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Top 5 Viral Videos in China 2016


2016 is nearly over and while its been a fantastic year for viral videos in virtually all corners of the world, here are a few of our favourite viral videos from China in 2016. ... Read More>>

Suki Speaks: An Interview with a Chinese Webcast Star HOT


Webcasts in China are generally thought of as a step above pornography, but Suki’s story and interview shows that this is not always the case. Suki has become a famous webcast star in China by keeping it classy and having genuine online G-rated ...... Read More>>

China’s Webcast Stars Already Earn Thousands, But Can They Appeal to a Mainstream Market? HOT


Webcast stars are a huge phenomenon in Mainland China. Like in the West, online celebrities can make a living in China by hawking products online. The article recognizes the huge potential for the fast-growing market that revolves around webcast stars in ...... Read More>>

Even More Disney: Shanghai Disneyland Resort FAQ (Part II) HOT


Frequently asked questions on the food situation and rides at Disney Shanghai. ... Read More>>

How to Disney: Shanghai Disneyland Resort FAQ (Part I) HOT


How to buy tickets and book hotels for Disneyland. ... Read More>>

Chinese Movies To Keep An Eye Out For In 2016 HOT


Here are our picks for the Chinese movies to keep an eye out for the rest of 2016 ... Read More>>

9 Types of Hotpot to Try While in China HOT


A comprehensive list of hotpot styles from different regions in China. ... Read More>>

Barely Legal: The Rise of the Sexy Webcast in China HOT


This translated article looks into the world of China’s webcast performers. A fairly new industry, there are still many questions on how it should be regulated. ... Read More>>

Your Stories: Funniest Teaching Experiences in China HOT


We recently asked for your participation, in order to share some of the funniest teaching experiences from people living and teaching in China, because we know that there must be some amazing misunderstandings or mistranslations out there. Here are a few of ...... Read More>>

14 Chinese Nicknames for Western Celebrities HOT


A Buzzfeed article on Chinese nicknames for Western celebrities went viral recently, and we finished the job for them. ... Read More>>

Winter Wonderland: China’s Best Cold Weather Snacks HOT


Four Chinese dishes that will keep you warm during the winter. ... Read More>>

How to Play the Chinese Lottery HOT


Gambling is illegal in China, except for the lottery, which you can play! See how. ... Read More>>

Humor Translates: Australia Loves China's Popular Dating Show “If You Are the One” HOT


The Chinese dating show “Fei Cheng Wu Rao,” has unexpectedly become popular in Australia, where it is known by its English name, “If You Are the One!” ... Read More>>

The Joke’s on You: Differences in American and Chinese Humor HOT


Joe Wong is a Chinese national who moved to the US—following a brief stint as a chemical engineer in Texas—to become a stand-up comedian. Honing his craft since the early aughts, Wong achieved the funnyman equivalent of the American Dream nearly a decade ...... Read More>>

Gamer Girls Gone Wild: Female Online Gaming Partners for Hire Provide Sexual Services HOT


Female gaming partners in China often offer illegal sexual services in addition to game play. However, the emerging sparring partner market has the potential to provide legitimate opportunities for women as well. ... Read More>>

From Comics to Variety Shows: Making It As a Foreigner in Chinese Show Business Isn't Easy HOT


This translated article discusses the situation of foreign entertainers in China over the past couple of decades and the difficulties they face trying to break into the Chinese market. ... Read More>>

Your Stories: Funniest Conversations with Taxi Drivers in China HOT


Everyone has had that one unforgettable taxi driver experience, or potentially more if you’ve spent a lot of time living and traveling in China. We asked for your stories in the answers section, and have compiled the best ones. ... Read More>>

China Through Film: 7 Contemporary Chinese Filmmakers You Should Know About HOT


China has a thriving film industry that offers valuable glimpses into both the country’s past and present socio-political climate. To help you learn more about China and its popular culture, we’ve taken a look at some of the best contemporary filmmakers ...... Read More>>

10 Easy Chinese Karaoke Songs: Impress Your Colleagues with Minimal Effort! HOT


Karaoke is one of the most popular social activities in China. Unfortunately, foreigners often encounter substantial language barriers with the music, struggling to keep up with most Chinese karaoke songs. Next time you go to a KTV, try these 10 easy ...... Read More>>

7 Tips on How to Prepare for a Health Emergency in China HOT


I've never felt more panicked and frustrated in China then when dealing with a Chinese ambulance and medics in an emergency last summer. ... Read More>>

Portrayals of Chinese People and Chinese Culture in Western Movies HOT


Chinese culture – or rather, Chinese culture seen through a Western veneer, or Orientalism – has long been a source of fascination, comedy and fear in Western cinema. We look back on how some of these portrayals have evolved over the past half century – ...... Read More>>

5 Bizarre Chinese Weight Loss Methods HOT


5 Bizarre Chinese Weight Loss Methods In case you have not figured this out yet, you’re new to China, or perhaps you have simply been living under a rock your entire life, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Chinese people love thinness. I mean, reeeeally ...... Read More>>

China’s Recent Crackdown on US TV Shows: Should We Be Worried? HOT


Four popular US TV shows, including The Big Bang Theory and The Good Wife, were recently removed from China’s major video streaming sites. This move has prompted much debate and speculation about the motifs behind this move and what it means for the future ...... Read More>>

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