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A Day of Fun and Shopping at Guilin's Botanical Gardens HOT


Located just one bus stop away from the main railway station, Guilin's Botanical Gardens area has undergone a transformation in recent years with the addition of a large shopping centre and an amusement park. It all makes for a good day out before getting ...... Read More>>

Guilin’s Wa Yao Market: The Place for Art Bargains HOT

Guilin’s artists, with their trademark ink painting of rocky outcrops, waterfalls and river scenery, have been at the heart of Chinese art for centuries. Since China’s opening up they’ve mixed traditional techniques with the contemporary, giving their ...... Read More>>

Haggling Heaven: Shopping at Guilin’s Main Commercial Streets HOT

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Guilin is a small tourist city renowned for its beautiful landscape; fortunately, the shopping is pretty great too. Besides Guilin’s top three treasures – fermented bean curd, sanhua liquor and Guilin chili sauce – Guilin is also famous for its landscape ...... Read More>>

Where West Meets East: West Yangshuo Street HOT

Yangshuo is a beautiful town situated near the banks of the beautiful Li River, 63 km (39.2 miles) west of Guilin city, with over 2,000 years of history. West Yangshuo Street (阳朔西街) is one of the main attractions in the historic town. Along a 517 meter ...... Read More>>

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