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Go West: A Week in Western Sichuan

If you’re planning a trip out of Chengdu this winter, consider travelling to the western part of Sichuan Province. Although it is cold at this time of year, the lack of rain and brilliant blue skies make this a stunning destination.Read more>>

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Off The Beaten Track: Chengdu’s Parks HOT

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Chengdu is full of things to explore, and while the temperature is still bearable, we suggest getting out there and visiting one of the lesser-known parks for some relaxation and time with nature. ... Read More>>

Chengdu’s Most Famous Temples HOT

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With thousands of years of religious history, it’s no wonder that China has some of the world’s most spectacular temples. Though Chengdu is perhaps most noted for pandas, zesty cuisine and teahouses, the city definitely has its share of eminent shrines ...... Read More>>

One Weekend in Chengdu: What to Do, Where to Eat and Drink HOT


It’s Friday afternoon and you only have one weekend to explore Chengdu. Though Chengdu has much to offer, you can mark off the “must see” attractions in a few days. Listed below is an itinerary for those who only have one weekend in Chengdu. ... Read More>>

Monkey Style! Where to Learn Martial Arts in Chengdu HOT

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If you’re in Chengdu and want to pick up a few martial arts moves or just need an alternative to the gym for staying in shape, try one of these academies and learn how to kick it like Bruce Lee! ... Read More>>

Chengdu’s New & Improved Metro: Its History, Present and Ambitious Future HOT


Now that Line 2 of Chengdu’s Metro has officially opened, some of the far reached suburbs in the outskirts and other famous local/tourist destinations are finally interconnected, making it easier for daily commuters, locals and visitors alike to navigate ...... Read More>>

Top 5 Best Holiday Gifts from Chengdu HOT

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with shopping discounts, classic carols and St. Nicholas decorations. And even though this holiday isn't perceived as a traditional celebration, it's becoming more popular with Chinese each year. For better or ...... Read More>>

A Guide to Chengdu’s “Golden Cow” (Jinniu) District HOT

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Certain areas of Chengdu bleep loud on the tourist radar: Jinli Street, Wuhou Temple, People's Park, Tianfu Square and Wenshu Temple are just some of the many well-known destinations. However, there's a new area in northwestern Chengdu called Jinniu ...... Read More>>

A Taste of Asia: Best Japanese and Korean Restaurants in Chengdu HOT

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Although Chengdu is known for its own unique and deliciously spicy Sichuanese flavors, the city has much more to offer than just its signature Chinese dishes. This international city boasts a global palate that includes Japanese and Korean favorites like ...... Read More>>

City of Cha: 3 Must-Visit Teahouses in Chengdu HOT

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Let's play a little China trivia. Category: Food and Drinks. Level: Ridiculously Easy. Question: Most famous Chinese beverage? Thirty seconds on the clock. Go! Tea, the national drink par excellence, has it all: a long and interesting history, amazing and ...... Read More>>

Making a Splash: Water Rafting Hotspots Around Chengdu HOT

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Now that the hot weather of the summer season has officially descended upon all of China, everyone is fantasizing about heading off to the largest (and coolest) body of water that they can find for some necessary R&R. Many in Chengdu are flocking to ...... Read More>>

Let the Love In: 2012 Big Love Chengdu Music Festival HOT


For those who love music in a big way, this four day Chengdu festival is not to be missed. This year, the Big Love Chengdu Music Festival (大爱成都音乐节) boasts an unprecedented and powerful line-up of some of the biggest performers on the ...... Read More>>

Soak Your Worries Away in Chengdu’s Hot Springs HOT

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While you are not going to find any natural hot springs around Chengdu, there are some man-made ones that offer refreshing escapes from muggy summer days and warm retreats from bitter winter evenings. The city has a couple of decent hot spring options, but ...... Read More>>

"Out" in Chengdu: Gay and Lesbian Bars HOT

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Chengdu is one of the most open-minded cities in China. A quick look at the seductive male burlesque shows down Dongmen Daqiao on a Saturday night will convince you of that. This south-western metropolis, built for a comfortable lifestyle, is also a place ...... Read More>>

Rock on: The 2012 Zebra Music Festival is Back! HOT

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The Zebra Music Festival is back in Chengdu at the end of April. Read on for the official line-up, dates, ticket information and festival details…... Read More>>

Freshen up Your Home: Flower and Plant Markets in Chengdu HOT

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Garden and flower markets in Chengdu are splattered across the metropolis, from specialised stores to little shops within food markets. Everybody has their reasons for wanting more greenery within their apartment. Perhaps you just want your place to look ...... Read More>>

Letting Your ‘Qi’ Flow: Traditional Chinese Medicine Centres in Chengdu HOT

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Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, aims to bring and maintain harmony within your body. Your 'qi', blood, body fluids, major organs and meridians must be functioning in a balanced way or else you will get sick. This is where the treatments come in. ... Read More>>

Vestiges of the Past: Ancient Towns Around Chengdu HOT


Ancient towns near Chengdu offer a chance to explore ancient Chinese culture and just get a break from the crowded, nagging modernity of the city. There are a plethora of towns that can be reached within one hour. Such places are great for those living in ...... Read More>>

The Sardine Box: Guide to Chengdu’s Bus System HOT


Have you ever seen how crowded buses in Chengdu can get? In these buses, I've seen people with half an arm hanging out the window, heads smashed against glass, and drivers throwing fits over barely being able to hold the wheel. So why would you want to take ...... Read More>>

Good, Wholesome Fun: Family Friendly Activities in Chengdu HOT

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While fun things to do in Chengdu are seemingly limitless, a lot of them are not suitable for kids. However, there are plenty of educational and recreational family friendly activities in Chengdu that merit mentioning. Whether your family is visiting ...... Read More>>

Find Some Air: The Best Nature Getaways Outside Chengdu HOT

Some of the best places to go to in Sichuan happen to be very close to Chengdu. While there are good nature spots within the province's capital, it's sometimes nice to actually leave the city to get your nature fix. So if you need to taste clean air and ...... Read More>>

A Full Stomach and Wallet! Cheap Eats in Chengdu HOT

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Living expenses in Chengdu are very reasonable – tasty hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Chengdu saturate the city, from shockingly cheap noodle shops to very affordable dumpling houses. Moreover, there's no shortage of inexpensive Sichuan cuisine spots in ...... Read More>>

Space Away from the City: Chengdu’s Best Nature Spots HOT

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Chinese cities are concrete jungles, and Chengdu is no different. You taste that dusty air? That’s the flavour of progress. You hear those construction cranes? That’s the sound of advancement. A grey ubiquitous fog hangs over the city like a dome, ...... Read More>>

Fun Times: 5 Things You Must Do in Chengdu HOT

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The slow, relaxed mentality of Chengdu makes it a popular spot for tourists who are tired of dealing with the fast-paced lifestyle of China's first tier cities. And, while certain tourist attractions in Chengdu are worth visiting, some of the best things to ...... Read More>>

What’d you Say? An Introduction to the Sichuanese Mandarin Dialect HOT


Buzzes and lots of "er's" and "ol's" and "lo's" is all you'll hear the first time you touch down in Chengdu. But what you're actually hearing is Mandarin being spoken in a charming southwestern drawl. Just as English has its' ...... Read More>>

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