Caffeine, Couches and Cakes: Best Coffee Shops in Ningbo

Caffeine, Couches and Cakes: Best Coffee Shops in Ningbo

There are always the same two kinds of people in coffee shops: One staple of every coffee shop are the small groups of two or three friends (or lovers, or a first date) relaxing and chatting over an iced chai latte: the social coffee crews. Then there are the coffee shop scholars, who don their hipster glasses, carry in their laptops and sip espressos with a serious look on their faces (even though they are most likely procrastinating on the internet). Here are some great places in Ningbo to observe these characters, join them and satisfy caffeine cravings!

1) Starbucks 星巴克 (Tianyi Store)View In Map
There are lots of Starbucks coffee shops in Ningbo, but the Tianyi branch is really something special, mostly because the store is almost entirely made of glass. The most architecturally unique Starbucks in Ningbo, Tianyi Starbucks is a great place to relax in the air conditioning after shopping or walking downtown. The most popular Starbucks drink in China is the Frappuccino, perfect on a hot day. The cheesecake and tiramisu at Starbucks is wonderful as well: split it with friends or just dig in on your own. Other drinks and treats worth sampling: the mocha Frappucinos, the green tea Frappuccinos, cappuccinos, and caramel macchiatos as well as the tiramisu, mocha cheesecake and New York style cheesecake. Yum.

Add: VB District, Tianyi Guangchang, 188 Zhongshan Dong Lu, Haishu District, Ningbo
Tel: 0574 8725 1851
Opening hours: 8:00-23:00
Getting there: Take bus 2, 4, 15, 19, 205夜, 291夜, 331, 350, 504, 506, 517, 518, 521, 804, 821 to Dongmenkou (东门口) (Tianyi Guangchang 天一广场)

2) Costa Coffee (Tianyi Store)View In Map
Costa Coffee, like Starbucks, has many locations in Ningbo, but the Tianyi location is the most popular. The layout is fairly open, and it is easy the watch the skilled baristas make your foamy caffeinated creation. The hazelnut cappuccino is always a favorite; delicious but not over-caffeinated. Grab some hazelnut cappuccino, regular cappuccino or latte and head up to the couches on the second floor for the best seats, if they aren’t already taken!

Add: 1 Baishui Xiang, Yuehu Shengyuan, (near Jin Jiefang Nan Lu) Haishu District, Ningbo
Tel: 0574 8706 0256
Opening hours: 8:30-22:00
Getting there: Take bus 130, 513 to Yuehu Shengyuan (月湖盛园) (Cangqiao Jie仓桥街)

3) Ancient CoffeeView In Map
Ancient Coffee, or Love–Coffee, is a three story coffee shop extravaganza in the alleys by the Bund. As it is a coffee giant, the store is very easy to find. Ancient Coffee has a Starbucks-like feel with cool retro décor. Go up to the third floor for a view of the whole store. The coffee shop has private rooms that can be used by customers that spend at least 200 Yuan (bring some friends along; a Mocha Frappe is 35 Yuan). The coffee is reasonably priced and the portions are large. Try the cappuccino, mocha and regular hot coffee.

Add: 76 Nong, 8-9 Erheng Jie, Jiangbei District, Ningbo
Tel: 0574 8737 5758
Opening hours: 10:00-24:00
Getting there: Take bus 1, 4, 18, 19, 331, 370 to Waitan (外滩)

4) Yikafei 意卡菲 (Bund)View In Map
The Waitan (Bund) branch of Yikafei in Ningbo has five floors with an outside deck on the top floor. The store serves coffee and fast food and is very popular with local residents. Try the seafood noodles (lots of seafood but a small portion, get some rice on the side) and some fresh fruit (big enough for two).

Add: 86 Renmin Lu, Jiangbei District, Ningbo
Tel: 0574 8738 7777
Opening hours: 9:00- 1:00
Price: 35 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 1, 4, 18, 19, 331, 370 to Waitan (外滩)

Relax and recharge in one of these fine Ningbo coffee establishments among the caffeinated local residents. Enjoy the aroma of coffee beans and the cozy couches and indulge in a giant piece of cheesecake. 

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There is no Costa Coffee in TianYi Square. The Costa Coffee mentioned above is located around Moonlake area (YueHu ShengYuan). You can however, walk to Costa-Moonlake from TianYi Square.

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