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Time to Spare? Go Natural with Nanjing’s Qiqiaoweng Wetland Park HOT

For those of you fed up with the inner city rush of Nanjing, why not take a bus to the suburbs and explore the southern capital’s Qiqiaoweng Wetland Park. ... Read More>>

Escape the Concrete Jungle: Nanjing’s Serene Parks HOT

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Nanjing is a city that is near beautiful water and mountains and has various historic attractions dotted all throughout the city. The great Yangtze River passes through here, complemented by beautiful lakes such as Xuanwu, Pipa, and Mochou – all in all ...... Read More>>

Nanjing: Six Historic Places You Can't Miss HOT

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Nanjing is one of the four ancient capitals of China. For millennia, the Yangtze has been the source of Chinese Civilization, and Nanjing has long been at the center of it. Anywhere you go in Nanjing, you'll see signs of the city's ancient history. ... Read More>>

Stroll through Nanjing’s 1912 Bar Street HOT

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1912 is Nanjing’s notoriously fashionable district. It blends together a variety of consumer activities, but the most explosive and attractive are its bars. Every night after nine o’clock, huge speakers accompany the bustling crowd, beginning a new ...... Read More>>

A Unique and Historic Commercial District in Nanjing: Confucius Temple HOT

Fuzi Temple or Confucius Temple is located on the northern bank of Qinhuai River, next to Gongyuan Street. Facing the river from the entrance, Confucius Temple is a fine example of ancient Chinese architecture. It claims part of Qinhuai River and features ...... Read More>>

Explore Historical Sights with Nanjing’s New Subway Line 2 HOT

Nanjing’s Subway Line 1 already carries an average of half a million travelers a day. The city’s plans to host the 2014 Youth Olympics are the official reason for a planned expansion that will eventually produce two more suway lines, but the need was ...... Read More>>

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