Feel the Rush: Ningbo’s Top 4 Water Rafting Hotspots

Feel the Rush: Ningbo’s Top 4 Water Rafting Hotspots

Temperatures in Ningbo are pretty high this time of year.  When the weekend arrives, many are unwilling to stay indoors; but what fun summer options does Ningbo have to offer?  If visiting a natural hotspot – especially one with fresh, guzzling water to dive right into – sounds like a tempting option, then you may want to read on to learn all about Ningbo's water rafting options. Yes that's right, Ningbo and its surrounding areas not only boasts one water rafting spot, but several! Here is our pick of the top four.

1) Baikeng Water Rafting  柏坑漂流 View In Map
Baikeng Water Rafting is situated in the deepest part of a canyon. The original natural scenery is well preserved making the river a bit rough for beginners. The river is 3 km long, and takes 1.5 hours to travel the entire river by raft.  The river is split into the "Brave Warrior" and "Warrior" rafting sections.  The "Brave Warrior" is fast flowing, and the 108-meter drop gives many rafters the jitters. Some say that rafting on this part of the river is like riding a roller coaster on water, a truly thrilling and exciting adventure. Once you are done, you will heave a huge sigh of contentment, wanting another adrenaline boost.  In contrast, the "Warrior" is a gentler ride, perfect for the children to experience the pleasures of water rafting for the first time.

Add: Baikeng Village, Dayan Town, Fenghua City, Ningbo
Price: Brave Warrior Rafting: 168 RMB/person (total time: 1.5 hours), Warrior Rafting: 118 RMB/Person (total time, half trip: 1 hour)
Reservations: 133 2612 9138
Hours of Business: 8:00-17:00 (restricted to weekends, closed during the week)
Getting there: At the Ningbo Bus Station (next to the Ningbo South Bus Station),take the "medium bus" to Fenghuadong Zhan (Fenghua East Station), then switch to the bus that goes to Baikeng Cun (Baikeng Village), the trip is about 1.5 hours. The bus to Fenghua City is about 8 RMB, while the bus fee from Fenghua City to Baikeng Village is about 7 RMB.

2) North Dou Bay Rafting (Bei Dou Wan)  北斗湾漂流 View In Map
North Dou Bay rafting is only 30 km away from Ningbo's city centre.  Located in a mountain range surrounding a canyon, the drop from the starting pier to the ending pier is over 80 meters. The entire raft journey is about 3 km, and takes about 1 hour to raft the whole area. This bay has a huge number of water paths, but don't worry about getting lost – there are usually staff working along each of these roads. They are there to help because sometimes you never know when you might hit a dead end. After water rafting, you can use the free and convenient changing rooms to shower.  But don't forget to bring your shower gear, they have supplies for you to buy there, but it can be pretty expensive.

Add: Huang Kan Tou Village, Ran Nong Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo
Business hours: Monday – Friday: 13:00-16:00,   Saturday and Sunday: 9:10-14:30
Price: 160 RMB
Reservations: 0574 6237 9777
Getting there: Take the bus heading towards Yuyao City at Ningbo Bus Station for 1.5-2 hours (about 20 RMB). Then, at Yuyao Bus Station take the bus headed towards Siming Shan (Siming Mountain), to Ran Nong (This should take about 10 minutes). You should be there in about half an hour.

3) North Xi Water Rafting (Bei Xi)  北溪漂流 View In Map
North Xi Water Rafting is 68 km away from Ningbo City. The overall length of the rafting area is about 3,800 meters, and takes 2 hours to complete. It was once Eastern Zhejiang's biggest and highest rafting spot, commonly known as "Siming Mountain's Best Rafting Spot". Two people are needed to get a boat, but the more people are on board, the more fun the ride will be.  The pace of the river can be fast or slow, but overall it isn't too deep. The showering facilities are pretty crude at best. The best option is to rinse off at North Xi, but then wait until you arrive home for a good shower.  

Add: North Xi Village, Siming Mountain Interior, Yuyao City, Ningbo
Price: 138 RMB + 2 RMB insurance fee
Business hours: Weekdays: 12:00-15:00, Weekends: 8:00-15:00
Getting there: From Ningbo South Bus Station take the 13:35 Medium Bus directly to North Xi; the trip is 2 hours. Or, take the 7:00 bus to Fenghua River Entrance (Fenghua Jiangkou), and then take the medium bus to Yuya City.  You can also take the bus from Fenghua to Siming Mountain (Siming Shan).

4) Cliff Top Ancient Village Water Rafting (Yan Tou Gu Cun)  岩头古村漂流 View In Map
Cliff Top Ancient Village water rafting, originally known as a spot for small time rafting, is Ningbo's earliest, longstanding water rafting site. This site is 50 km away from Ningbo, and the overall length of the river is about 3,000 meters (about 2 hours to raft the whole river). When you're rafting, you must use a kayak which can only fit two people at a time. The water-rafting trail itself has 10 different paths ranging from fast and bumpy to slow and smooth. This site is pretty steep, but there is no need to worry since there is staff at hand to help you through your journey.

Address: Yan Tou Village, Xikou Town, Fenghua City, Ningbo
Price: 138 RMB
Tel: 0574 8881 6463
Business hours: Monday – Friday, 13:00-15:00; weekends, 8:30-15:00
Getting there: There is a regular bus from Ningbo to Xikou; from Xikou's Nong Yong Che Station there is a bus that will arrive at Yantou Village. 

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