The Best Japanese and Korean Restaurants in Ningbo

The Best Japanese and Korean Restaurants in Ningbo

While Ningbo is somewhat lacking in the Western restaurant department, those in need of a change from Chinese food should look no further than some of the impressive Japanese and Korean restaurants on offer throughout the city. Having visited numerous Japanese and Korean restaurants during my time in Ningbo, choosing the best ones was not as easy as I had anticipated, since competition is fierce in this category. Nevertheless, after careful consideration, below are some of the best Japanese and Korean restaurants in Ningbo.

1) Isa Ri Bi 渔火日本料理
A personal favourite and arguably one of the best kept secrets in Ningbo, Isa Ri Bi is an automatic choice for this list. Traditional Japanese decorations, delicious food and the friendliest staff you’re likely to encounter in Ningbo ensure that you’ll want to keep coming back again and again. An impressive range of authentic Japanese dishes and sushi means there is always something new to try, which has helped establish the restaurant as a favourite in Ningbo among Japanese and Chinese locals alike. Visitors also benefit from very competitive prices, so you’ll be able to enjoy a good selection of dishes at a very reasonable cost.

Isa Ri Bi渔火日本料理 View In Map
Add: 4-1 Jie Fang Nan Lu, Haishu District, Ningbo
地址:宁波海曙区 解放南路4-1号(兴宁桥西,天元大厦对面)                   
Tel: 057 4872 98570
Something to try: Beef curry. Price 25 RMB.
Credit card: no
Opening hours: Daily, 11:00-13:30 / 17:30-22:30

2) Da Chang Jin 大长今
Located at the entrance of Lao Waitan, Da Chang Jin is a great choice if you fancy Korean food. Traditional Korean décor helps add to your eating experience, while the menu has a good selection of popular Korean dishes. Prices are reasonable and in particular, the soups and rice dishes are worth trying.

Da Chang JinView In Map
Add: No. 82 Ren Min Lu, Lao Waitan, Jiangbei District, Ningbo
地址:宁波 江北区 老外滩 人民路82号    
Tel: 057 4876 78006
Something to try: Kimchi rice (price: 25 RMB) Various soups (price: 25-30 RMB)
Credit card: yes
Opening hours: Daily, 09:00-21:30

3) Kazumi 和美日本料理
If you’re in need of a break from shopping at the Wan Da Plaza in Yinzhou, look no further than Kazumi. Visitors can find lots of their favourite Japanese dishes, in addition to some exquisitely prepared specials. The relaxing environment makes it a great place to unwind and the food is sure to please.

KazumiView In Map
Add: Gate 3, Wan Da Plaza, No. 999 Si Min Zhong Lu, Yinzhou District, Ningbo
Tel: 057 4880 86262
Something to try: Vegetable salad. Price: 28 RMB.
Credit card: yes
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00

4) Kamii Restaurant上井日本料理
Appropriately located in the luxury Heyi Avenue Shopping Center, Kamii is a great choice for a treat or special occasion. Although very expensive by Ningbo standards (or indeed any normal standards), the buffet is exceptional and justifies the price. An impressive menu consisting of a broad range of beautifully prepared Japanese seafood and speciality dishes will satisfy those seeking a genuine Japanese culinary experience. It’s highly recommended that you go there really hungry, so you can sample a good range of the menu and get your money’s worth.

Kamii RestaurantView In Map
Add: Heyi Avenue Shopping Center, 66 Heyi Lu, Haishu District, Ningbo
Tel: 057 4838 97555
Something to try: Lunch buffet (price: 198 RMB) Dinner buffet (228 RMB)
Credit card: yes
Opening hours: Daily, 11:00-14:00 / 17:00-21:30

5) Hanlin Korean Restaurant韩林炭烤
The recently opened Hanlin is a modern, stylish Korean restaurant in Ningbo’s Global Center, not far from Tian Yi Square. A wide selection of Korean-style meat, seafood and vegetables are offered on the cook-it-yourself BBQ menu, while there are plenty of dishes and soups for those wanting simply to enjoy the chef’s cooking. A little expensive, but worth a try.

Hanlin Korean RestaurantView In Map
Add: 3 / F, No. 3 Yaohang Street, Haishu District, Ningbo
Tel: 057 4877 25575
Something to try: Salmon sashimi (price: 68 RMB)
Credit card: yes
Opening hours: 09:30-21:30

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