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China’s English has Recently Gotten Worse: What Happened? Hot

Nov 23, 2015 Comments(35)

China's overall English ability has dropped recently, and we ask why. ... Read More>>

Foreign Backpacker Beggar in Guangzhou: Scammer or Traveler in Need? Hot

Nov 19, 2015 Comments(30)

A foreign backpacker had made headlines for begging for money outside of a Guangzhou railway station. ... Read More>>

14 Chinese Nicknames for Western Celebrities

Nov 18, 2015 Comments(4)

A Buzzfeed article on Chinese nicknames for Western celebrities went viral recently, and we finished the job for them. ... Read More>>

How China’s State-Owned Enterprises are Dealing with the Economic Slowdown

Nov 16, 2015 Comments(8)

China's state owned enterprises are laying off workers and delaying pay to combat the economic slow down. ... Read More>>

Dating, Flash Marriages, Love Confessions: A Look into the Minds of Chinese Singles Hot

Nov 11, 2015 Comments(9)

Chinese citizens from all regions of the coutnry give their opinions on dating. Who is supposed to pursue who? Text message or face-to-face? ... Read More>>

Why Beijing’s University Graduates Are Fleeing the City

Nov 09, 2015 Comments(6)

Graduates from Beijing universities are not seeking jobs in their college town, and this is causing problems. ... Read More>>

Kindergarten Accuses Parents of Libel for Complaining about Russian ESL Teacher Hot

Nov 05, 2015 Comments(57)

Does an ESL teacher have to be a native English speaker. These students' parents think so, and weren't shy about sharing their opinions, sparking a legal battle. ... Read More>>

60% of Chinese Millennials Love Halloween but Know Nothing about its Origins Hot

Nov 01, 2015 Comments(10)

Halloween has caught the interest of many millenials in China, and they're not scared to share their thoughts on the holiday. ... Read More>>

Cheap Housing in Berlin? Not Anymore, Thanks to Chinese Investors Hot

Oct 29, 2015 Comments(11)

Berlin has become Chinese investors' newest target for off-shore real estate investment, and Berliners are worried that they'll see themselves getting bought out. ... Read More>>

Dad Strips Naked in Front of Son’s Girlfriend’s Parents House to Protest Relationship Hot

Oct 26, 2015 Comments(14)

Father strips naked to protest his son's relationship with his girlfriend. ... Read More>>

Love Lost, and Found: 4 Chinese-American Couples and Their Stories Hot

Oct 20, 2015 Comments(19)

Four stories of four different Chinese-American marriages, the good and the bad. ... Read More>>

Google Takes Steps to Re-enter the Mainland Chinese Market Hot

Oct 19, 2015 Comments(8)

If the rumors are true, Google will be returning to China after five years of being blocked. Read about why and the obstacles it may face. ... Read More>>

Chengdu Man Tries to Extort Female Boss after Finding Her Nude Photos Hot

Oct 15, 2015 Comments(8)

A man blackmails his boss after he comes into possession of her lost phone and finds nude pictures and videos of her on it. ... Read More>>

No Slowdown over the Holiday: Chinese Spend Big During Golden Week

Oct 13, 2015 Comments(5)

Despite a tumultuous economy that has discouraged investors and shaken consumer confidence, Chinese spenders splurged during Golden Week. The film, catering and travel industry saw a healthy economic boost. ... Read More>>

Companies Do Not Want to Settle in Shanghai: Age Limits and Taxes Deter Foreign Talent Hot

Sep 29, 2015 Comments(10)

A recent survey's results showed that Shanghai's foreign workers are generally satisfied with working conditions, but there is room for improvement including tax incentives and reforming visa policies that place strict limits on the ages of workers and ...... Read More>>

No Zuo No Die: Giving Chinglish a Try Hot

Sep 24, 2015 Comments(4)

An explanation of what Chinglish is and examples. It also describes its recent rise in popularity and importance in Chinese culture. ... Read More>>

Is the White House Embarrassed of Xi Jinping's State Visit This Week? Hot

Sep 22, 2015 Comments(17)

President Xi Jinping will visit Seattle and Washington D.C. this upcoming week in a state visit this week that will include meetings with entrepreneurs and private discussions with President Obama about U.S.-China relations. The U.S. public has voiced some ...... Read More>>

World University Rankings: How do Chinese Universities Measure Up? Hot

Sep 17, 2015 Comments(9)

The QS World University Rankings have just been released, and 4 Mainland Chinese universities have been ranked in the top 100, seven in the top 200. This follows increased investment in institutions. ... Read More>>

United States is an Increasingly Popular Destination for Chinese Tourists Hot

Sep 16, 2015 Comments(14)

The United States is an increasingly popular tourist destination for Chinese citizens because of more disposable income and the creation of the new 10-year visas between the two countries. Most are traveling to New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. ... Read More>>

Going the Distance: The Increasing Popularity of Marathons in China Hot

Sep 10, 2015 Comments(5)

Marathons are becoming increasingly popular in China, but companies are still struggling to generate revenue due to the difficulty of copyrights in China. ... Read More>>

Picturing Development: Constructing Chinese Cities in Africa Hot

Sep 08, 2015 Comments(8)

In their continuing investment in Africa's rapid development, China's influence is palpable. Africa's new special economic zones and eerily familiar apartment complexes indicate an economic boom with Chinese characteristics. ... Read More>>

Evil Quzhou Milkman Runs Over Puppy and Flees the Scene Hot

Sep 02, 2015 Comments(8)

A milkman from Quzhou was fined for running over a dog and fleeing the scene. Pets are considered personal property in China and he was fined for property damage and leaving the scene of a traffic accident. ... Read More>>

14 Things You Need to Know about Beijing's September 3 Military Parade Hot

Aug 31, 2015 Comments(26)

Beijing's big holiday is approaching, and there are a few things that residents of Beijing must know about closures and martial law in the week leading up to the holiday. For tourists traveling to Beijing, you picked the wrong weekend. ... Read More>>

The RSVPs are In: Which Nations will Attend China's Victory Day Celebrations? Hot

Aug 25, 2015 Comments(15)

No nation wants to get on China's bad side, but how many will send their top leaders to Beijing's September 3 military parade?” It seems that most countries outside of South Korea, are planning to send representatives rather than top leaders. ... Read More>>

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