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Showing off Shanghai: 6 Restaurants to Impress Out-of-Town Clients

When you need to wine and dine an important client in Shanghai, choosing the right restaurant or bar is key. From stunning rooftop views to authentic soup dumplings, here are our favorite spots to entertain out-of-town clients in the Pearl of the Orient. Read more>>

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Shanghai’s Best Restaurants with Outdoor Seatings HOT


A summary of Shanghai’s best restaurants with outdoor seatings for a great summer evening experience. If you’re longing for a great dinner while looking at the blue sky and have a panoramic outdoor view, look no more ! ... Read More>>

Bring on the Monkey! Chinese New Year Celebrations in Shanghai HOT

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This is where the fun is at in Shanghai this Chinese New Year. ... Read More>>

Livin’ Like a Laowai: Top Eateries on Laowai Jie HOT

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All expats get homesick and sick of Chinese food. Laowei Jie is stuffed full of international cuisines. ... Read More>>

Score! Shanghai’s Best Sport Bars HOT

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Whether it’s a Brazilian MMA fight at 8:00 in the morning for breakfast, a Gaelic football tournament for lunch, or an Indian cricket match for dinner, the sport bars of Shanghai always have something going on. ... Read More>>

Spooky Shanghai: Halloween 2014 Round-Up HOT

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Halloween is coming up again, and there is really no excuse not to take advantage of the year’s biggest opportunity to dress up and let loose. Here are the best and spookiest options for Shanghai, whether you’re a kid, an adult, or somewhere in between. ... Read More>>

Shanghai Buzz: Shanghai’s Newest Nightlife Additions HOT

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In a city as dynamic as Shanghai, it can be hard to keep up with new additions or break free from normal routines. This is a roundup of Shanghai’s newest nightlife additions. ... Read More>>

Time to Party With Just the Girls: Ladies’ Nights in Shanghai HOT

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Spending too much money on nights out in Shanghai? Well, try out some ladies’ nights! Shanghai is a city where ladies’ night events are in abundance. Every night is a ladies’ night in a city like Shanghai! ... Read More>>

Like a Hell-Broth Boil and Bubble: 2013 Shanghai Halloween Roundup HOT

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All Hallows Eve is nearly upon us, and the witches of the earth are ready to set free all manner of ghouls and ghastlies. It’ll be a dangerous time to be on the streets of Shanghai, best choose a party to find sanctuary in. But how to decide? ... Read More>>

Best Rooftop Patios in Shanghai – Bund Edition HOT

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There is no shortage of rooftop patios in Shanghai, so we’ve decided to uncover the best spots one area at a time. Under the microscope in this edition: The Bund – Shanghai’s ever famous waterfront area and magnet of fine wining and dining. ... Read More>>

Shanghai Party Central: Top 5 Nightlife Hotspots on the Bund HOT

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When people think of partying in Shanghai, many of them immediately think of the Bund. Indeed, that area of the city – a semi-defined stretch of riverbank flanking the Huangpu River on the Puxi side – has gained quite a reputation for high end (some may ...... Read More>>

5 Best Late Night Drunk Snack Spots in Shanghai HOT

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You know how it goes: It's a weekend night – you've drank and danced and drank and partied and drank till you can drink no more. And then you must eat. I'm pretty sure scientists have found that late night drunk food cravings are quite possibly one of the ...... Read More>>

Spoiled for Choice: Shanghai’s Best Ladies Nights HOT

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Shanghai is many things, and that includes being one of the best cities in which women can drink free almost every day of the week. The ladies nights are famous (infamous?) for bringing out the crowds and the very, very cheap booze. But with so many ...... Read More>>

Shanghai Watchdog: Brawls on the Bund, Soul Singers and More HOT

The next two weeks promise to be heavy in sunshine and sweat. From the boxing bouts on the Bund to the funky grooves of the Friendly Fires at MAO Livehouse, your body will be clamouring for a rest. Thankfully, there will also be plenty of new restaurants ...... Read More>>

Best Hole-in-the-Wall Bars in Shanghai HOT

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Photo: It's been a while since we have updated the list of Shanghai's best bars for saving some red notes. Old titans like C's and Not Me are still going strong, but there has been some nightlife casualties. Most notably the dismantling ...... Read More>>

Obey the Pulse: Shanghai’s DJ Hot Spots HOT

Shanghai's music scene has certainly grown in the past few years. With big shows like Black Rabbit Festival debuting and the Midi Music Festival finally moseying on down to Shanghai from Beijing, each year brings more bands and more artists. ... Read More>>

December Watchdog: New Micros, Music Celebrations and More HOT


Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, it's time to start looking forward to the next big holiday period: Christmas and New Years! There are still a few weeks left before people start heading home for the holidays, and Shanghai is blooming with ...... Read More>>

Alcohol Monogamy: Enjoying Shanghai’s Specialised Bars HOT

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A sure sign of Shanghai’s maturing bar and nightlife scene is the growing number of successful bars that are choosing to specialise in just one type of spirit or beverage. We all know the result of mixing liquors, beer and wine all in one night, so why not ...... Read More>>

Shanghai's Best Booze Delivery Services HOT

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What's better than going out with your friends to grab some drinks in Shanghai? How about having those drinks delivered right to your doorstep? This dream come true is made possible by the handful of beer, wine and liquor delivery services that have been ...... Read More>>

The Weird and the Wonderful: Shanghai's Most Unusual Bars HOT

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If there's one thing we've got in Shanghai, it's bars. From warehouses to holes-in-the-wall, from decadent to dive, each bar has its own flavour and appeal. But sometimes, just sometimes, a bar stands out from the crowd, either due to its crazy décor ...... Read More>>

The Broke Person’s Guide to Free Activities in Shanghai HOT

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There's nothing that inspires exploration quite like warm weather. There are enough parties, happy hours, and new restaurants to keep us busy for months – but all that debauchery can take a heavy toll on the almighty wallet. With that in mind, here are ...... Read More>>

In Bloom: Shanghai’s Blossoming Rock Scene HOT

Beijing is a Rock City, that's where China's best bands come from, right? PK 14, Carsick Cars, Joyside, Snapline, Queen Sea Big Shark… the list goes on. They have the best labels – Maybe Mars, Modern Sky, Acupuncture – and the best venues – D22, Yugong ...... Read More>>

Countdown to Summer with Shanghai’s 10 Best Cocktails HOT

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Nothing says summer like lounging around in the sun, lazily sipping on a cocktail that makes the unbearable heat of Shanghai just a bit more bearable. While there is certainly no shortage of places in which to imbibe (especially outdoors) here, there are ...... Read More>>

Guinness Galore: Shanghai’s Top Irish Pubs HOT

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While the number of Irish pubs may be surprisingly scarce in this city, you will be happy to learn that it is simply a case of quality over quantity. From family-friendly outings in Pudong to rowdy twenty-somethings in Puxi, there is Guinness enough for ...... Read More>>

Breezy Bliss: The Top 10 New Patio Bars in Shanghai HOT

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Is there anything better than this (oh so brief) respite between freezing cold and boiling hot weather – otherwise known as spring in Shanghai? The sun has come out to play, the breeze is downright balmy, and the masses want nothing more than to sip their ...... Read More>>

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