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A Penny for Your Grog: Happy Hours in Nanjing HOT

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The nightlife scene is Nanjing is modelled on Western nightlife, but the process of adaptation is sometimes vague and confused, as though the characteristics of foreign nightlife have been conveyed to Nanjing through some gigantic game of Chinese whispers. ...... Read More>>

The 'Where To' of Wine in Nanjing HOT

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Enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio with a meal or sharing a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with friends might still be a fairly foreign concept to some in China, but wine appreciation here is flourishing. And, with increasing demand, comes an increasing supply ...... Read More>>

The Music Lover’s Guide to Live Venues in Nanjing HOT

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You could be forgiven for thinking that Nanjing lacks a live music scene. Publicity for gigs and concerts is sparse, particularly in English, and if you're looking for big names and popular Western musicians, you're out of luck. Nanjing is sadly bypassed by ...... Read More>>

Finding the Dance Floor Friendly Night Clubs in Nanjing HOT

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Although Nanjing has a vibrant and well-established nightlife, in the city's main clubbing area, the 1912 district, venues are more likely to be of the sit-down variety, with little attention being paid to the all-important dance floor. This guide will tell ...... Read More>>

Enjoy Nanjing Cuisine at Some of the Oldest Dining Venues in the City HOT

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Nanjing cuisine is also called “Jinling cuisine金陵菜” or “Jingsu cuisine江苏菜”. It is a discipline of food that is about picking the choicest ingredients, cooking them in the most meticulous preparation method and changing varieties according to ...... Read More>>

Stroll through Nanjing’s 1912 Bar Street HOT

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1912 is Nanjing’s notoriously fashionable district. It blends together a variety of consumer activities, but the most explosive and attractive are its bars. Every night after nine o’clock, huge speakers accompany the bustling crowd, beginning a new ...... Read More>>

Nanjing's Best Bars HOT

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It’s the weekend (or a random Tuesday night) and you’re ready to see what Nanjing’s nightlife has to offer. While it may never rival nearby Shanghai’s, there is enough variety in this city to keep your interest piqued. Whether you’re looking to enjoy an...... Read More>>

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