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Why You Should be Choosing Antibiotic & Hormone-free Poultry

Arguably, antibiotics were 20th century medicine’s crowning glory. But today, they are becoming increasingly ineffective in human medicine. So much so in fact that America’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lists antibiotic resistance among its “top concerns.” Read more>>

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Hanging-Zhou: Popular Expat Bars and Clubs in Hangzhou HOT


Just visiting Hangzhou or are you a newbie trying to get the lay of the land? Take a peek at the best bars and clubs in our guide to nightlife in the city. ... Read More>>

Embrace the Latin Spirit: Salsa Dancing in Hangzhou HOT

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Are you looking for a new hobby? Do you want to meet new people and make new friends? Then why not take up salsa dancing. Work those legs and get seriously fit in no time! ... Read More>>

Scenic Pit Stops: Highlights Along Hangzhou’s Metro Line 1 HOT


The Hangzhou metro opened in November 2012 and at the moment, only Line 1 is operational. So, what is there to see and do on the newly-launched metro? Let’s take a look at some places of interest along the way. ... Read More>>

5 Eateries to Satisfy the Foreign Palette in Hangzhou HOT

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There is no shortage of Asian cuisine in Hangzhou,that much is obvious. However, not all of us want to eat Chinese food day in, day out. So without further ado, let’s look at the restaurants that can sate our urges for something that little bit different. ... Read More>>

Lingyin Temple: Hangzhou’s Mystical Attraction HOT

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Surrounded by the beauty of Wulin Mountains, Lingyin Temple is one of Hangzhou's best touristic attractions and an important reference for Buddhist culture in China. ... Read More>>

Hangzhou Day Trips: Zhejiang’s Most Popular Water Towns HOT

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Zhejiang is famous for its ancient-water towns with romantic canal-ridded streets that any traveler in China should consider visiting. We take a look at the top three sites around the province. ... Read More>>

Lakeside Sippin’: 5 Great Teahouses in Hangzhou HOT

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With more than 700 teahouses, Hangzhou is a tea-lover's paradise. It's hard to find a better backdrop for your tea-sipping (or dim-sum-ing) experience than the famous West Lake. Take a stroll along its banks and neighboring roads and you're guaranteed to ...... Read More>>

Autumn Adventures: Spend a Day at Hangzhou’s Qiandao Lake HOT

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Dotted with hundreds of small islands, a trip to Qiandao Lake (千岛湖) in Chun''an County is a relaxing break from bustling Hangzhou. The lake itself, despite being artificial, covers over five hundred sq. m. The area is particularly beautiful from ...... Read More>>

Hungry in Hangzhou: The 10 Best Food Streets HOT

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Lines of small square tables crowd the street as hungry tourists and locals feast on regional specialties and old favorites amidst shouts of "fuwuyuan!" and bursts of laughter. The food streets of Hangzhou are full of life and boast some truly ...... Read More>>

Where the Mind Rests: Guang Jue Temple Buddhist Retreat HOT

Where the Mind Rests: Guang Jue Temple Buddhist Retreat<br /> Nestled in the mountains of rural China lies Guang Jue Temple – a simple sanctuary located just one and a half hours outside the city of ...... Read More>>

Fine Dining at Satine, Hangzhou’s Premier French Restaurant HOT

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Have you tried Hangzhou's premier French restaurant yet? For the ultimate, romantic fine French dining experience, Satine will be your top choice.... Read More>>

Shuyu Café: A Place With More than Just Good Coffee HOT

A place for everyone, the exchange of culture, a warm environment to meet friends, or escape to find that perfect writing space, Shu Yu Café has so much more to offer than that perfect cup of coffee. ... Read More>>

Western Breakfasts in Hangzhou? They Really Do Exist… HOT


Eggs. Bacon. Home fries. Sausage. Toast with jam. I don't know about you but simply reading these words makes my mouth water. I am what you may call a "breakfast person" and until recently, I was bitter about the slim pickings of Western ...... Read More>>

Heavenly Hangzhou: Enjoying Traditional Chinese Food at the Bai Yun HOT


The Banyan Tree has opened a Chinese style resort on the outskirts of the Xixi Wetlands. The resort has created an elegant pairing of nature and classical Chinese style architecture. Arching bridges give access to the spacious villas scattered around the ...... Read More>>

Hangzhou’s Top 5 Hostels: Traveling on a Backpacker’s Budget HOT

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Travelling in China is unlike travelling in any other country. One willing to take this challenge on must be open to every experience that comes his or her way. Even more, one must remove all possible barriers that separates you from the true Chinese ...... Read More>>

Hit the Runway: Affordable Fashion in Hangzhou HOT

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Given that one of Hangzhou’s major industries has historically been silk and other textiles, it should come as no surprise that for the fashion conscious, Hangzhou is one of the premier cities in China. It used to be that you had to bring your high-fashion ...... Read More>>

Serving More than Just Meat: Hangzhou’s CRU Steak House HOT

With the large red and white wine cellar available, as well as delicious high quality dishes from all over the Western world, we feel certain you will not be disappointed in your dining experience at the CRU Steak House. ... Read More>>

Escape from West Lake: Hangzhou’s Other Noteworthy Destinations HOT

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If you’ve lived or been staying in Hangzhou for more than twelve hours or so, you’ve almost certainly seen the West Lake. Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’s crowded. But after taking every visiting friend and family member to see the newly minted UNESCO ...... Read More>>

Date Night: How to Impress in Xihu Tiandi HOT

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Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a hot date tomorrow! But now the big questions set in: Where to go, what to do? If you’re in Hangzhou, Xihu Tiandi is a safe bet for those looking to impress dates, friends or visiting relatives. Situated downtown on ...... Read More>>

Exercising Outside the Box: Keeping Fit in Hangzhou HOT

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Playing in all of our heads is the theme song to Jaws. As the unbearable heat slowly rolls around the corner, we find the music gets louder and louder. Pretty soon, clothing will be minimal and let’s face it ladies and gentlemen, it is crunch time when it ...... Read More>>

Five Outdoor Activities You Can Do in Hangzhou HOT

While the winter chill is at bay, Hangzhou is a wonderful place to spend time out in the outdoors. There are numerous outdoor activities to do in this beautiful city, and here are just five suggestions on how to spend some quality time outdoors. ... Read More>>

Get Cultured: Art Galleries in Hangzhou HOT

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Hangzhou is home to one of China’s most important and famous fine arts universities, the China Academy of Art. Naturally, surrounding the leafy Nanshan Campus is a myriad of small art galleries. While many of these showcase traditional Chinese art or ...... Read More>>

Hangzhou’s Happy Hour Hotlist HOT

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It has been a long day, perhaps even a long week, for many.. You feel overworked and underpaid. If you find this description suits you, keep reading. This article will tell you more about two words everybody on a low budget salary loves to hear: “Happy ...... Read More>>

Where to Find Good Burgers in Hangzhou HOT

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It didn't take me long before I started to crave a really good, juicy burger. I tried asking for guidance from Chinese friends and they all pointed me towards the world-famous chains (McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King) scattered around Hangzhou. When I told ...... Read More>>

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