Things you don't know about Chinese!

Things you don't know about Chinese!
Jennifer_geng Apr 15, 2015 17:10

Today I’d like to talk with you about a language ---Chinese, which is a magical language. You know that in the world Chinese is one of the few ideograhic language, but you can also read it with the help of the syllable. In Chinese the syllable is a Chinese character and it is usually made up of an initial, a final and a tone. The tone refers to the rise and the fall of a syllable, and there are four tones in Chinese, and magic happens when it comes to change. You will find that mā   má   mǎ   mà is totally different word, although their pronunciation do not change a lot. Mā is mother, má is fibre,a kind of material, Mǎ means horse, mà is to scold. It sounds amazing and a little difficult, isn’t it? But try to imagine that if you learn it well you can say everything clearly in the smallest number of words. It is economical, Isn’t it ? And at the same time it also means that you do not need to remember so much words. You can handle almost everything in the daily life if you know about 1500 words.


And then, let’s come to another part of Chinese. If you want to be a good painter, Chinese characters  will helps you.

Chinese characters originated from pictures. The history of their formation is very long, dating back to remote antiquity. Present-day Chinese characters, which evolved from ancient Chinese characters, are square-shaped.

So most of the times, it not only a character, it looks like some symbols some totems left by ancient people, we can feel their attitude towards the nature to the god, to the life and something else. What’s more we can read the ancient books and records through these characters, just like that time stands still. Wow, imagine it, do you want to explore the history with me.

Otherwise, let’s make it realistic, Mandarin is spoken by the largest number of people in the world. It is also the fastest growing language. China is the world's second-largest economy and China has the largest market in the world. The real estate industry, The financial the manufacturing industry, you can do business across all industries.

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