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Keep it Safe: Nanjing Public Security and Safety Tips HOT

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Although generally considered a safe city, Nanjing does get its fair share of crime. So, do those of us in Nanjing have much to worry about in terms of public safety? Here are a few facts about Nanjing’s public security and tips for visitors. ... Read More>>

Two-Wheel Cruising: Tips for Cycling in Nanjing HOT

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Upon arriving in Nanjing, I decided to get around the city by bike. After getting used to the transportation jungle that is characteristic of Chinese cities, I was instantly more than grateful to be able to cruise the city streets and get my errands done ...... Read More>>

Robust Repairs: Where to Get Stuff Fixed in Nanjing HOT

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Being a tourist in China, the pull of a Chinglish t-shirt or a cheap strand of pearls can be hard to resist. However, as an expat begins to think about setting up a home for the long term, finding local vendors for repairs and everyday items can be crucial ...... Read More>>

From Glitzy Malls to Tailors: Where to Buy Clothes in Nanjing HOT

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After some time in China, you will inevitably find that the glistening new clothes you brought with you are beginning to fade. In such cases, many foreigners will react in a knee-jerk manner and phone home for reinforcements, calling in a new wardrobe's ...... Read More>>

Curing Your Spring and Summer Ailments in Nanjing HOT

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In Wisconsin, we have a saying about the weather: "If you don't like the weather…wait five minutes". This five minute weather phenomenon also seems to be quite prevalent in the semi-tropical bustling urban hub of Nanjing. Who would have guessed ...... Read More>>

Volunteering in Nanjing: The How, Where and Why HOT

Occasionally (or perhaps frequently for some lucky souls), Nanjing expats and locals alike find themselves with a little free time and an appetite for new experiences or adventure. Enter the notion of volunteering in Nanjing. Perhaps as a result of sparse ...... Read More>>

Activities Abound! A Guide to Nanjing’s “Expat Clubs” HOT

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While Nanjing is well-known for its substantial expat community, upon first arrival, it's still a bit difficult (and sometimes intimidating) to know where to start looking for it. Not to worry! Read on for an introduction to a few of the bars, clubs and ...... Read More>>

In Search of Beauty: Finding Nanjing’s Top Art Galleries HOT

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Having hosted its 1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art in 2010, it seems that Nanjing, the 'city of culture', is well on its way to becoming a major Chinese and international hub for visual art. The city is home to a number of galleries and ...... Read More>>

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