of every coffee shop are the small groups of two or three friends (or lovers, or a first date) relaxing and chatting over an iced chai latte: the social coffee crews. Then there are ...... Read More>>

Feel the Rush: Ningbo’s Top 4 Water Rafting Hotspots HOT

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Temperatures in Ningbo are pretty high this time of year. When the weekend arrives, many are unwilling to stay indoors; but what fun summer options does Ningbo have to offer? If visiting a natural hotspot – especially one with fresh, guzzling water to dive ...... Read More>>

"Walkin’ With Buddha" at Ningbo’s Temples HOT

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Ningbo is a city with a long history, and as such, there are a bunch of really cool ancient buildings to check out if you find yourself in the area for a few days. The city-proper has some interesting sights (see the first entry), but for the real ...... Read More>>

Not a Factory in Sight: 3 Must-see Ancient Towns in Ningbo HOT

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If you wander the streets of Ningbo for long enough, you’ll eventually stumble across a ‘gu zhen’ (古镇), an ancient town. This is the type of China you read about in coffee table books before ever setting foot here: the one with quaint streams and ...... Read More>>

Ningbo Bars Look West For Inspiration HOT

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There’s no shortage of watering holes for the consummate expat living in Ningbo, but the number of European-themed bars and pubs seems to be on the rise, much to the delight of the thirsty laowai living there. Now weekend revelers can develop a headache ...... Read More>>

The Best Japanese and Korean Restaurants in Ningbo HOT

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While Ningbo is somewhat lacking in the Western restaurant department, those in need of a change from Chinese food should look no further than some of the impressive Japanese and Korean restaurants on offer throughout the city. Having visited numerous ...... Read More>>

Delicious Eats around the Moon Lake Area in Ningbo HOT

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When looking at a map of Ningbo, you can hardly miss the crescent-shaped lake nestled right in the heart of the city. Its name is Moon Lake (月湖) and it is one of the favorite dining spots among locals, especially during the weekends. Moon Lake offers a ...... Read More>>

Shopping in Ningbo: The Best Markets HOT

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Ningbo is famous for its textile manufacturing, with many factories producing high-quality, inexpensive goods here, mainly for export. As one of China’s main garment manufacturing hubs, you can be sure to find plenty of decent clothing at very low prices. ...... Read More>>

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