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Teaching Tips: How to Survive Your First ESL Class


Walking into the classroom to teach your first class is nerve-racking no matter the amount of training you have had. As a new teacher in China, you can expect to be thrown into the classroom unprepared and expected to teach right off the bat. ... Read More>>

Best Universities for Foreigners in China


China is one of the most popular places in the world for international students. Listed below is the eChinacities list of best universities for foreigners in China. ... Read More>>

Language Learning Tips for Chinese Newbies

If you’ve just moved to China or are looking to jump-start your language learning, YCIS Beijing Secondary School Chinese Curriculum Coordinator Jessica Sun have some essential tips that will make sure you’re learning the right way. ... Read More>>

Is the HSK Level 6 Test Too Difficult? Foreign Test Takers Seem to Think So HOT


The HSK test, which is proof of one’s Chinese proficiency, can be taken in various levels with each level more difficult than the next. Recently, the HSK 6 – a notoriously difficult-to-pass level – has come under fire for being too difficult. But are the ...... Read More>>

China’s Parachute Children: Studying Abroad Without Parental Guidance


There are thousands of Chinese primary and secondary school students living abroad without their families in order to study at a foreign school. The author of the article questions whether young students should be given so much freedom with so little ...... Read More>>

Young Students Chase the New Chinese Dream by Studying Overseas


This translated article examines the recent surge in study abroad students from China, and concludes that China cannot call itself a real global power until students compete for spots in Chinese universities rather than foreign ones. ... Read More>>

5,000 British High School Students to Start Intensive Mandarin Course


The British government has created a new intensive program for high school students to learn Mandarin. 5,000 students in 15 high schools will study Mandarin eight hours a week. ... Read More>>

Actually Useful Language Guides: How to Curse in Chinese HOT


Since we are in China, it is good to know how the locals release their daily frustrations – maybe their swearwords will turn out to be more effective than the one you've been using! ... Read More>>

Lessons in Juche: What Is It Like to Study Abroad in North Korea? HOT


A number of Chinese students currently attend university in North Korea. This translated article profiles a Chinese student from He Feng who attended university in the DPRK for five years. ... Read More>>

Five Ways that Parents Can Hurt their Children's English Learning Development HOT


Most foreigners in China at some point taught english, be it professionally or not. In most cases, when teaching children, we had to deal with some of those five mistakes parents make towards their children that may impede their english development. ... Read More>>

Expats Who Don’t Learn Mandarin Find it Hard to Succeed in China HOT


Expats in China are held back by language barriers and TutorMing seeks to provide a way out. TutorMing’s findings show that expats with basic Mandarin language proficiency are more content with their personal lives in China. ... Read More>>

Shanghai-Wuhan Train Marshal Tries to Drug and Harass Female Passenger HOT


A female train passengers was drugged and harassed on a train from Shanghai to Wuhan, and is having trouble seeking justice. ... Read More>>

6 Strange Compliments You Get in China (and How to Handle Them) HOT


More often than not, compliments in China come across more as highly personal statements, ranging from the plain statement of fact to the bewildering to the downright offensive. So, how should you handle them? ... Read More>>

A Second Education: 4 Exams and Tests Expats Can Take in China HOT


If you’ve got spare time on your hands, why not consider furthering yourself educationally or gaining some extra certificates to pad up your resume with? There are a number of tests and exams on offer in China that are open to foreign candidates. ... Read More>>

Chinese People’s English Names – Is There a Method to the Madness? HOT


During my first year in China, I taught at a training school, and occasionally kids would come in with pretty crazy names. One day, a father brought his son in for the first time, casually telling me his son’s English name: Semen. ... Read More>>

3 Things You May Wish You Knew Before Coming to China HOT


New Concept Mandarin gives you tips on things you should know before you move to China. ... Read More>>

China’s English has Recently Gotten Worse: What Happened? HOT


China's overall English ability has dropped recently, and we ask why. ... Read More>>

Insider’s Guide to Teaching English in China HOT


The flow of noise from any English language classroom is a bit like the flow of ketchup from a ketchup bottle. There is either too little or too much. But China's unique cultural fabric makes finding the right level of student engagement particularly ...... Read More>>

Kindergarten Accuses Parents of Libel for Complaining about Russian ESL Teacher HOT


Does an ESL teacher have to be a native English speaker. These students' parents think so, and weren't shy about sharing their opinions, sparking a legal battle. ... Read More>>

11 Chinese Phrases You'll Keep Saying Long After You Leave China HOT


A list of Chinese phrases every expat knows and will never forget. ... Read More>>

Tsinghua Ranked Top Engineering School in World, Beating Out MIT HOT


Tsinghua University has just been ranked as the top engineering school in the world. This is the first time a Chinese university has been ranked as number one in a subsection of the U.S News & World Report. ... Read More>>

No Zuo No Die: Giving Chinglish a Try HOT


An explanation of what Chinglish is and examples. It also describes its recent rise in popularity and importance in Chinese culture. ... Read More>>

Chinese Classes Live, Anywhere, Anytime: TutorMing HOT


Many expats' Chinese is poor, but TutorMing offers a certified method of teaching that allows students to study anytime, anywhere with a live tutor. ... Read More>>

World University Rankings: How do Chinese Universities Measure Up? HOT


The QS World University Rankings have just been released, and 4 Mainland Chinese universities have been ranked in the top 100, seven in the top 200. This follows increased investment in institutions. ... Read More>>

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