Stroll through Nanjing’s 1912 Bar Street

Stroll through Nanjing’s 1912 Bar Street

1912 is Nanjing’s notoriously fashionable district. It blends together a variety of consumer activities, but the most explosive and attractive are its bars. Every night after nine o’clock, huge speakers accompany the bustling crowd, beginning a new carnival. The bars inside of 1912 have many different styles. Some of the foreign bars are the centerpiece of this locale. Let us introduce to you some of the more popular joints.

Seven Club

SEVEN CLUB’s exterior is a three story Ming dynasty structure. Inside, however, is the most modern and passion-inducing décor. As one of the founders of 1912 Bar Street, SEVEN CLUB has kept its nostalgic style, classic and elegant décor and comfortable and harmonious atmosphere, making it a unique phenomenon among the myriad of bars.

Add: 14 Dong, 1912 Jiuba Jie, Changjiang Hou Jie, Nanjing,
Tel: 025 8452 4199
Opening hours: 17:00-02:00
Getting there: Daxingguan Bei Bus Station. Then walk 118 metres

Luanshi Jiaren 1912 Store

Luanshi Jiaren 1912 Store 乱世佳人1912店View In Map

Luanshi Jiaren is one of the older names in Nanjing. The original location was Nanjing’s Hubei Lu 34, with almost 10 years of history. The Luanshi Jiaren of 1912 is called “Little Luan” by Nanjing locals. It is divided into two stories: the top is quieter with sofas, and the bottom is 1912’s largest dance floor. The place attracts many people and is favoured by foreigners. Luashi Jiaren’s music is upbeat but not ear piercing, focusing primarily on Latin music. In the later half of the night DJs usually play some tropical jams. At the same time, this is 1912’s bar with the longest hours, often staying open to 5:30 or 6:30 in the morning. Some even say “first big Luan, then little Luan”, meaning that people who haven’t gotten enough when other bars close will continue here.

Add: 8-1, 1912 District, Changjiang Hou Jie, Nanjing
Tel: 025 8440 7656
Opening hours: 17:00-06:30
Getting there: Bus No. 2, 3 or 68 to Daxingguan Bei Station

Nanjing Soho Bar

Soho Bar 苏荷酒吧 View In Map

Soho Bar is nationwide chain, making it different from the other bars in 1912. First, the décor includes ancient and minimal wood frames with bright lights, almost like the style of a traditional English pub. It stands out with ease among the bars in 1912. Second, it has chosen a variety of different musical styles. Soho puts disco music and live performance on an even plane. Even if the singer is more exciting than the music, European and American hits still play here from time to time. This caters to people who cannot stand listening to disco music for long periods of time, giving them a second option. The third is price; Soho often has drink specials and discount packages, making it more affordable than the other bars.

Add: 2-2, 1912 District, Changjianghou Jie, Nanjing
Tel: 025 8663 8088
Opening hours: 16:00-02:00
Transportation: Bus No. 15, 2, 304, 313, 31, 3, 44, 65, 68, 802, 80, 95 or1, to Daxingguan Bei Station, walk 46 metres 

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