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What's New In Ningbo

An Updated Ningbo Laowai’s Guide to Western Dining

Sooner or later, many expats residing in China get the occasional – or in some cases quite frequent – urge to enjoy Western food. But, what are the best Western restaurants in Ningbo? So began our search.

Leaping Over the Great Firewall: Technology Life Hacks for China

As any expat who has been in China for a period of time will be aware, using technological products with the same freedom to which we have become accustomed is simply not possible. However, there are ....

3G vs 4G for Mobile Phones in China: Does it Make a Difference?

In most instances, analyzing mobile network technology is reserved for technology geeks who are looking to squeeze the absolute most performance out of their phones regardless of whether this performance ...

An Anxious Beijing to Departing Expats: “Please Stay, Guests from Far Away.”

As China’s capital, Beijing is the center for foreign embassies, news organizations, foreign companies and all kinds of international artists. Tens of thousands of foreigners have traveled to Beijing to work and live.

Food & Drink

An Updated Ningbo Laowai’s Guide to Western ...
Here’s our pick of Ningbo’s most popular expat hangouts. New to the ...

Arts & Entertainment

Catch a Flick at One of Ningbo’s Best Cinemas
Looking to spend a night out, but tired of going to the bars? Why not ...

Food & Drink

Caffeine, Couches and Cakes: Best Coffee Shops ...
There are always the same two kinds of people in coffee shops: One ...

History of Ningbo
Ningbo has a history dating back to 4,800 BC, when a Neolithic group was based here known as the Hemudu Culture. The people left evidence of their ...

Ningbo Transport - Introduction
Ningbo has poured a great deal of money into its infrastructure to ensure that it becomes a significant transportation hub in the Yangtze River ...

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