The Best (and Worst) Places for Pizzas in Nanjing

The Best (and Worst) Places for Pizzas in Nanjing

Pizza, the stable dish for watching a sportsgame, datenight and even a hangover cure. And while Nanjing’s pizza scene mostly consists of questionable bar-pizza and mistakes on the classic dish, here’s a list of some of the best pizza around Nanjing. Whether its classic Italian thin-crust and innovative pizza, American style with toppings piled so high you need a fork and knife or a classic, crsipy crusted pizza with the freshest ingredients, Nanjing’s selection of pizza will keep you satisfied. Here, we’ve complied a few of the best (and one of the worst) places to get your fill on pizza in Nanjing.

Best Smallest pizza place - Cosima

The newest addition to the Nanjing restaurant scene, Cosima is already an instant fit for Westerners and Chinese alike looking for a better pizza. In what may be the smallest restaurant in Nanjing, comes one of Nanjing’s pizza pies. With fresh ingedients and imported cheese, it’s no wonder why Nanjiners are already booking up the restaurant’s three tables almost nightly. And with 12-inch pies ranging from 38 to 58 RMB the price is so right. If you’re looking for a lighter dish, their other dishes are noteworthy as well, especially the traditional salad at a mere 20 RMB. Their vast, and reasonably priced wine selection is just another feature that will quickly make Cosima one of Nanjing’s most saught after restaurants. Keep in mind however, that the place is small and reservations are almost a must. Cosima also offers take away (but no delivery), but an oven fresh pizza at home with a good DVD is worth the trip.

CosimaView In Map
Add: 120 Shanghai Lu, Nanjing
Opening hours: Lunch - 22:00
Phone number: 025 8333 7576

Most likely to make you feel at home - Jimmy’s

Four years ago, a man moved to Nanjing, and, dissappointed with the pizza scene, he started making and selling pizzas out of his apartment. Fast forward to 2010 and he has one of the most successful foreign restaurants in Nanjing. While Jimmy’s does attract a rowdy nighttime crowd, chef Daniel doesn’t let that distract from his pizza pie making responsibilities. And with a wide variety of pizzas, there’s bound to be a pie that’ll please all tastes. If not, custom pizzas are also available. Best of all, they deliver (and reliably). So if you’re stuck on a Friday night and need some crust, cheese and loads of toppings to compliment the next 6 hours of DVD watching, Jimmy’s will most definitely provide the nourishment you need. A medium or large pizza ranging from 70 RMB to 120 RMB will be just the taste of home you need on those more challenging “China days.”

Jimmy’sView In Map
Add: 139 Shigu Lu, Nanjing
Phone: 025 8420 6485
Opening hours: 17:00 - till late

Most original - Bella Napoli 贝拉那

One of Nanjing’s only true Italian restuarants, Bella Napoli’s pizzas are thin, crispy and one of a kind. A welcomed change from the greesey pizzas often found at other chains or the like, Bella Napoli’s pizza’s will leave make you believe your actually in a Roman Piazza. And in a city where calzones are almost unheard of, the chef at Bella Napoli has created his own special twist with the Mezza-luna, half pizza and half calzone - pure genious. With two locations, it’ll be easy to make a trip to one of Nanjing’s must-try restaurants.

Bella NapoliView In Map
Shangdong Donglu Location
Address: 75 Zhongshan Donglu, Nanjing
Phone: 025 8471 8397

Deji Plaza LocationView In Map
Address: 2F, Deji Plaza, 18 Zhongshan Lu, Nanjing
Phone: 025 8470 8969
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 

Most undesirable - Jack’s Place

When I first came to Nanjing, I saw Jack’s Place and the “lonely planet” recommended sign, so I decided to give it a shot. Two meals later, at two different locations, I knew I wouldn’t be coming back. While the wait staff is helpful and the locations around Nanjing are convenient, the decor looks a bit rundown and the food (pizza, pasta, salads) are just not up to par with the competition. While their pasta fairs better than the pizza pies, for those looking to enjoy a nice meal are better off checking out another nearby restaurant.

Jack’s PlaceView In Map
Add: 160 Shanghai Lu, Nanjing
Phone: 025 8420 6485
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00

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