Delicious Eats around the Moon Lake Area in Ningbo

Delicious Eats around the Moon Lake Area in Ningbo

When looking at a map of Ningbo, you can hardly miss the crescent-shaped lake nestled right in the heart of the city. Its name is Moon Lake (月湖) and it is one of the favorite dining spots among locals, especially during the weekends. Moon Lake offers a momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, offering a place of calm and serenity, as well as great dining options. Let's go discover some great restaurants for delicious eats around Moon Lake this weekend.

Langqiao Xinjing廊桥心境 View In Map
This venue is located at the curve of the crescent-shaped lake, and it's got the soft ripples of the water, the beautiful scenery around the lake, and the breezy wind.  Once you've stepped inside the big wooden doors of the restaurant, you're greeted with calligraphy work and Chinese paintings from Zhu Da, a famous painter and calligrapher from the Qing Dynasty period. These are precious collections of the owner, as he is a fan of ancient Chinese culture and art. As you go further inside, you feel like you've walked right into a Chinese painting. There are two antique chairs by a glass window reflecting the moon on the lake outside; in the courtyard is a small bridge lined with bamboos and on the stone wall is a brush painting of lotuses in the rain. The private dining room is lined with paper doors and wooden framed windows with the view of the scenery around Moon Lake as backdrop. You are able to drink tea and look out from the patio by the lakeside at the serene scene around you. 

Recommended western dishes are foie gras and steak; Asian recommended dishes are Hainan Chicken Rice with a pot of healthy herbal tea. And don't forget to order one of the freshly baked desserts at the venue; you might need to wait a bit, but the delicious treat is definitely worth your time and patience.

Price: Expect to pay around 80 RMB/person
Add: 120 Liuding Street, Haishu District, Ningbo
Tel: 0574 8724 6777
Business Hours: 09:00-24:00
Transportation: Take bus route 238 to Moon Lake Garden (Jushilin居士林) station and walk 173 m to venue

Da Bossi View In Map
This is an Italian restaurant easily distinguishable by its three-story beige facade; the building has got unique and beautiful curves with floor-to-ceiling glass windows.  It's renovated with a simple but elegant European look – very much attractive and chic.

The first floor is decorated with beige and the interior design is all about creating a cozy, home-like atmosphere. The second floor is chic and elegant, fitted with burgundy chairs and tables and the third floor has the private dining rooms. All of the wine at the venue has been flown directly over from wine estates in Italy to ensure authenticity and premium quality. Recommended dishes are tenderly cooked beef with broccoli, lobster spaghetti, fresh shrimp and avocado salad, and the fresh seafood plate. Each dish is prepared to perfection with main ingredients directly imported from Italy for a most genuine Italian taste.

Price: Expect to pay around 300 RMB/person
Add: 139 Zhongma Rd, Laowaitan, Ningbo
Tel: 0574 8657 8777
Business Hours: 17:00-23:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 1, 20, 8 to venue


Haosheng Western Restaurant豪生西餐厅 View In Map
If it is great quality food and elegantly decorated dining atmosphere you're looking for, then Haosheng Western Restaurant is definitely a perfect choice. You need to only walk about 5 minutes around the beautifully serene lake and under the trees before you arrive at this western restaurant tucked within lush greens. The venue is surrounded by glass walls on all sides and is shaded by the various shrubs and greens – shielding it away from the bustle and rush of the city life outside.   

Gold and deep blue are the main colors of the décor at the venue; it's got crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and the lush greens just outside the glass walls makes for a pleasant dining atmosphere. Haosheng Western Restaurant is very reputable amongst the locals of Ningbo for the pretty-looking interior and for their excellent food; they've got fresh seafood with tropical fruits and delicious desserts to boot.

Price: Lunch buffet – 128 RMB/person (you can also order separately)
Add: 230 Liuting Street (Huaqiao Haosheng Hotel, 1st Floor), Haishu District, Beijing
Tel: 0574-27866666
Business Hours: 11:30-14:00 17:00-21:30
Transportation: Take bus routes 20, 507, 821, 16, 214, 302, 330, 352 to Cultural Palace station, and walk for 30 m to venue 

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