Guangzhou Watchdog: Recent News and Upcoming Events

Guangzhou Watchdog: Recent News and Upcoming Events

With all the recent coverage of Universiade, you might have missed these recent news stories and event announcements: Real Madrid visited, the worlds highest cable car ride opens, "biotech island" is under construction, cab prices are going up, and two events are coming soon, one is family friendly, and the other…not so much:

"Shaolin Soccer 2"? Photo: sohu

1) Real Madrid returns, promises to help set up football academy in Guangzhou
The Spanish football powerhouse Real Madrid, after being gone for six long years, re-visited Guangzhou last month, commemorating their seven-day tour of China. In addition to playing a "friendly" match against the local Evergrande club (and the Tianjin Teda club later in the week), Real Madrid also took the time to meet and greet their millions of adoring fans in China. Even better, the team announced its intention to help China set up the country’s largest football academy (10,000 students!), right here in Guangzhou, and better yet, they are going to also send coaches to help train China’s young talent. According to reports, this seems to be only the first collaboration in a series of many in the coming future, so, football fans in Guangzhou, rejoice!

2) 450m-high cable car in Canton Tower opens
In need for a little bit of adventure, but don’t want to leave the comforts of the city? How about taking a ride on the world’s highest cable car? The cable car is housed at the 450-metre mark on the Canton TV tower (which itself is about 600 meters above ground) and should be open now if not very soon (official reports said end of August). The trip lasts about 20 minutes, and is sure to terrify most people with its sheer awesomeness. Each car sits six people, so bring five of your closest friends along for the trip. Cable car rides are 100 RMB per person, and entrance to the Canton Tower is a cool 150 RMB. But still totally worth it.

She blinded me with science! Photo: deltabridges

3) Biotech island breaks ground in Guangzhou
As if Guangzhou didn’t have enough ridiculous investments being pumped in to it, it will soon be able to claim its very own "International Biotech Island". The island covers 1.82 sq. km and is 12 km outside of Guangzhou’s central business district. Over 30 foreign and Chinese projects planning to set up shop on the island, most of them involved in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, genomics and other biomedical research "magic". Guangzhou will provide these companies with an annual science and technology fund worth up to 300 million RMB, as well as subsidies for R&D, housing and training.

4) What’s going on with the Guangzhou taxi price increase?
We are still waiting for word of the inevitable price increase for Guangzhou taxis. According to "insider" information, announcement of the increase is expected within the next week or so. People are "guestimating" that the starting price of a cab will increase to 10 RMB. Well, at least it is not as bad as Shanghai.

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5) Guangzhou Arts Festival
Don’t forget to pick up your tickets for any one of the great performances scheduled for this year’s Guangzhou Arts Festival. The festival starts on September 15th with the dance theatre performance "Thousand-hands Bodhisattva". Other notable acts include a performance by the National Ballet of Spain, a piano recital from renown pianist Murray Perahia, and the much buzzed-about Chinese version of the Broadway classic "Mamma Mia!".

6) REMINDER: Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival coming soon!
Feeling a bit randy? Then don’t forget to check out the 9th Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival when it opens up in November. Tickets are 30 RMB. Surprisingly, children are not welcome at this event, so plan accordingly.

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