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2015 July: prediction and analysis of the cargo market is still not optimistic about the prospects

goodhopefreight  Jul 04, 2015 Comments(1)

Into July, China's export container market is not expected to heat up. What the two main container freight routes alternately in free fall, so this year the shipping company emergency purse.On course, the recovery of the U.S. economy is better than the rest of the world, but a number of important economic indicators of weak or unable to bring ... Read More>>

Should 65 be the obligatory retirement age?

thabet_sava  Jun 20, 2015 Comments(1)

As my 65th birthday approaches, I have begun to contemplate my life after retirement. The following questions were persistently imposed upon my train of thought.Is 65 the end of the road for my teaching career? Am I ready to stop teaching, bearing in mind the fact that it is the passion of my life? Did I share all my knowledge and wisdom with my ... Read More>>

Can we open the parents eyes?

jdredd1  Jun 15, 2015 Comments(9)

How can we, as teachers, get the parents to open there eyes? I have traveled to China for several years, Married a wonderful chinese lady, and even teach here. I have tried to understand sthe culture of China and my wife has tried her best to help me with this. The thing i still do not understand is the sheer number of parents who will entrust ... Read More>>

Shanghai, a City that Caters to all Tastes Featured

thabet_sava  Jun 11, 2015 Comments(10)

Being an avid traveler, I had the opportunity to visit most metropolitan cities worldwide. After making China my home away from home in 2003, visiting Shanghai, one of my favorite cities, became my top priority. Recently, I had the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream of exploring its magical wonders. As a student, I read, extensively, about ... Read More>>

Going to Hospital Featured

nzteacher80  Jun 05, 2015 Comments(20)

In my first few months in China it seemed as though every second bowel movement was an emergency. I’d often find myself at the end of the day lugging bags of shopping up several flights of stairs to my appartment only to drop the shopping outside the door. I would then feverishly fidget with the keys while crossing my legs in an attempt ... Read More>>

An Endless Struggle with Smart yet Irritating Chinese Mosquitoes Featured

thabet_sava  Jun 02, 2015 Comments(6)

After residing in China for the past twelve years, I still dread the arrival of summer due to the fact that I am having an endless struggle with the smart yet aggravating Chinese mosquitoes. Regardless of my efforts, I seem to fail in persuading them to leave me alone in order to accomplish the impossible task of having a peaceful night sleep. ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 21 Featured

ShanghaiCityGirl  Jun 01, 2015

‘Never expect anything from anyone, Gosia. See – this is your problem. You are so tough on yourself . Therefore you expect a lot from others so you end up feeling disappointed or worse when they fail’.That’s what my friend Ana – already back in the land of tequila – has been trying to make me realize. What can... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 20 Featured

ShanghaiCityGirl  May 28, 2015

Since the whole world recently celebrated Labor day with a blissful 3-day weekend, this episode will be dedicated to our dear, life keeping work. Before we could start our long awaited holiday, my colleagues and I had to attend our least favorite part of the week: the staff meeting. And this time we were surprised by the presence of a humble ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 19 Featured

ShanghaiCityGirl  May 27, 2015

Good news - especially for big fans of dropping F-bombs. It is official and scientifically proven – swearing is good for you! During my tedious 5 year study of applied psychology I learned that there are many coping styles and strategies for dealing with stress. Among the most popular and most effective ones are: humor, relaxation, seeking ... Read More>>

Understanding culture and respecting the differences...

ManGod  May 27, 2015 Comments(11)

I have been living in China for 3 months now after visiting China twice last year and staying here 2 months each time. Unlike most of the foreign post I have read here, I am not confined to one basically tourist area(ie Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong etc). I have traveled to many destinations foreigners seldom see or travel to. I have seen more ... Read More>>

An improvement in the manners of dealing with the public is needed

thabet_sava  May 22, 2015 Comments(2)

Recently, I had the misfortune of dealing with individuals in the Chinese public sector when my Chinese wife and I went to notarize some documents. I was perplexed and bewildered by the manners in which the employees at the notary offices responded to her inquiries. They were shouting at her for asking questions regarding the notarization ... Read More>>

We Must Protect the Chinese Youth from Being Lured By ISIS Featured

thabet_sava  May 22, 2015 Comments(32)

Being a Muslim author and educator, I have been. Frequently, asked by some of my students about ISIS and why it is becoming a fixture in the Western as well as the Chinese media. I attempted to explain to them that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam or its principles. I realized that due to the extensive coverage of the movement, most youth ... Read More>>

Suggestions to master English fast

thabet_sava  May 22, 2015 Comments(2)

During my more than ten years of teaching experience in China, I noticed that most of my students were facing obstacles in attaining competence in the English language despite studying for more than six to ten years. As an educator, I was motivated to seek effective means to help the Chinese students in general and my own in particular in ... Read More>>

Guilin, a Piece of Heaven on Earth Featured

thabet_sava  May 22, 2015 Comments(1)

After residing in China for the past twelve years, I had the opportunity to explore the exotic city of Guilin. Actually, it was my second visit to the city. However, during my first visit, I had no time to enjoy its magical scenery. During my recent visit, I was accompanied by Chinese wife, which facilitated our movements since my Chinese leaves ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 15 Featured

ShanghaiCityGirl  May 21, 2015

During my early education times, despite my ‘nerd’ accolade from my classmates, my pastimes were no different from any other teenage girl growing up in the 90s. That included reading the 90's classic ‘BravoGIRL’, exchanging the posters you could find inside, and of course discovering ‘the truth’ about myself ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 13 - DAMA Featured

ShanghaiCityGirl  May 19, 2015

Ok, laowais! Let’s have a quiz to check your knowledge of this unique country we live in. The Chinese calendar symbolizes this year with which animal? “Nobody really knows”...correct! Weishenme is it ok to drive a pink Ferrari wearing a gold Gucci sweat suit as ‘Xiao pingguo’ rumbles from the silver speakers? ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 12 Featured

ShanghaiCityGirl  May 17, 2015

When the blissful holiday is over, we go back to the city of lights, back to our offices and schools. Facekinis need to wait for at least a couple of months at the bottom of our closets until they see sunshine and salty waters again. If you feel a bit down because of that, there is some good news! We live in one of the world’s foremost ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 11

ShanghaiCityGirl  May 16, 2015

The good news is, summer is here. The lucky ones will start enjoying their well deserved, long awaited break very soon. Everyone probably thinks of hitting some dreamy Asian beaches. Therefore, every girl needs to check her list of beach vacation basics: flawless manicure and pedicure – done; waxing – tick; summer clothes and bikini ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 10

ShanghaiCityGirl  May 15, 2015

There has been an intense competition recently among me and my two other colleagues: who will master Chinese faster. I am trying to explain to them that there’s no way they can exceed me, but they are really stubborn. One of our favorite ways of adopting native Chinese expressions is to pick the brains of our students, especially one group ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 9

ShanghaiCityGirl  May 14, 2015

Although I have been in China for 2,5 years and feel like I've changed a lot, there is still one thing that gets me into trouble. I am brutally honest and straightforward. And this trait is NOT in high demand in China. If you want to get along with locals, the #1 rule is never cause anyone to ‘lose face’ by telling them the truth and ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 8

ShanghaiCityGirl  May 14, 2015

Do you remember in ancient times when we took pictures just to catch elusive, precious moments? And the anticipation before picking them up from the photo studio? Next there was buying the albums, segregating the photos and finally inviting family and friends over to admire the highlights of the vacation in Greece. It never even occurred to us ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 7

ShanghaiCityGirl  May 13, 2015

China is not for everyone. For the uninitiated audience, a quick recap: learning Chinese is a must for daily living; you are always beset by a crowd while commuting, and your personal privacy bubble is bound to be burst on a regular basis; and local habits will challenge everything mama taught you about acceptable public behavior. Hence, expats ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 6

ShanghaiCityGirl  May 09, 2015

I will admit it officially here. No false pretense. Just brutal honesty. My knowledge of chemistry and physics, to put it mildly, is quite limited. Despite my family being chock full of science nerds, (my friggin' mom worked in a Polish military lab) I couldn't tell a quark from a crayon. Suffice it to say that passing science classes was one of ... Read More>>

Top 8 Ways to Improve Your Chinese Spoken Language Featured

eloise1  May 04, 2015 Comments(24)

Whether it’s to impress your mates by directing the cab driver to the next bar, having a conversation at a work banquet, or bargaining for the best price in a Chinese market, it helps to speak some Chinese. It could help you score extra points with the boss, your mates, or that cute girl you’re trying to impress. Besides the usual ... Read More>>

Choosing a Foreign English teacher in China Featured

destinyeric  May 02, 2015 Comments(38)

We frequently see adverts on the web the prescribed foreigner teacher an institution willing to employ. Most of them requires what they called "Native speakers", and also nationals from some shortlisted countries such as: UK, America, canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. These institutions including the China Education Bureau shortlisted ... Read More>>

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