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How to Camp As a Lifestyle

dutchmariupol  May 11, 2017

1. Save money. You can't do anything without some cash first. But you don't need to save forever. A few grand can last a very long time if you budget, and will at least get you started. 2. Give away or sell most of what you own. If you have things you cannot part with, rent a storage unit. They're much cheaper out in small towns than in big ... Read More>>

Lost in Mistranslation

adb2014  May 08, 2017

I’ll start by coming clean – after nine years in China, my Chinese still isn’t very good. The main reason, I think, is the lack of incentive. I speak to my wife and sons in English and it’s the main language at my work as well. Now, my workmates speak the language quite well but they’re comfortable with basic, functional English. They’re ... Read More>>

Teaching Tips: How to teach the perfect Demo class

beng56  May 01, 2017

Hello all,In today's post I will help those young or inexperienced teachers with designing their own demo. Demo classes can be challenging and daunting but they don't have to be. Just follow the advice in this article and you will be well on your way to becoming the demo king.What is a demo class?A demo class is exactly what it says on the tin, ... Read More>>

7 Initiatives to Implement International Student Success

easyteaching  Apr 11, 2017

The future is with exploring and adapting to new environments. Students who study abroad are of a different caliber because they accept new challenges and show great determination in pursuit of higher education. It’s admirable and everyone wishes them the best. However, they may not really know what awaits them and related organizations and ... Read More>>

Tips for Living Well on a Budget in China

adb2014  Apr 05, 2017 Comments(1)

I recently read an article by an American expat living in China. It was a good article overall but there was one point I disagreed with: that expats can live a good life in China or save money but they can’t do both. At the time I read this, I had the habit of going to the gym every week, buying coffee on an almost daily basis and spending far ... Read More>>

4 Common English Learning Issues in China

easyteaching  Mar 31, 2017

Language improvement comes down to focusing on two areas: providing an effective lesson and correcting the weakness. Naturally, teachers will tend to put in more effort to create lessons that strengthen the speaking ability. But I would argue that they should also focus on correcting the weakness because this may have a greater personal impact ... Read More>>

8 New Teacher Tips from a TEFL Veteran

easyteaching  Mar 31, 2017

Ok, you got your TEFL certificate, and now the world is yours to teach! Then you got your first teaching gig only to realize that the formal teacher training classes you got were background information and not applicable to the teaching reality of getting students to speak. Moreover, the middle school wants you to pull rabbits out of your hat to ... Read More>>

A Guide to Common Phrases in the ESL Classroom

adb2014  Mar 13, 2017 Comments(1)

The first rule of English class is that students are forbidden from speaking Chinese. This is fair enough, but until they have the ability to confidently switch between both languages, they’ll rely on their mother tongue to get their point across in class. Teachers need to keep enforcing the ‘English only’ rule and remind them of the correct ... Read More>>

Why I'm Trying to Lose Friends and Alienate my Co-workers

adb2014  Feb 28, 2017 Comments(4)

I have a big confession to make. I did something recently that may well turn me into the office pariah – shunned, ignored, ostracized and more likely than ever to be passed over for promotion. In mere seconds, I broke the unspoken bond that held the team together. I quit the staff WeChat group. It's ironic because I created the group about two ... Read More>>

Office Craziness Part II

SpongeBob  Feb 18, 2017 Comments(3)

It has almost been a year since my last update. A lot of things happened in the past year and I decide to pick this blog up and keep on writing. People come and go in one’s life and even memories don’t last forever. Sarah, Andy and all the other people are already the history and will eventually be forgotten, but the past year had taught me so ... Read More>>

When it is more than just a job

Sebur  Jan 06, 2017

By SEBUR NYUON NYOK KUCHAIn this current global hunt for jobs; one is hardly forced to ask him/herself what the intentions are. Yes for sure it is all about earning a living and playing the roles required by the employers. But do we really balance this two aspects?To me as an individual, i realized when i came up with an article that might open ... Read More>>

Using Hybridized Teaching Methodologies in China

DAG59  Sep 10, 2016 Comments(1)

The traditional classroom / teaching environment found in mainland China post-secondary education settings is centered around the permissive socialism model. Typically colleges and universities focus their teaching attentions to and on the more enthusiastic and talented students in the classroom without stringent regard for attendance, tardiness ... Read More>>

Chinese Struggling for a Better Life in Canada

thabet_sava  Aug 15, 2016 Comments(3)

After fulfilling the obligations of my teaching for the current school year, I thought that I should seize the opportunity to pay a visit to Montreal, Quebec, my hometown. My main objective was relaxing in order to rejuvenate in preparation for handling the challenges of my retirement that lie ahead.I never thought or imagined that my trip ... Read More>>

Negative Portrayal of Chinese in Hollywood Movies

thabet_sava  Jul 11, 2016 Comments(4)

Lately, I was blessed with the luxury of having a great deal of time on my hands after finishing my teaching assignment for the school year. I thought that I should seize that opportunity to pursue one of my favorite hobbies, which is watching movies. To be frank, I have no apprehension to admit that I love watching films in general and ... Read More>>

Five Ways that Parents Can Hurt their Children's English Development

adb2014  Jun 27, 2016 Comments(2)

In my eight years as an ESL teacher, I’ve dealt with all types of parents – from the supportive to the apathetic and everyone in between. Being a parent myself and teaching both my sons English, I know first-hand the amount of time and effort needed to help them learn.Recently I started wondering: why do some kids excel at learning English ... Read More>>

We need to revolutionize Chinese studying habits

thabet_sava  May 23, 2016 Comments(6)

On my way to class, I watched some students pacing back and forth while repeatedly reciting English words in an attempt to memorize their spelling. I could not resist the temptation to stop and ask few of them about the objectives that they wish to achieve from that trivial exercise.They indicated that they wanted to learn the English words by ... Read More>>

Getting Shirty - Funny English T-shirts in China

adb2014  May 04, 2016 Comments(9)

While you're out and about today, have a look at how many people are wearing English-language t-shirts. Lots, right? The funny lines and squiggles on these shirts will probably have generic or boring slogans (Broadcast News, the Supreme Court of Justice) or sometimes nonsense (Power Girl Pie) but probably nothing too offensive.Still, I highly ... Read More>>

Top 5 busiest cities in China.

Ranvir  May 04, 2016 Comments(5)

Top 5 busiest cities in ChinaNO.5 ShanghaiComments: because of the "international metropolis" slogan, Shanghai people constantly strive to work. the people from the world are working in Shanghai; First is work, consumption is the second, they also smart in terms of active investment and consumption of luxury goods. But the high prices of house ... Read More>>

Office Craziness in China (PART 1)

SpongeBob  Apr 20, 2016 Comments(4)

I could just leave all I have experienced to myself. I hate to gossip. However, I decide to write this out because the past 3 months was so shocking. Maybe someday, someone who’s smarter than I am, could do a better analyze to this. I am no expert in writing nor English language, but I still hope the following blogs I posted on here is going to ... Read More>>

Parents Need Not Apply

Sinobear  Apr 17, 2016 Comments(9)

What has China got against parents?Been doing some job and soul-searching lately, and there’s something I’ve noticed.As a parent of twins, most schools offering positions offer either no discount or only a 50% discount on tuition.This gets me to thinking…shouldn’t parents be more responsible and less likely to pull a runner? Shouldn’t a ... Read More>>

Simplifying the Art of English Writing

thabet_sava  Apr 15, 2016 Comments(3)

“Give a person a fish and he/she will eat a meal, teaches him/her how to fish, he/she will eat for life”Few weeks ago, I began to contemplate about the above adage when my students expressed their inability to grasp the concept of English writing. Their fear of failing their English writing exams aroused my curiosity and led me to venture into... Read More>>

My Most Memorable Workmates in China

adb2014  Apr 11, 2016 Comments(5)

A little while ago, I posted a blog on memorable flatmates. They were real characters for sure but lately, I’ve been thinking about some of my most memorable coworkers over the years as well. Since starting this ESL teaching gig almost 8 years ago, I’ve lost count of the number of teachers I’ve worked with (maybe 200 at a rough guess) Most ... Read More>>

Happy Life in China

AmlanAparajit  Mar 14, 2016 Comments(9)

Embrace the differences and get behind the mindset of Chinese culture. I’m writing down some tips that would help newcomers and also the expats who have been here for a while feel happy and content.I’ve been living in China for about two years now. Soon I will be celebrating 2nd anniversary of my love affair with China and its citizens. I ... Read More>>

How to over-come intercultural communication barriers

Tabani  Mar 12, 2016 Comments(2)

As human beings, we enjoy to talk, share ideas and express feelings. Since we are living in a global village, we have to work on our inter-cultural communication skills so as to communicate effectively with members of diffirent cultures. Here are some of the tips on how to deal with intercultural communication barriers:Avoid ambiguity and ... Read More>>

East v West - When Parenting Styles Clash

adb2014  Mar 08, 2016 Comments(7)

Life as a parent can be difficult. It’s tiring, stressful, kills your social life and can be emotionally and financially draining. However, these are mere irritations compared to the challenges of raising kids in a different culture, in a family with completely different methods to my own. As well as learning on the job, I feel like I’m ... Read More>>

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