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Shanghai #1, Beijing #7: What Are the Happiest Cities in China?

Jul 29, 2015 Comments(9)

Alipay has teamed up with a number of Chinese Internet companies to determine which Chinese cities are the happiest. The companies collected data in a number of fields including pollution levels, traffic, ease of living, and social life in a certain city. ... Read More>>

Woman Hoping for Green Card Marriage Sues Dating Company for Not Delivering Hot

Jul 23, 2015 Comments(10)

Divorced middle-aged women in China often have the same dream: find a foreign boyfriend online and marry him for a green card. However, after spending 28,800 Yuan on a dating service, Zou decided to sue the dating company in a Shanghai court. ... Read More>>

Shanghai to Introduce Visas on Arrival, Paths to Permanent Residency for Top Talent Hot

Jul 20, 2015 Comments(11)

The Shanghai government will reduce the conditions necessary for expats to obtain permanent residency, and simplify the application procedure for permanent residency. Shanghai will also expand the scope of the R Visa meant for high-level personnel. ... Read More>>

Man Extorted By Beijing Prostitute for 10,000 Yuan Tip, Too Embarrassed to Call Police Hot

Jul 16, 2015 Comments(12)

A man was blackmailed by a prostitute for a 10,000 Yuan tip and threatened by a thug who said he would report the man to the police for hiring the prostitute if he did not pay up. ... Read More>>

What Does it Take to Be Middle Class in China? Hot

Jul 15, 2015 Comments(24)

The term “middle class,” gets thrown around quite a bit when we talk about China's rapid economic development. This article cites a specific survey by Ipsos that defines how much Chinese families need to earn to be considered middle class. ... Read More>>

Survey: Most Chinese Parents Willing to Support Children Financially After College Hot

Jul 09, 2015 Comments(16)

70% of parents of Shanghai college graduates said that they would support their child financially after graduation so that they could “live a relaxed life.” ... Read More>>

Con-Women Seduce Shenzhen Businessmen, Trick Them Out of Millions Hot

Jul 08, 2015 Comments(14)

Several successful Shenzhen businessmen were duped by a group of beautiful women who scammed them out of millions of Yuan and disappeared, according to Shenzhen media reports. One woman ran off with 2.74 million Yuan after a flash marriage. ... Read More>>

Fuzhou Officials Sacked in Tea House Sex-Tape Scandal Hot

Jul 06, 2015 Comments(13)

Three Fuzhou officials were recently fired after being implicated in a sex-tape bribery scandal. This article, translated from QQ News, gives details on the sex scandal and evolving case against 22 officials and their blackmailers. ... Read More>>

Degrees for Sale: The Fight Against Fake Universities in China Hot

Jun 30, 2015 Comments(14)

In China, a land of fake watches, and fake designer sunglasses, fake universities are a continuing issue. A fake university is an uncredited institute that hands diplomas to students for cash or scams students into enrolling. ... Read More>>

Money, Stability, or Family? The Important Factors for China's Young Job Seekers Hot

Jun 29, 2015 Comments(10)

What factors are more important to young Chinese graduates when looking for a job? This article, from the Chinese media, examines young graduates in Shanghai. Through this microcosm, we can better understand the priorities of young Chinese job-seekers ...... Read More>>

Tsinghua is Coming to America: University Partners with UW for Tech Grad School

Jun 25, 2015 Comments(19)

Tsinghua University will open a groundbreaking branch in the U.S. next year as part of a partnership with the University of Washington. Tsinghua will be the first Chinese university to open an institute in the United States. ... Read More>>

Analyze, Not Memorize? Chinese Student Struggles in U.S. Chinese Language Class Hot

Jun 17, 2015 Comments(22)

What happens when Chinese international students enroll in Chinese classes at U.S. universities for an easy A? Not exactly what you'd expect. One group of Chinese friends decided to take a Chinese class one semester. They all thought that it would be easy. ... Read More>>

The Perfect Match? Post on Marriage Between Chinese Men and Russian Women Goes Viral in Russia Hot

Jun 16, 2015 Comments(36)

An advertisement sponsored by a Russian state-run newspaper and a Chinese state-run broadcaster on Chinese men marrying Russian women recently went viral on Russian social media. However, the advertisement was merely a “discussion topic,” for young Chinese...... Read More>>

China Wants to Make Getting a Green Card Less Impossible for Foreigners Hot

Jun 11, 2015 Comments(40)

Have you ever met a foreigner who has a permanent residence card in China? These expats are few and far between, but the Chinese government hopes to change this in order to attract “top foreign talent.” ... Read More>>

A Story of Survival: “Eastern Star” Passenger Speaks Hot

Jun 10, 2015 Comments(18)

A survivor from the “Eastern Star,” disaster from Shanghai has begun to speak to the press about what happened that night. This article tells the story of Hu Jianyue, a 54 year old man who was able to swim to safety. ... Read More>>

Love and Borders: U.S. Executive Struggles to Get Visa for Chinese “Peasant” Wife Hot

Jun 08, 2015 Comments(35)

Ms. Zhang's husband is an American citizen, but her visa application to the United States was refused. The visa officer rejected her because her income was vastly lower than her American husband's. The officer suspected that the marriage was fake. ... Read More>>

Humor Translates: Australia Loves China's Popular Dating Show “If You Are the One” Hot

Jun 04, 2015 Comments(29)

The Chinese dating show “Fei Cheng Wu Rao,” has unexpectedly become popular in Australia, where it is known by its English name, “If You Are the One!” ... Read More>>

The Next Jack Ma: In Tough Job Market, Chinese Graduates Turn to Start Ups Hot

Jun 02, 2015 Comments(20)

It's almost graduation season in China, which means a slew of articles about China's university graduates and the challenges that they face from the Chinese media. Now, founding or working for start ups is more popular than ever for Chinese graduates. ... Read More>>

Why Does the U.S. Embassy Report Higher Pollution Levels than Beijing's Monitoring Center? Hot

May 28, 2015 Comments(14)

The U.S. Embassy in Beijing and the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center use different standards to evaluate Beijing's air quality. Therefore, the U.S. Embassy's PM2.5 data is often inconsistent with China's own measurements. ... Read More>>

250 Popsicles, Anyone? What You Could Buy With 10 Yuan in China in the 1960s Hot

May 26, 2015 Comments(19)

Those born in the 1960s and earlier in China may remember how different prices were back in the day. What could you buy with 10 Yuan in the 1960s, and what can you buy with 10 Yuan today? ... Read More>>

Tourism in 1985: What was Traveling in China Like 30 Years Ago? Hot

May 21, 2015 Comments(10)

This period of time in China is known as “The Age of Innocence.” These photos, taken in 1985, were recorded on film, before the age of digital cameras. Let's take a look at how the previous generation lived and traveled. ... Read More>>

Keeping the Language Pure: Does Mixing Chinese and English Have a Negative Impact? Hot

May 19, 2015 Comments(14)

This article translated from the Chinese media discusses the phenomenon of mixing in English words when speaking Chinese, or jiazati. The author of the piece is concerned that mixing in English words will undermine the “purity,” of the Chinese language. ... Read More>>

Get Money: Which Chinese Universities Produce the Highest Earning Graduates? Hot

May 14, 2015 Comments(9)

Which colleges in China produce the graduates with the highest salaries? China Research Institute recently released a list of the top 100 universities in China with high salaries after graduation. ... Read More>>

Nightmare Vacations: Chinese Opt for Cheap Tours Despite Hidden Shopping Scams, High Deposits Hot

May 12, 2015 Comments(14)

Chinese travelers, like anyone else, look for bargains when planning their vacation. This article, translated from QQ News, discusses popular, cheap low-quality tours offered in China that often have hidden costs like forced shopping and high deposits. ... Read More>>

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