Suggestions to master English fast

Suggestions to master English fast
thabet_sava May 22, 2015 18:24

During my more than ten years of teaching experience in China, I noticed that most of my students were facing obstacles in  attaining competence in the English language despite studying for more than six to ten years.

As an educator, I was motivated to seek effective means to help the Chinese students in general and my own in particular in handling the challenges of mastering the language.

After talking with my students and discussing the issue with Chinese as well as foreign English teachers, I came up with the following suggestions to guide them toward gradually but certainly achieving fluency in the English language:

  • You must comprehend the fact that it is your privilege to make mistakes and it is your teacher’s responsibility to correct them.
  • You ought to believe that by no means, asking questions signifies being stupid. “if one asks a question, one might feel fool for 5 minutes but if one doesn’t ask, one will be fool for life.”
  • You should eat, sleep, walk and accomplish most tasks in English, which means that you need to be inquisitive about everything that you may encounter in your daily life.
  • It is recommended that you attempt to make speaking proper English a habitual activity.
  • You suggest to your teachers to conduct classes in a pure English environment. Switching from English to Chinese and vice-versa is an exhausting and confusing process for you.
  • You must cease from referring to the useless process of translating English into Chinese and vice-versa.
  • It would be beneficial to your learning process if you enhance your English resources on a daily basis by learning new vocabulary and expressions and immediately use them in sentences.
  • Classes are golden opportunities for you to practice your English since you will have a teacher available to correct your mistakes. Consequently, you should seize them to be an active participant in classes. 
  • You ought to make practicing English a daily habit. You can practice with a classmate or with your roommates.
  • You need to clear, from your mind, the idea that you have to sit down to learn English. Any place at any time is a golden opportunity to polish your English. 
  • You ought to carry an electronic or a small dictionary in your pocket wherever you go. You might need it to look up a word that you may hear or see on a banner.
  • You should carry in your pocket a pen and a blank piece of paper which you could use them to doodle English words while you are waiting for a bus, a class or a meal in a restaurant.
  • You may cut out an article or make a copy of a page from an English book and put it in your pocket to look at it while you are bored or watching television (during commercials).
  • You have to organize your studying habits to allocate some time to pursue your favorite activities to achieve balance in your life and to minimize your resentment toward my studies.

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good article. I think main problem is hesitation. Mostly Chinese can read and write very good. But in listening and speaking, they feel hesitation.

Jun 16, 2015 13:38 Report Abuse



This is a very good article!!! I agree 110% I attempted similar to this with a high school class I was teaching. Some students actually tried what I was asking. Others complained to their parents who complained to the school master who complained to me. I was told that this was not according to Chinese culture and I did not need to bring this teaching to the classroom.

Jun 03, 2015 18:45 Report Abuse