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Endangered Species--Its What’s for Dinner

Supposed members of the Guangxi Investment Promotion Bureau have been accused of serving and eating pangolin, an endangered species, with a guest. The evidence? A Weibo post from 2015. ... Read More>>

Understanding the Construction of the ‘Asian-Guy’ Stereotype HOT


Pretty much on a daily basis I feel someone not-so-slyly staring or double-glancing at me and my Hong Kong boyfriend holding hands. So what’s the deal here? ... Read More>>

Top 5 Viral Videos in China 2016


2016 is nearly over and while its been a fantastic year for viral videos in virtually all corners of the world, here are a few of our favourite viral videos from China in 2016. ... Read More>>

When to Hold Your Tongue: The Importance of Respecting “Face” HOT


If you want to get along with Chinese locals, the #1 rule is never cause anyone to “lose face” by pointing out their mistakes. Even if you do it by accident, it will be an infraction not likely to be forgiven. ... Read More>>

Netizens Highlight China’s Rape Culture with Comments on Nanfang Daily Rape Case HOT


Comments by Netizen on a recent Guangzhou rape case involving a Nanfang Daily reporter and female intern show that China has quite a ways to go when it comes to rape culture. Many Netizens blame the victim, ask why she didn’t fight back, and analyze her ...... Read More>>

The Times They are A-Changin': Eight Years in China HOT


ECC contributor and veteran expat reflects on how China has changed since his arrival in 2008. ... Read More>>

We Need to Revolutionize Chinese Studying Habits HOT


ECC blogger calls for a change in learning English in China. ... Read More>>

Tom Watkins: China’s Cultural Revolution turns 50 HOT


Tom Watkins remembers the Cultural Revolution and its continuing influence on China today. ... Read More>>

Office Craziness in China (Part 1) HOT


ECC blogger shares his stories of his crazy colleague. ... Read More>>

Parents Need Not Apply HOT


ECC blogger questions why schools charge their teacher's children tuition. ... Read More>>

My Most Memorable Workmates in China HOT


ECC blogger shares his stories of bad teachers. ... Read More>>

Simplifying the Art of English Writing HOT


ECC blogger shares his approach to teaching English writing. ... Read More>>

10 Must-Have-Apps in China HOT


ECC blogger provides a list of apps that will make everything from eating to cleaning your house easier. ... Read More>>

English Phrases in China that Drive Me Nuts HOT


ECC blogger complains about cringe inducing English phrases. ... Read More>>

6 Steps to Help Ease Your Seasonal Depression HOT

Comments(9) blogger writes about a technique to assuage your winter blues. ... Read More>>

How to Win at China-ing HOT


Just because your China job is getting you nowhere, doesn't mean you can't get somewhere. ... Read More>>

East vs. West: When Parenting Styles Clash HOT


ECC blogger writes on the difficulties of raising children in a Chinese-American marriage. ... Read More>>

The Life of Xena: The Rise and Fall of a High School Vice-Principal HOT


A fresh administrator of a college prep program tries her best at driving the school into the ground. ... Read More>>

Quiet, Please! Noise Polllution in China HOT

Comments(25) blogger vents about China's blaring soundscape. ... Read More>>

Just a Job: Are Teachers Settling? HOT


eChinacities blogger considers the motivations of teachers in China. Some think of teaching as a way to keep the lights on, while others put their all into their job. ... Read More>>

Barely Legal: The Rise of the Sexy Webcast in China HOT


This translated article looks into the world of China’s webcast performers. A fairly new industry, there are still many questions on how it should be regulated. ... Read More>>

Man Pays 5,000 Yuan for 4 Blind Dates: 3 are Terrible, 1 is a Prostitute HOT


The company promised him more dates to make up for the terrible first four, but did not get back to him for months. ... Read More>>

Expat Stories: Being Black in China HOT


Sade McKenzie shares her experiences of being black in China. ... Read More>>

5 Reasons I am back in China: Reverse Culture Shock is Real HOT


Five reasons why going back home is hard, but staying in China is easy. ... Read More>>

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