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A Hidden Treasure – Guilin's Hua River HOT

Guilin is known for its beautiful landscape, but it is also known for its tourist crowds. If you are looking for something off the beaten track then it’s time to lace up your boots and head off to the rarely visited Hua River Valley. Be warned, there will ...... Read More>>

Bar-Hopping Along Guilin’s Zhengyang Pedestrian Street HOT

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Yangshuo’s bars may get all the attention – and probably rightfully so – but Guilin’s bar scene has been expanding, offering the thirsty traveller or resident more than one good watering hole to choose from. If you’re of the bar-hopping nature, then a ...... Read More>>

Great Western Restaurants on Yangshuo West Street HOT

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Yangshuo West Street’s affectionate nickname as “World Village” given by Chinese and foreign tourists alike, obviously comes from the constant presence of foreign visitors in the area, many of whom have gone so far as to make this their permanent home. ...... Read More>>

Haggling Heaven: Shopping at Guilin’s Main Commercial Streets HOT

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Guilin is a small tourist city renowned for its beautiful landscape; fortunately, the shopping is pretty great too. Besides Guilin’s top three treasures – fermented bean curd, sanhua liquor and Guilin chili sauce – Guilin is also famous for its landscape ...... Read More>>

Guilin’s Two Rivers and Four Lakes HOT

Guilin is famed for its beautiful mountains and waterways. In particular, the Two Rivers Four Lakes 两江四湖 scenic area can truly attest to Guilin’s beauty as a city of rolling mountains and meandering rivers. ... Read More>>

Where West Meets East: West Yangshuo Street HOT

Yangshuo is a beautiful town situated near the banks of the beautiful Li River, 63 km (39.2 miles) west of Guilin city, with over 2,000 years of history. West Yangshuo Street (阳朔西街) is one of the main attractions in the historic town. Along a 517 meter ...... Read More>>

Guilin's Best Unknown Views: Old Man Hill and His Neighbor HOT


Old Man Hill<br /> Old Man Hill offers some of the most stunning views in Guilin, and given the epic beauty of the region's landscape, that's saying something. Even better, it is a quick climb and free of charge. We went in the early morning, which I ...... Read More>>

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