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A Bit of the Middle East in Guangzhou: Where East Meets West HOT

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Judging by the amounts of mosques, Middle Eastern restaurants and stores, it is easy to tell that Middle Eastern culture and religion has been infused in Guangzhou’s history. Here are some places in Guangzhou where a Middle Eastern vibe can still be felt. ... Read More>>

Go Crazy for Leather: Guangzhou’s Sanyuanli Market HOT

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They say people do crazy things in foreign countries, like buy leather coats (or trousers). In that line of reasoning, your trip to, or stay in Guangzhou may not be complete without a visit to the Guihuagang leather area. ... Read More>>

A Dentist for Every Guangzhou Expat HOT

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Navigating your way through the different types of dentists can be hard, especially when your tooth won’t stop throbbing. eChinacities has done your homework and compiled a list of suitable options, for every type of expat. ... Read More>>

Rising to the Occasion: Great Bakeries and Desserts in Guangzhou HOT

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This article introduces some of Guangzhou’s best bakeries, for a real mix of Western and local baked goods, of the sweet and savory kind. ... Read More>>

Maximising Your Weekend: Friday Night Specials in Guangzhou HOT

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Friday nights don’t have to be so expensive if you seek out the good deals and get your money’s worth. Here is a compilation of some of Friday’s best deals, and when and where to go to find them. ... Read More>>

Try Something Different: Wacky and Unusual Guangzhou Museums HOT

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Guangzhou’s museum scene is ever changing, with its museums becoming increasingly bigger and more architecturally challenging. These are some of the more unusual themed museums that Guangzhou has on offer. ... Read More>>

Go East and Prosper: Africans Communities in Guangzhou HOT

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Standing between the junction of Xiaobei Lu and Huanshi Lu, the surrounding one-kilometer radius is home to African businesses and other visible minorities. Indeed, this area of the city has always been considered the most multicultural district. With each ...... Read More>>

Boogie Nights: Latin Dance in Guangzhou HOT

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Guangzhou has had a thriving dance scene since 2007. The city’s various Latin dance nights have become a meeting point for Guangzhou’s tight knit, multi-cultural, dance scene. An American Salsero investigates Latin dance in Guangzhou and discovers a warm ...... Read More>>

Food Fit For Gods: Sky Dining in Guangzhou HOT

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Guangzhou’s skyline is littered with massive high-rises and what better way to experience the city, day or night, then from high up in one of these towers. Here are a few places to enjoy sky dining in Guangzhou. ... Read More>>

The Sound of the South: Guangzhou’s Music Scene HOT

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A fire burns brightly among the hearts of Guangzhou musicians who join together every week to showcase their talents and to allow their unique sounds to be their name card at various bars and pubs in the city. ... Read More>>

Bright Lights & Quiet Streets: Night Biking in Guangzhou HOT

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Whether you decide to go cycling alone or with friends, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to make sure that night biking in Guangzhou remains a fond memory. ... Read More>>

Cantonese for Christmas: Winter food in Guangzhou HOT

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Cantonese food is part of the eight Chinese culinary cuisines and is best known for steaming and stir-frying as the most favored methods of cooking. Cantonese chefs – amateurs and professionals – believe such techniques exude an aroma from the wok, and ...... Read More>>

In the Eye of the Beholder: OECIDC and Redtory Art Spaces Compared HOT

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Guangzhou’s Original Element Creative Industry Design Center (OECIDC) is one of Guangzhou’s newest art zones, but at only three years old it is still figuring it all out. How does the experience of going to an up and coming creative center differ from a ...... Read More>>

Introducing the Guys Behind Guangzhou’s Hip Hop Scene HOT

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Hip hop culture has proven it can transcend different cultures and languages. Arrived on the shores of China in the 1990s, two decades later Guangzhou’s hip hop scene is developing its second and third generations of artists, as the city provides space for ...... Read More>>

Dance in Guangzhou: International Flavors in China HOT

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An overview of the bustling dance scene in Guangzhou reveals a wide diversity of styles like salsa, tango modern and capoeira that can be appreciated or learned. ... Read More>>

A Draculicious Guangzhou – 2013 Halloween Roundup HOT

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As the ghosts and ghastlies crawl out from their lairs to dance on the graves where will you be this Halloween? To make your life a little easier and to give you more time to create that (serial) killer outfit here is eChinacities’ Halloween roundup. ... Read More>>

Capturing Moments in the PRC: Your Guide to Photography in Guangzhou HOT

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The power of an image has fascinated people throughout generations – all in the hopes of capturing life’s simple moments with a simple click. This article takes you through some of the basics of photography and also suggests a number of scenic spots in ...... Read More>>

Guangdong’s Disappearing Attractions: See Them Before They’re Gone HOT

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The following is a sad, but important list of Guangdong’s disappearing attractions. If you don’t see them soon they may not be around in a couple of years. Now is the time to see the world’s beauty…before its all gone. ... Read More>>

Hai’Ou Island: A Quaint Fishing Island in Guangzhou HOT

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Hai’ou Island is a quaint fishing island in Panyu District in southern Guangzhou. While there are many little islands off the coast of Guangdong, Hai’Ou is special in that it is the only ecological one that has resisted major development and exploitation. ... Read More>>

5 Must-Visit Historical Former Residences in Guangzhou HOT

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Among the city’s bustling streets lie a number of buildings of major historical significance: former residences of famous and influential figures from China’s past. Brush up on local history and visit these five former residences in Guangzhou. ... Read More>>

Escape Guangzhou: Visit the Kaiping Diaolou and Villages HOT

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If you need a change of scenery and have done all there is to do in the immediate vicinity of Guangzhou, consider visiting the impressive Kaiping Diaolou and surrounding villages. ... Read More>>

Innovation Central: Guangzhou T.I.T Creative Industry Zone HOT

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The Guangzhou T.I.T Creative Industry Zone is a renovated textile factory area that has been transformed into a hub of cool ideas. Whether it’s fashionable clothes, photography, design, or a relaxing coffee you’re after, this place can’t be missed. ... Read More>>

Summer Fruit Picking: Where to Pick Lychees Around Guangzhou HOT

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This article highlights the best spots for picking lychees around Guangzhou, one of the main areas in China where lychees are grown. While you’re at it, why not make a day trip out of it and enjoy the sunny outdoors! ... Read More>>

Island Hopping: 6 Must-Visit Islands Near Guangzhou HOT


Make no mistake: “Island hopping” is not a term limited to Greece or South East Asia. China’s very own Guangdong province is home to clusters of tropical islands that are well worth a visit. ... Read More>>

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