Hangzhou’s Happy Hour Hotlist

Hangzhou’s Happy Hour Hotlist
By Katie Letheren , eChinacities.com

It has been a long day, perhaps even a long week, for many..  You feel overworked and underpaid. If you find this description suits you, keep reading.  This article will tell you more about two words everybody on a low budget salary loves to hear: “Happy Hour”.  What better way to unwind than to head to one of Hangzhou’s finest Happy Hours with a group of your closest friends?  Throw affordable cocktails and the best bars in town into the mix and there you have it – a formula that will be sure to satisfy both one’s yen for liquor and one’s wallet.

1) Eudora Station亿多瑞站View In Map

Located right on Nanshan Road, Eudora Station is the perfect place to find your way to after a hard day’s work or just a nice day at the lake.  Conveniently, their Happy Hour runs daily from 5 pm to 8 pm.  During this time, you can buy any drink on the menu and get a second drink free.  Being that their beers run around 25 RMB and mixed drinks 40 RMB, the bargain is self-evident!  Also, Wednesday night is Ladies’ Night which means that between 8 pm and midnight, all ladies can receive a 1 RMB cocktail simply for showing up! Not a bad deal. 

Surrounded by the mountains of West Lake, Eudora’s rooftop deck is the perfect place to come up to and relax.  So order some tapas; whether it be the Sautéed Broccoli and Cauliflower or the Chicken Skewer, and sip on your Long Island Ice Tea’s while taking in the lovely atmosphere.  The pizza and burgers also come highly recommended.

Add: 101-7 Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
地址: 杭州上城区南山路101-7号
Tel: 0571 8791 4760
Opening Hours: 11:30-14:00 17:30-22:00

2) 7 Club 7俱乐部View In Map

Sitting at the base of Baochu Hill on Shuguang Road, 7 Club has become a staple for many expats living in Hangzhou.  It is convenient, comfortable, predictable (in a good sense), quaint, and most importantly, it is very affordable.  Happy Hour runs from 5:30 to 8:30 Monday through Friday.  During this time, all drinks are half off.  Due to the already low prices of drinks, the lure is strong.  The bartenders at 7 Club are notorious for making some of the strongest drinks in all of Hangzhou.  Order up the infamous gin and tonic and see for yourself! 

If you tend to shy away from the cocktails and stick to beer, 7 Club is definitely the place for you to get your drink on.  Tsingdao’s will cost you only 10 RMB during Happy Hour.  They also have quite the selection of imported beers.  At 35 RMB, they have beers such as Hoegaarden and Leffe.  And a bit pricier at 48 RMB but well worth shedding the few extra kuai, they offer Franziskaner, Paulaner, and Guinness.

If you can’t make Happy Hour, be sure to stop by on Super Wednesday any time after 8 pm for 15 RMB draft beer (regularly 22 RMB). And ladies, mark your calendars -- Friday night is Ladies’ Night – All drinks are buy one get one free.

Add: 43 Shuguang Road, Hangzhou
地址: 杭州西湖区曙光路43号,黄龙饭店斜对面
Tel: 0571 8511 5795
Opening Hours:  after 12:00pm
Getting there:  Take Bus y4, k282, k807,k49  Songmuchang Station (松木场站)

3) Vineyard Café杭州葡萄酒中心View In Map

Owned by a Hangzhouvian local, the Vineyard Café is definitely the place to go when you are looking for a nice, relaxing night out.  Although Vineyard’s true Happy Hour is only two nights a week, it is one that cannot be beat.  Every Monday and Tuesday between 8:30 and 11:30 pm, Vineyard runs an open bar for only 50 RMB.  For those of us with tight wallets and high tolerances, this Happy Hour blows the rest out of the water.  One can consume a lot of drinks in three hours (responsibly, that is…) and this Happy Hour gives you the most bang for your buck. Try out their killer mojitos or sangria which run at just 25 RMB a pop. Vineyard is also known for its wide selection of diverse wines, with the house wines priced at just 18 RMB a glass.

Also, be sure to look out for Vineyard’s biggest bash yet.  On April 17th, the owner will be throwing a major party in honor of Vineyard’s three-year anniversary. A guaranteed good time you won’t want to miss!

Add: 1/F, Zhongtian Mansion, 173 Yugu Road, Hangzhou
地址: 杭州西湖区玉古路173号中田大厦1楼
Tel: 0571 8763 2388

4) Mint Lounge and Cocktails薄荷酒廊和鸡尾酒View In Map

Mint Lounge and Cocktails is the last bar on the list but only for one reason, it doesn’t do your typical “Happy Hour”. However, the nightly deals it does have more than make up for this.  Therefore, if you have the atypical schedule of a teacher or a student many of us in Hangzhou do, you can be sure to head over to Mint for the nightly specials! 

With its warm lighting and quiet atmosphere, Mint makes for the perfect date destination.  It is the only bar in Hangzhou where you cannot smoke inside.  If the weather permits, you can venture out to the plush outdoor patio where you will find their main ingredient, fresh mint, pouring over the fences.  Between their blueberry mojitos and their mint chocolate martinis, their cocktails are simply to die for.  Keep a look out for their new innovative menu launching party around the end of April.  Drinks with names such as the Assassin King for the men and Think Pink for the women will be sure to make way for a great night!

The weekly rundown is as follows.  At 7 pm on Monday, all gentlemen should put on their best suit and tie and head over to Mint. Here you can enjoy any one of their innovative martinis for 38 RMB (regularly 58 RMB).  All gentlemen wearing a tie will be allotted one complimentary martini to give to the lady of their choice. On Thursday, all the ladies should slip into their new black dress they’ve been dying to try on and venture over to Mint for half priced cocktails (8 pm-11 pm).  Mint’s busiest night, Saturday, is always a hit.  Starting at 9:30 pm, Kevin Zhou – Founder of Club Salsa Hangzhou – offers his expertise to all with free salsa lessons.  It is the perfect place to mingle and meet new people.  To get you into the spirit, mojitos will be flowing at 46 RMB (regularly 58 RMB).  On Sunday, well, there are no deals so take a night off and get ready to make the Happy Hour rounds again next week!

Add: Tea Boutique Hotel, 124 Shuguang Road, Hangzhou
地址: 杭州西湖区曙光路124号天伦精品酒店1楼(近世贸)
Tel: 0571 8799 5929
Opening Hours: after 12:00pm

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