Western Breakfasts in Hangzhou? They Really Do Exist…

Western Breakfasts in Hangzhou? They Really Do Exist…
By Katie Letheren , eChinacities.com

Eggs. Bacon. Home fries. Sausage. Toast with jam.  I don't know about you but simply reading these words makes my mouth water.  I am what you may call a "breakfast person" and until recently, I was bitter about the slim pickings of Western breakfasts which Hangzhou had to offer.  I had reached my baozi limit and opened my eyes to the fact that not only was the cereal found in the foreign food section seriously overpriced, but it also just wasn't cutting it.  I needed to find out if what I was missing so much, a proper Western breakfast, really did exist in Hangzhou and you just needed to know where to look.  What I found was more than favourable—Western breakfasts galore if I dare say….

1) Myth Café
First stop on the list is Myth Café.  Located just doors down from Ponchos, Myth is the perfect place to chill out on a lazy Sunday morning. Whether it be eating and relaxing with friends on one of the swinging benches after a big night out, or making use of the unlimited wifi to get some work out of the way, Myth is the place for you. 

Try one of their three signature breakfasts for prices that just cannot be beat.  For those of you with a big appetite, the Great British Breakfast will be sure to tickle your fancy. This includes a fried egg, Heinz baked beans, tomatoes and mushroom, bacon and sausage, toast with jam, AND coffee. Not a bad deal. And at just half the price of the Great British Breakfast yet still just as delicious, one may try either the Big American Breakfast (20 RMB) which includes two eggs, hash browns, toast, bacon and coffee, or the Mexican Breakfast Burrito (20 RMB) which is my personal favourite. The burrito is filled with scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon and a delicious salsa-sauce of course. 

You will also find a large variety of omelettes on the menu running at just 15-18 RMB, my personal recommendation being the Spanish Omelette. If I haven't sold you yet, this will—in addition to crepes with nutella and banana smoothies that are to die for, Myth also has French Toast served with real maple syrup. Yes, that's right.  Real maple syrup actually does exist in China. 

After you leave Myth feeling satisfied, be sure to head south down Gudun Lu where you will find a great little DVD shop tucked away on the left just before the corner of Wensan.  Stock up on some movies and then continue with that lazy Sunday we all live for.

2) Eudora Station
This next stop on the list is a place we all know and love, Eudora Station. We know that their Long Island Ice Tea's are strong and that their Happy Hour is one of the best deals in town, but we often fail to remember that Eudora serves delicious food all day long—including a more than scrumptious breakfast! 

From Monday through Friday, the breakfast runs at 48 RMB.  It includes a bread basket with assorted jams, two eggs any style, bacon and sausage, potatoes, a mixed garden salad and coffee or tea. Although the breakfast served on Monday through Friday is delectable, the deal to look out for is Eudora's breakfast buffet on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00am to 3:00pm. For 98 RMB, one can order eggs of any style they please, pancakes with maple syrup, and/or create an omelet using any of the provided ingredients.  Moreover, there is an entire buffet with assorted cheeses, cereals, croissants, fresh fruit, congee, pizza, steak and vegetables, bacon, sausage, lyons potatoes and more! Saving the best for last, the dessert assortment is overflowing with french pastries, brownies, apple pies—each one more delicious than the next!

It is also worth mentioning that Eudora has a fantastic selection of teas, my personal favourite being the Rosehip and Hibisscus. 

3) Ellen's Café
Just a short walk away from the Yuquan campus and around the corner from Maya Bar, this café is a quaint and comfortable lounge by day and a backpacker's bar known to many by night. With personalised inscriptions covering the walls – some incredibly deep and profound, others just the result of a drunken stupor – Ellen's Café is the ideal place to simply lounge for the day, eat some delicious breakfast, and maybe get some work done if you are feeling motivated.

Starting at 9:00am and running all day, one can order any one of Ellen's delicious breakfasts. At just 25 RMB, one can order the American Breakfast or at just 28 RMB, the English Breakfast which includes two eggs any style, fried mushrooms, sausage, baked beans, hash browns and coffee or tea. One may also choose the French toast with honey or crepes for just 10 RMB, any of their signature omelets for 15 RMB, or their pancakes which can come with either chocolate or bananas!  It is also worth mentioning that coffee is free all day on Mondays. 

4) Mingtown Café
Last but certainly not least is Mingtown Café. Sitting in this final stop on the list, listening to the great choice of music playing in the background, one may feel as if they have journeyed away from China for just a moment. With it's tranquil outdoor seating and it's artistic vibe, Mingtown Café is a great place to waste away your morning.  Resembling that of a European café and unknown by many foreigners, Mingtown is conveniently located just steps behind Eudora Station and only a minute's walk to the beautiful West Lake.

And now for the most important part, I kid you not, the food here is absolutely delectable and the prices are more than doable.  From 8:00 to 11:30am, one can enjoy one of Mingtown's delicious breakfasts. For 30 RMB, one can order the American breakfast and for 28 RMB, the British Breakfast. The Spanish omelet with vegetables and ham, along with the French Breakfast, are each just 25 RMB. Each dish is made with fresh quality ingredients and the presentation is splendid. This café is a hidden gem which will be sure to leave you feeling more than satisfied!

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