Tianzifang: Shanghai’s Arts and Crafts Mecca

Tianzifang: Shanghai’s Arts and Crafts Mecca

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With a total of 379 stores ranging from art galleries and studios, to art and craft stores, to fashion boutiques, restaurants, and cafes coming from over 23 countries, Tianzifang (田子方) is an international creative industry zone and is not only a must-stop for good food and camera-worthy shots, it is also a destination for learning about Shanghai’s traditional past, with great gift stores, creative offices and old factory renovated warehouses situated in Shikumen. To get there, take Line 9 to Dapuqiao Station and exit on Taikang Road.

1) ToyquView In Map

This shops sells white ceramic figurines which can be given a “makeover” according to the buyer’s wishes. Other collector’s items such as a limited edition Absolut bottle designed in 2010 or a mini cooper mini display figure by Shanghainese designer Wang Xiaohui (王小慧) can also be found here. Come here for DIY name cards or ceramic doll designs to keep, to give away, or just to pose with.

Add: Lane 210-200 7 Taikang Road, Shanghai
地址: 上海卢湾区泰康路210巷 200-7
Tel: 158 0065 2424 (Look for Mr. Panda Zhang 张大鹏)
Opening hours: 10:00- 19:00
Price: 68-118 RMB for Happy and Lucky (depends on size); 100-800 RMB for other DIY/collectibles

2) Red View In Map

Don’t be fooled. Simply named Red, the simple name belies the fact that inside lie hundreds of ornately-designed and coloured objects from all over the world. Find Taiwanese-designed clothes and items designed by their in-house designers, as well as items from Thailand, Dubai, India and China. Amethyst, corals, natural stone charms, ivory, jade, and gold carvings add bling to the already colourful store. Ladies can shop for hand-dyed clothes, scarves and bags, as well as leather goods, and yes, even antique home furniture/décor.

Add: No. 3, Lane 210, Taikang Road, Shanghai
Tel: 021 64156656/ 138 01648789
Opening hours: 10:00 – 21:00
Price: 58-60,000 RMB (for antiques)

3) Sanya Bookstore/ Film Camera Hand Made WorkshopView In Map

Situated in an old camera manufacturing studio, film buffs, shutter bugs and camera collectors will bawl over this bookstore/camera studio/museum selling authentic vintage cameras, photography books and prints. Find a wide range of coffee table books on Old Shanghai, architecture, and Chinese culture through the lens of gifted and prominent local photographers, including that of photographer/store owner Mr. Chen Haiwen. Camera brands range from Leica, Hasselblad, Contarex, Kodak, Rolleyflex, and Shanghai-grown brand Seagull. Plans have been set to move some of the items to a proper camera museum in a few months.

Add: No. 15, Lane 274, Taikang Road, Shanghai
Tel: 021 54655106; 136 01815330
Opening hours: 10:00-20:00
Price: 100-480 RMB for books; 650-800,000 RMB for a set of 25 Leica vintage cameras
Website: www.camera-story.net; www.sanya.com.cn

4) ZixagView In Map

A contemporary lifestyle accessories store designed for the mobile lifestyle, offering creatively and unconventionally designed mugs, laptop bags and other home lifestyle accessories from various creative partners from Denmark, Holland, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and Hong Kong, including some original creations from Zixag owners.

Add: Room 6, Yard 3, Lane 210, Taikang Road, Shanghai
Tel: 021 3331 5018
Opening hours: 10:00- 20:30
Price: 100-3,000 RMB
Website: www.zixag.com

5) Chinese Gift ShopView In Map

The name of the store leaves little to the imagination. Just like those ubiquitous stores on every corner that sells everything you could possibly imagine, this store sells everything from the usual coasters, key chains, chopsticks, teacups, mahjong tiles, incense sticks, to the not so usual items such as Beijing opera masks (not the real thing, mind you), table screen dividers, Mao’s little red book replicas, coral hand-engraved jewellery boxes, and yes, even dragon shaped baby shoes.

Add: No. 35 Lane 155 Middle Jianguo Road, Shanghai
Tel: 021 342 40351
Opening hours: 11:00-21:00
Price: 10-600 RMB

6) CraftxmView In Map

If you like leather, you’ll love this store. Originally from Beijing, this store sells leather-bound notebooks, sketchbooks, leather wallets, check books, bags, rings, bracelets, and a few non-leather items such as bookmarks and postcards.

Add: No. 34, Lane 248, Taikang Road, Shanghai
Tel: 13817977765
Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00
Price: 1-880 RMB
Website: www.craftxm.com

7) Unique Hill GalleryView In Map

If you’re on the hunt for Old Shanghai inspired nostalgia prints, propaganda art/Mao memorabilia, or authentic antique novelties, look no further. This store/art gallery sells old calendar prints on shirts, posters, postcards, magnets, mugs and pretty much anything that can be printed on. Priceless antique watches, clocks, toys, radios, phones, tin cans, meal tickets, ID cards and other items offer a snapshot of pre-war and post-war life for a price.

Add: No. 10, Lane 210, Taikang Road, Shanghai
Tel: 021 6466 3986/ 130 0325 7861
Price: 2 RMB (for a Chinese flag) to priceless antiques; old Shanghai/ nostalgia prints on shirts for 138 RMB
Website: www.uniquehillgallery.com

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