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Showing off Shanghai: 6 Restaurants to Impress Out-of-Town Clients

When you need to wine and dine an important client in Shanghai, choosing the right restaurant or bar is key. From stunning rooftop views to authentic soup dumplings, here are our favorite spots to entertain out-of-town clients in the Pearl of the Orient. Read more>>

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Shanghai’s Best Restaurants with Outdoor Seatings HOT


A summary of Shanghai’s best restaurants with outdoor seatings for a great summer evening experience. If you’re longing for a great dinner while looking at the blue sky and have a panoramic outdoor view, look no more ! ... Read More>>

6 Wet and Wild Summer Activities in Shanghai! HOT

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This summer, when the city turns into a roaring furnace, try some of these water activities too cool down and make a splash!... Read More>>

Fried Chicken for the Seoul: A Walking Tour through Shanghai’s Korea Street HOT

Visitors to Shanghai may be surprised to learn that the city also has a vibrant little Korean district. Located in the Gubei area, it features many stores that offer products made in South Korea and you can also get what is likely the best Korean food in ...... Read More>>

All Along the East Bank: Exploring Shanghai’s Pudong District HOT

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Pudong isn’t like everywhere else in Shanghai. Some parts don’t even hint at the fact that you are even in China. Whether you live there, have a long layover at the airport, or simply want to leave Puxi for the weekend, read this article and find out what ...... Read More>>

Shanghai’s 6 Most Interesting Historic Streets HOT

Almost every road and avenue in Shanghai has a story behind it, from the colonial thoroughfares of the former French Concession to the wide boulevards of Pudong. But there are several streets that are particularly interesting. These are six of the most ...... Read More>>

Yu Garden: The Poetic Beauty of Old Shanghai HOT

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It's generally accepted that when tourists want 'Old China', they go to Beijing. Shanghai is seen more as 'Cosmopolitan China'. While that's all fine and dandy, it's important to remember that, despite the hustle and bustle that goes on here, Shanghai ...... Read More>>

Shanghai Party Central: Top 5 Nightlife Hotspots on the Bund HOT

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When people think of partying in Shanghai, many of them immediately think of the Bund. Indeed, that area of the city – a semi-defined stretch of riverbank flanking the Huangpu River on the Puxi side – has gained quite a reputation for high end (some may ...... Read More>>

Shanghai’s Fuzhou Road: More than Just a Book Street HOT

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Fuzhou Road is one of the oldest roads in Shanghai. Back in the mid-19th century it was dotted with bookstores, publishing houses, press offices, as well as some 151 brothels. With so much history, it's not surprising that Fuzhou Road is considered one of ...... Read More>>

Tianzifang: Shanghai’s Arts and Crafts Mecca HOT

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With a total of 379 stores ranging from art galleries and studios, to art and craft stores, to fashion boutiques, restaurants, and cafes coming from over 23 countries, Tianzifang (田子方) is an international creative industry zone and is not only a ...... Read More>>

Jing’an Villas: Laowai Paradise at Lane 1025 Nanjing Xi Lu HOT

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For a while now, Lane 1025 Nanjing Xi Lu has been attracting attention for the collection of cafés and shops that has mushroomed among its pretty red-brick buildings. In a city with so many specially designed creative hubs (including Xintiandi and the Cool ...... Read More>>

Cool Again: The Rebirth of Shanghai’s Cool Docks HOT

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This time last year, things weren't looking so hot for the Cool Docks on the South Bund. What had been ambitiously vaunted as a new Xintiandi was limping along with just a few decent venues to recommend it. Unless you had a good reason to go there (i.e. ...... Read More>>

Streets Ahead: Discovering the Gems of Yongkang Lu HOT

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Shanghai’s latest go-to street has been rising in our estimations for the past few months. Now home to bakeries, cafés, galleries, and even a fish and chip shop, Yongkang Lu deserves a visit if you haven’t been yet. Stretching between Taiyuan Lu, Jiashan ...... Read More>>

Luxury Lost in Nature: Naked Stables Private Reserve HOT

Nestled on 60 acres in the foothills surrounding the Shanghai area's most famous mountain, Moganshan, naked Stables Private Reserve is intent on taking the concept of an eco resort to the next level. We're talking serious luxury in a stunning locale, all ...... Read More>>

The Transformation of Shanghai’s World Expo Site HOT

If you were living in Shanghai last year, you may have heard of a little thing called the "Expo." It was a heady time, with blue Haibao's abounding at every metro stop, patriotic commercials on constant loop, and an oh-so blissful period of ...... Read More>>

Shanghai's Best (and Closest!) Beaches HOT


Everyone's looking for a beach getaway during these hot summer months. Unfortunately, Shanghai is not exactly renowned for its clear, blue ocean and soft, sandy shore. Nevertheless, there are some options relatively close by for those willing to venture ...... Read More>>

Shanghai’s Top 5 Spots for a Picnic HOT

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The spring season which seems to last, oh, all of about two weeks here in Shanghai is upon us, so now is the time to jump on that age old tradition we all know and love from childhood – going on a picnic! Admittedly it can be difficult to find a patch of ...... Read More>>

Water Villages: Exploring Shanghai’s Backyard Waterways HOT


The towns of Hangzhou and Suzhou are famous for their lakes and canals. Lying just a couple of hours from Shanghai, they are a firm favourite for tourists, and city dwellers eager for some peace and quiet. But what if you’ve already seen Hangzhou ...... Read More>>

One City, Nine Towns: Shanghai’s Suburban Wonderland HOT


It was a sunny afternoon. Walking up towards the high street, we passed a red telephone box, and a series of red brick town houses. Turning onto the main square, just off Oxford Street, we caught sight of the church spire rising from behind a row of austere ...... Read More>>

This Moment in Moganshan: M50 in the Year 2011 HOT

In Shanghai – reborn and reborn again as months go by – M50 surges further forward in its role as nucleus of the city’s art world, despite or with thanks to an accompanying commercial identity. A combination of factors sets this mazelike complex of ...... Read More>>

Temple City Part II: Judaism in Shanghai HOT


Read Temple City Part I Exploring Shanghai’s Buddhist Shrines here. ... Read More>>

Temple City Part 1: Exploring Shanghai’s Buddhist Shrines HOT

While religion was all but outlawed when the Communists took power, plenty of beautiful Buddhist temples remain in Shanghai – many of which are still used by those wanting to worship in a country with no official deities. Some temples were put to secular ...... Read More>>

Discovering the Best of Yongfu Lu – Top 10 Highlights HOT

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Located right in the heart of the former French Concession, leafy Yongfu Lu is one of those archetypal Shanghai streets. It’s got the plane trees that curve over the road, the Art Deco villas, the narrow lanes, and in recent years it has developed into a ...... Read More>>

Jiashan Market: Shanghai’s New Urban Garden Community HOT

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One of Shanghai’s most interesting and exciting new openings has to be the Jiashan Market complex (嘉善市场) just off Shaanxi Nan Lu. It’s been in development since the spring, and hosted the first Eco Design Fair in April, but has only recently filled up ...... Read More>>

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