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Hanging Out with the Expat Crowd: Nanjing’s Popular Restaurants and Cafes HOT

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Whether you are looking for local Nanjing food, or high quality foreign food with a good brew, these are five venues worthy of your visit whether you are passing through or living in Nanjing. ... Read More>>

FIELDS Online Supermarket: Healthy Food for Nanjing Expats Just a Click Away HOT


As a premier online grocery store based in Shanghai, FIELDS combines convenience with safe, fresh and healthy foods that it serves to thousands of customers each day in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang province. ... Read More>>

Fuelling Up for the Day: Top Coffee Shops in Nanjing HOT

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Coffee: Long time favourite of the sleepless student, best friend of the busy businessman and, if you're anything like me, a daily necessity for functioning as a human being. China's cities are chocked full of coffee shops and Nanjing is no exception. But ...... Read More>>

A Penny for Your Grog: Happy Hours in Nanjing HOT

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The nightlife scene is Nanjing is modelled on Western nightlife, but the process of adaptation is sometimes vague and confused, as though the characteristics of foreign nightlife have been conveyed to Nanjing through some gigantic game of Chinese whispers. ...... Read More>>

The 'Where To' of Wine in Nanjing HOT

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Enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio with a meal or sharing a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with friends might still be a fairly foreign concept to some in China, but wine appreciation here is flourishing. And, with increasing demand, comes an increasing supply ...... Read More>>

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Nanjing HOT

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It is a solemn and oft-recognised truth that an enormous number of people, upon arriving in China, renounce their vegetarianism. If, however, you have yet to succumb to the meat-saturated nature of Chinese cuisine and still stoically retain your herbivorous ...... Read More>>

How to Satisfy a Western Dessert Craving in Nanjing HOT

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Nanjing has a host of foreign chain restaurants that provide tasty sweets throughout the city, but did you really come all the way to China just for Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Dairy Queen? Try these local shops that offer many standard Western style ...... Read More>>

Mamma Mia! A Taste of Italy in Nanjing HOT

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Finding decent Italian food in Nanjing is not always easy. Too many Chinese owned restaurants offering “spaghetti” covered in a sauce that bares an uncanny resemblance to ketchup. Like all great foods, Italian food requires a delicate balance of flavors ...... Read More>>

Best Import Stores in Nanjing HOT

Let’s get real; we all crave the familiar foods we grew up with back home from time to time while in China. Whether it be a nice, thick chunk of cheese, or a bar of fine, deluxe chocolate, keeping those cravings and gluttonous fantasies at bay is just not ...... Read More>>

Enjoy Nanjing Cuisine at Some of the Oldest Dining Venues in the City HOT

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Nanjing cuisine is also called “Jinling cuisine金陵菜” or “Jingsu cuisine江苏菜”. It is a discipline of food that is about picking the choicest ingredients, cooking them in the most meticulous preparation method and changing varieties according to ...... Read More>>

The Best of Nanjing's Cafés HOT

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When it’s time to settle in at a warm place, what else is better than heading to a cafe? The coffee scene in Nanjing is still growing, but already everyone loves their cafes. Nanjing is a great place for students and teachers alike. So, where should you ...... Read More>>

The Best (and Worst) Places for Pizzas in Nanjing HOT

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Pizza, the stable dish for watching a sportsgame, datenight and even a hangover cure. And while Nanjing’s pizza scene mostly consists of questionable bar-pizza and mistakes on the classic dish, here’s a list of some of the best pizza around Nanjing. ... Read More>>

Familiar Flavors: Where to Find Foreign Food in Nanjing HOT

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Foreign food in Nanjing can be pretty hit or miss. Encounters with suspect cafes and eateries may leave those looking for some familiar food from home questioning just how adventurous they really feel. While the city has a plethora of bar-food style ...... Read More>>

The Best Places for Real Nanjing Cuisine HOT

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If you're going to Nanjing on vacation, the two things you should look out for are the wonderful historical sites and delicious Nanjing cuisine. A place where you can experience both unique tourist sites and rare food truly is a perfect destination. ... Read More>>

Muslim Food in Nanjing, Fantastic! HOT


Lots of Westerners in China say they love Chinese food. I’m not one of them. It’s mostly slimy combinations of vegetables I wouldn’t make my kids eat, with meat that is old and unidentifiable. I used to joke with the folks back home that during The ...... Read More>>

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