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China English Teaching Horror Stories

Jun 28, 2017 Comments(47)

Teaching English in China can be a risky venture, especially for inexperienced teachers who might fall victim to the more unscrupulous schools and administrators out there. Here we take a look at several horror stories which should illustrate what can happen when innocent English teachers fall into the wrong hands. ...Read more>>

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5 Worst Chinese Cities for Foreigners to Live in HOT

Jun 01, 2017 Comments(10)

Oftentimes, as foreigners living in one of China's larger, more metropolitan cities, it's easy to become spoiled by all of the little conveniences. In Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and their metropolitan ilk, we're spoiled by our Carl's Jr. hamburgers, our ...... Read More>>

Love and Unavoidable Conflict When Chinese Women and American Men Date HOT

Mar 21, 2017 Comments(48)

We’ve all seen it, everywhere we go, nearly every day: an American man with a Chinese woman on his arm. We’ve also heard the stories from the foreign man’s perspective about all the cultural differences and the interesting exchanges. But what do these ...... Read More>>

Poll: Americans Like China More Than Russia HOT

Mar 13, 2017 Comments(7)

A recent poll shows American tensions are high with Russia, however feelings about China are fairly positive. ... Read More>>

Don’t be that Guy! The 6 Weirdest Laowai in China HOT

Mar 07, 2017 Comments(11)

China is full of all kinds of laowai and some of them are just plain weird. Here is a list of the 6 weirdest types of foreigners in China. ... Read More>>

Made in China--Not Just Cheap Clothes and Toys Anymore HOT

Feb 23, 2017 Comments(9)

Chinese manufactured goods used to be considered sub-par when compared with imports. However, this line of thinking could become a thing of the past as more Chinese gain faith in stuff made at home. ... Read More>>

New Country, New Me: Foreigners Discuss How They’ve Changed in China HOT

Feb 20, 2017 Comments(5)

A few foreigners discuss how living in China has changed them. ... Read More>>

Eight Dates, Ten Days--University Students Escape Back to Campus HOT

Feb 15, 2017 Comments(2)

Looking at the experiences of two young, single women, Xiao Meng and Rou Rou, one gets an idea of what its like to be a young single in China. ... Read More>>

Blind Dates and Spring Festival HOT

Feb 06, 2017 Comments(7)

Relatives setting up Chinese singles on blind dates has become commonplace during the Spring Festival Holiday, but many singles aren’t necessarily comfortable with the prospect. ... Read More>>

Envious No More: An Overseas Returnee Praises China HOT

Dec 08, 2016 Comments(1)

Overseas returnees in China often receive negative coverage in the Chinese press. However, this particular returnee has written an article about their appreciation for their home country and its rapid development over the past decade. ... Read More>>

Expats in China: What Lessons Do They Take Away? HOT

Oct 26, 2016 Comments(26)

The introduction of green card system in 2004 marked a tangible shift in China’s relationship with expatriates, opening the door for visitors to become permanent residents. To figure out how new expatriates have adapted to life in China, I interviewed four. ... Read More>>

5 Stereotypes of Chinese (that only people who haven't lived in China believe) HOT

Oct 18, 2016 Comments(26)

Before moving to China, I had certain thoughts in place about Chinese people as a whole. From personal interactions to movies to that brief chapter on Chinese history in high school, a vague picture of a polite, quiet people took shape. And let's not forget ...... Read More>>

The 5 Types of Chinese Youth You Will Meet in Beijing HOT

Sep 19, 2016 Comments(8)

A recent, extensive survey by the Beijing Youth League examined the five categories of young Chinese who live in Beijing. What is life like for a native Beijinger vs. a child of migrants? What struggles do professional transplants in Beijing face? ... Read More>>

5 Guilty Pleasures in China Expats Secretly Enjoy HOT

Aug 15, 2016 Comments(35)

Being so firmly nestled in our foreign roosts here, we eat sub-par pizza, and delicately spit food into napkins instead of on the table. It’s all part of being an expat in China. However, it’s important to remember some of the baser pleasures that flourish...... Read More>>

Does China's Materialistic Image Really Represent Most Chinese? HOT

Aug 08, 2016 Comments(41)

Broadly speaking, China’s materialistic image and its love affair with modernization are hard to deny. But is it really fair to assume that “average” Chinese people all pine after the latest gadgets or care only about getting their hands on a designer ...... Read More>>

China Expat Stereotypes: What Do People Back Home Think of You? HOT

Jul 18, 2016 Comments(31)

My family hated my decision to move to China. In their minds, it was the most ridiculous, off-the-wall, absurd thing someone would ever want to do. Consequently, I found myself falling victim to some of the many expat stereotypes that exist and it wasn’t a ...... Read More>>

China's White-Collar Workers Hate Their Offices, Waste Too Much Time in Meetings HOT

Aug 11, 2015 Comments(12)

A well-known recruitment website for white-collar workers recently launched a survey on worker's quality of life. 13,400 white collar workers answered the survey. Stuffy offices, too many meetings, and too much overtime are among the top complaints of ...... Read More>>

Survey: Most Chinese Parents Willing to Support Children Financially After College HOT

Jul 09, 2015 Comments(16)

70% of parents of Shanghai college graduates said that they would support their child financially after graduation so that they could “live a relaxed life.” ... Read More>>

Money, Stability, or Family? The Important Factors for China's Young Job Seekers HOT

Jun 29, 2015 Comments(10)

What factors are more important to young Chinese graduates when looking for a job? This article, from the Chinese media, examines young graduates in Shanghai. Through this microcosm, we can better understand the priorities of young Chinese job-seekers ...... Read More>>

8 More Sounds in China that Drive Expats Insane (Part II) HOT

Jun 24, 2015 Comments(36)

What noises in China drive you crazy? In Part II of this article, we took some of your comments into consideration. Let’s hear what else is driving the expat world insane. ... Read More>>

Survey: 45% of Shanghai Couples Date Less Than 1 Year Before Marriage HOT

Apr 09, 2015 Comments(9)

This translated article discusses a survey recently done in Shanghai on young married couples. A number of couples surveyed only dated for a short period time before getting married. ... Read More>>

Credit Cards, Cooking, and Criticism: 16 Differences Between Americans and Chinese HOT

Apr 07, 2015 Comments(30)

In this translated article, the author discusses a number of differences between Chinese and Americans on a number of subjects ranging from seat belt safety to retirement choices. ... Read More>>

5 Important Differences Between Beijing and Shanghai Expats HOT

Mar 30, 2015 Comments(19)

The differences between Beijing and Shanghai are night and day, and the same can be said about the expats residing in them. ... Read More>>

Flight Delays in China: Useful & Mindboggling Facts, Stats and Tips HOT

Feb 07, 2015 Comments(19)

A recent worldwide survey revealed that China’s airlines have the worst record for flight delays. recently posted an interesting piece that provides some mind-boggling statistics, reasons for the delays and details about obtaining compensation. ... Read More>>

Single, Alone and Still Picky: Most Women Will Only Marry Men with a House HOT

Jan 15, 2015 Comments(35)

This translated article shows the results of a survey regarding love and marriage in China for 2014. The article reveals some worrying trends, such as the toll that pressure to marry from families has on the mental health of singles and increasingly high ...... Read More>>

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