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New Regulations for Foreign NGOs in China Could Lead to Exodus

Mar 26, 2015

The Chinese government has recently proposed stricter regulations on foreign NGOs. The article recognizes that most foreign NGOs have only brought good to China, but states that a small minority of foreign NGOs are only in China to forward subversive political agendas. Read more>>

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Should Foreigners Be Treated Differently Under Chinese Criminal Law? Hot

Mar 24, 2015

The recent robbery in Wangfujing by a Malaysian man has recently brought up questions concerning foreigners and criminal law in China. How will the thief be prosecuted, and is it fair to hold foreigners up to different standards than Chinese citizens? ... Read More>>

Ice Cream Cakes and Ceramic Shoes: China's World Record Holders (Part II)

Mar 19, 2015

China's Guinness World Records are often on the eccentric side. This list includes a number of China's stranger records including largest accordion concert and largest sofa. ... Read More>>

Ice Bucket Challenges and Acupuncture Needles: China's World Record Holders (Part I)

Mar 17, 2015

China holds a large number of world records certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. The nation's eccentric list of records includes everything from World's Tallest Man to World's Largest Ice Cream Cake. ... Read More>>

Feast Like A King for 30 Yuan: The 10 Cheapest Tourist Cities in China Hot

Mar 13, 2015

This translated story lists the ten cheapest tourist cities in China and includes recommendations for sightseeing and dining while on a budget. With the spring holidays approaching, a trip to one of these unique cities may be a good idea if you are ...... Read More>>

Under Pressure: Chinese Students Go to Extreme Lengths to Get into Top American Schools Hot

Mar 10, 2015

This article discusses the increasing popularity among Chinese families of sending their children to American universities. ... Read More>>

A Long and Costly Road Ahead for China's Environmental Governance

Mar 05, 2015

Environmental issues have shot to the forefront of public debate in China this week, following the release of Chai Jing’s documentary, “Under the Dome”. This translated article details the environmental challenges that China faces in 2015. ... Read More>>

New Year, New Layoffs: China's Manufacturing Industry to Face Struggles in 2015

Mar 03, 2015

This article, translated from ifeng.com, discusses the recent trend of foreign companies withdrawing from China and the potential impact on China’s economy. ... Read More>>

9 Important Differences between Foreigners and Chinese Hot

Feb 17, 2015

This translated article explores differences in socially acceptable behavior between Chinese people and foreigners.... Read More>>

Nine Important Tips for Traveling to North Korea Hot

Feb 14, 2015

Planning a trip to North Korea? Well this translated article from ifeng.com tells you everything you need to know before embarking on the adventure. Basically it revolves around being well prepared and being culturally sensitive in a country where ...... Read More>>

Chinese Illegal Immigration to the West Slows Down as Chinese Immigrants Choose to Return to the Middle Kingdom Hot

Feb 12, 2015

This article, translated from wenxuecity.com, discusses the recent decline in Chinese illegal immigration to western countries and the growing trend of immigrants choosing to return to China. ... Read More>>

From Comics to Variety Shows: Making It As a Foreigner in Chinese Show Business Isn't Easy Hot

Feb 10, 2015

This translated article discusses the situation of foreign entertainers in China over the past couple of decades and the difficulties they face trying to break into the Chinese market. ... Read More>>

Flight Delays in China: Useful & Mindboggling Facts, Stats and Tips Hot

Feb 07, 2015

A recent worldwide survey revealed that China’s airlines have the worst record for flight delays. Sohu.com recently posted an interesting piece that provides some mind-boggling statistics, reasons for the delays and details about obtaining compensation. ... Read More>>

Seven Common Pick Pocket Tricks and How to Prevent Them Hot

Feb 05, 2015

This time of year is notorious for an increase in burglaries, muggings and pick-pocketing as the country gears up for Spring Festival. This translated article details the most common strategies used by thieves and how to avoid them. ... Read More>>

Monster-in-Law? Common Tensions between Foreign Spouses and Chinese Mothers Hot

Feb 03, 2015

This article, translated from Wenxuecity.com, discusses common tensions that arise between foreign partners and Chinese mothers-in-law. ... Read More>>

Book Smart, Not Street Smart: Beijing PhD Student Tricked by Computer Sales Clerk Hot

Jan 27, 2015

This article, translated from Tencent News is an account of Li, a PhD student, who was misled into overpaying for a computer in Zhongguancun. ... Read More>>

China's Bad Air Scaring Away Foreign Tourists Hot

Jan 20, 2015

This translated article discusses the effects of China’s immense pollution problems on the tourist industry.... Read More>>

Single, Alone and Still Picky: Most Women Will Only Marry Men with a House Hot

Jan 15, 2015

This translated article shows the results of a survey regarding love and marriage in China for 2014. The article reveals some worrying trends, such as the toll that pressure to marry from families has on the mental health of singles and increasingly high ...... Read More>>

No Car, No House, No Problem? The Ups and Downs of Transnational Marriages in China Hot

Jan 13, 2015

This translated article is another post in what appears to be a continuing trend of trying to quantify what makes marriages between Chinese people and foreigners work. ... Read More>>

All Work No Play: 3/4 of White Collar Workers Have Sex Less than Once a Month, 40% Have No Vacation Hot

Jan 08, 2015

This article gives full details of the much-discussed ‘White Collar Worker Satisfaction Survey’ that came out at the end of 2014. ... Read More>>

Educated but Broke: 80 Percent of Returned Students from Overseas Make Less than 10,000 Yuan Hot

Jan 05, 2015

This article, translated from ifeng.com, reports the latest statistics regarding overseas returnees and their career prospects in China. ... Read More>>

10 Ways Chinese Women and American Women Interact With Men Differently Hot

Jan 04, 2015

This blog post, translated from Wenxuecity.com, is another rather America-centric comparison of Western and Chinese dating cultures. The article details ten important differences in the way that American and Chinese women view men and their relationships. ... Read More>>

The Fall of Another Foreign Giant in China: B&Q Sells Majority of Shares to Wumart

Dec 31, 2014

This translated article details the fall of homeware giant B&Q and the decision to sell a controlling stake to Chinese retail chain, the Wumart Group. ... Read More>>

Rich and Leftover: Wealthy Mother Will Pay 100,000 Yuan to Successful Matchmaker for Daughter Hot

Dec 30, 2014

This article, translated from sohu.com, is about the pressures that young single Chinese women face from society and their families to get married by a certain age. ... Read More>>

Xi’an Parents Ask for 100,000 Dowry, Australian Parents Say “No Way!” Hot

Dec 25, 2014

This article, translated from wenxuecity.com, is an extreme example of problems that arise when cultures clash. ... Read More>>

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