Shanghai Party Central: Top 5 Nightlife Hotspots on the Bund

Shanghai Party Central: Top 5 Nightlife Hotspots on the Bund
By Andrea Scarlatelli ,

When people think of partying in Shanghai, many of them immediately think of the Bund. Indeed, that area of the city – a semi-defined stretch of riverbank flanking the Huangpu River on the Puxi side – has gained quite a reputation for high end (some may even say pretentious) clubs geared towards people who either have a lot of money or like to pretend they do. Whether you're in it for the great dance music, the people, or the amazing views of the city, the Bund can be a great place to go wild on the weekend. Read on for some of the hotter spots to try.

1) Bar RougeView In Map
No list of Bund hotspots would be complete without the mention of Bar Rouge, a club that has practically become an institution in this city. Their success comes in part due to their unapologetic theme of French, French, French. It has breathtakingly beautiful views of the river on an airy balcony that offers a brief respite from the music and noise inside. They often hold theme parties on Thursdays and "password only" parties on Fridays and Saturdays – but don't worry, you can find the password for each respective night on basically any Shanghai-based social website.

Add: Bund 18, 7/F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, Shanghai (near Nanjing Dong Lu)
地址:上海中山东一路18号7楼, 近南京东路
Tel: 021 6339 1199
Opening hours: Sun-Wed, 18:00-3:00; Thurs-Sat, 18:00-late

2) ZealView In Map
Housed in the popular Bund 22 building, Zeal is one of those places with a patio everyone flocks to each spring as soon as the weather turns nice. And for good reason – it's one of the few patios on the Bund where seating is almost always available. It attracts a crowd interested in its heavy rotation of hip hop hits along with those who want to dance in a space that allows movement in more than a one foot by one foot radius. While it's a bar where people go to be seen, Zeal seems slightly more interested in the actual clubbing experience than in making itself look exclusive.

Add: South Bund 22, 6/F, 22 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, Shanghai (near XinYong'an Lu)
地址:上海中山东二路22号, 近新永安路
Tel: 021 6328 8668
Opening hours: Daily, 18:00-late

3) M1NTView In Map
M1NT makes its living off making people feel special, which in this city appears to be a brilliant marketing plan. Lines at the door to make sure you're on "the list" (hint: to be put on the list, call the club and tell them your name and how many people you're bringing – if you've forgotten to do this, just step outside the building and call them right then and there); a strict no shorts or flip flops policy; security with earpieces. All this adds to the feeling that only important people go there, and drinks are priced accordingly. While they used to be famed for their shark tanks, the sharks have sadly dwindled in number (rumor is they ate each other), so now the dance music and "exclusivity" will have to be the main draws.

Add: 24/F, 318 Fuzhou Lu, Shanghai (near Shandong Zhong Lu)
地址:上海福州路318号24楼, 近山东路
Tel: 021 6391 2811
Opening hours: 18:00-late

4) HorizenView In Map
There remains some confusion about Horizen, due to their soft opening, abrupt closure accompanied by a scathing public letter from the former foreign partner accusing the Chinese partner of cutting him out of the venture, to a new re-opening. Regardless of the behind the scenes drama, the giant window providing great views of the Bund and the decent drink quality make it one of "the" places to go. This isn't your club style joint, however – its low lighting and laid back atmosphere gear more towards classiness and less towards massive dance parties. This is the place to head when you need a break from all the noise.

Add: 23/F, no. 12, Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, Shanghai (near Jingling Dong Lu)
地址:上海中山东二路12號23楼, 近金陵东路
Tel: 021 5307 6869
Opening hours: Daily, 18:00-3:00

5) Muse on the BundView In Map
If you've been in Shanghai for more than, say, 48 hours, chances are that you've heard of at least one Muse incarnation. Muse on the Bund joins its sisters M2 and Muse at Park 97 to create a trifecta of loud, packed, wildly energetic dance clubs that pretty much set the Shanghai standard for parties. This latest Muse is being touted as the biggest and baddest of them all, boasting twelve KTV rooms, a roof terrace, and an infinity pool – not to mention the fact that the entire thing takes up one whole floor of a shopping mall. This is arguably the place to go to now – well, at least until another new club opens.

Add: Rockbund, 5/F, 99 Beijing Dong Lu, Shanghai (near Yuan Ming Yuan Lu)
地址:上海北京东路99号5楼, 近圆明园路
Tel: 021 5213 5228
Opening hours: Daily, 18:00-late 

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