Lakeside Sippin’: 5 Great Teahouses in Hangzhou

Lakeside Sippin’: 5 Great Teahouses in Hangzhou

With more than 700 teahouses, Hangzhou is a tea-lover's paradise. It's hard to find a better backdrop for your tea-sipping (or dim-sum-ing) experience than the famous West Lake. Take a stroll along its banks and neighboring roads and you're guaranteed to find a teahouse to suit your needs. And if you need help deciding, take a look at these five great teahouses in Hangzhou.

1) Taotaoju Teahouse View In Map
Taotaoju is a well-recognized name when it comes to Chinese teahouses, and this location doesn't disappoint. Located very close to the Hangzhou Zoo, Taotaoju offers close to 60 different varieties of tea for the discerning palate, and the water is fresh spring water, carried down from the mountain daily. We recommend the "Tianxianpei (天仙配), "Yangyan Golden Lotus" (养颜金莲花), and "Pu'er King" (普洱王) teas. In addition to tea, Taotaoju also offers a buffet with dim sum, barbeque, coffee, and other fine dining options.

Add: Taotaoju Teahouse, 248-250 Hupao Lu Siyan Jing (near Nanyu Shanzhuang), Xihu District, Hangzhou
地址: 杭州市西湖区虎跑路四眼井248-250号(近南玉山庄), 陶陶居茶楼
Tel: 571 8602 5522
Opening hours: 9:30-24:00, dinner 16:30-24:00
Price: 80 RMB (per person average)
Getting there: take bus No. 197, 287, 514, 514区间, k514路区间, 808, 822, k197, k315, k4, k504, y3路区间, y5路, y7路, 观光8路 to Hangzhou Zoo (物园站)

2) Hupanju Teahouse View In Map
Overlooking the beautiful West Lake, Hupanju Teahouse offers over 100 different types of tea from all over China, but their main draw is homegrown: West Lake Shifeng Longjing (西湖狮峰龙井茶). There's a minimum of 180 RMB per person to sit and sip, and 2,000 RMB to rent a whole room, but after that the snacks are free.

Add: Hupanju Teahouse, 1 Shengtang Scenic Area (across from Wanghu Hotel), Xihu District, Hangzhou
地址:杭州市西湖区圣塘景区1号(望湖宾馆对面) , 湖畔居茶楼
Tel: 571 8702 0701; 136 8702 1618
Opening hours: 9:00-24:00
Price: 180 RMB (per person average)
Getting there: take bus No. 5, k5 to Liu Gongyuan-Wulin Lu (六公园-武林路站)

3) Qingteng Teahouse (Jinxiu location)View In Map
Founded 1996, Qingteng was the first teahouse chain in Hangzhou. The Jinxiu location is new, situated on the second floor of the plush Wyndham Hotel. Though not quite lakeside, you still get a great view of the West Lake through Qingteng's floor-to-ceiling windows. We recommend the Pu'er (普洱) or Red Date (红枣) teas, both excellent winter sniffle preventatives. Connoisseurs of West Lake Longjing (西湖龙井茶) will also not be disappointed. The minimum you can get away with spending here is 78 RMB, though after that the buffet of chicken wings, egg tarts, fruits and ice cream is free. Expect the place to be packed during holidays, so book ahead.

Add: Qingteng Teahouse, 30 Huangcheng Xi Lu (near the Hubin Mage KTV), Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
地址: 杭州市上城区环城西路30号(近唛歌湖滨店) , 青藤茶馆
Tel: 571 8506 0909; 571 8506 3939
Opening hours: 10:00-01:00
Price: 80 RMB (per person average)
Getting there: take bus No. 1, 10, 12, 25, 26, 46, 78, 130, 355, k1, k10, k199, k355 to Fengqi Lu (凤起路站)

4) He Teahouse (Fayun Long location)View In Map
Located inside the luxurious five-star Amanfayun resort, He Teahouse is a green leafy hideaway that also makes a great backdrop for photos. Rumor has it the owner is an antique enthusiast, hence the extensive collection decorating the shop. Despite the swanky hotel surrounding it, He Teahouse isn't over-the-top expensive; 88 RMB per person includes a buffet of fruit and dim sum with your tea. We also recommend the 128 RMB Mingqian Longjing (明前龙井), so named because it's meant to be enjoyed before Tomb Sweeping day.

Add: He Teahouse, 22 Fayun Long (inside Amanfayun Resort near Lingyin Temple), Xihu Jiedao, Xihu District, Hangzhou
地址: 杭州市西湖区西湖街道法云弄22号安缦酒店内(近灵隐寺) , 和茶馆
Tel: 571 8797 9556
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Price: 140 RMB (per person average)
Getting there: take bus No. 27, y2, y3, y3路区间, y6路 to Maojiabu (茅家埠站)

5) Niwo TeahouseView In Map
Niwo Teahouse, also known as "For Me For You", is known for two things: its exceptional service and its bird's nest soup and the tea, of course. The owner Ni Xiaoying is a graduate of Zhejiang University's Tea Studies program, and has studied the art of tea for over 20 years. She's also responsible for the shop's elegant interior design. Order one cup of tea and the rest is free, including fruit, snacks, and six varieties of dim sum. There's no minimum charge for renting out a room; just book ahead.

Add: Niwo Teahouse, 163 Yugu Lu (near Qiushi Lu), Xihu District, Hangzhou
地址: 杭州市西湖区玉古路163号(近求是路), 你我茶燕
Tel: 571 8799 0118
Operating hours: 9:30-17:00, 17:30-2:00
Price: 90 RMB (per person average)
Getting there: take bus No. 15, 89, k15 to Yugu Lukou (玉古路口站) 

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