Guilin’s Two Rivers and Four Lakes

Guilin’s Two Rivers and Four Lakes

Guilin is famed for its beautiful mountains and waterways. In particular, the Two Rivers Four Lakes 两江四湖 scenic area can truly attest to Guilin’s beauty as a city of rolling mountains and meandering rivers.

Two Rivers and Four Lakes is rated 4A as a nationally recognized unique tourist attraction in Guilin. The area includes the Li River (the part that meanders through the city), Taohua River, Mulong Lake, Gui Lake, Rong Lake and Shan Lake. The Mulong Lake sightseeing area offers scenic tours that feature cultural and historic sites from the Song Dynasty. The Gui Lake sightseeing area has rolling mountains covered in lush forests making it a great area to frolic around. The Rong and Shan Lake sightseeing area features classical Chinese gardens that are just too beautiful to miss. These scenic areas have all been restored and renovated to complement the beautiful water and serene mountains that make Guilin the unique city that it is.


All three scenic areas attest to the rich beauty and culture of Guilin through natural and man-made scenery, featuring various flora as well as pavilions and buildings. The Rong and Shan Lake sightseeing area is located downtown – the two lakes are interlinked with each other. Beidou Bridge over Rong Lake is one of the longest ancient white jade (dating to Han Dynasty) bridges in Guangxi and is intricately carved. The Sun and Moon pagodas in the middle of Shan Lake are two of the tallest pagodas on bodies of water in the world and an important feature for night views over Two Rivers and Four Lakes. Gui Lake sightseeing area has some very unique flora complemented by the clear lake waters, waving tree branches, and the rolling mountains make for a breathtaking view. Mulong Lake Sightseeing Area features East City Gate and city walls that date back to Song Dynasty; the area also includes some newly renovated walkways modeled after the traditional architectural style of the Song period.

Tours of the Two Rivers and Four Lakes around the city have become an iconic choice for visitors traveling to the city; visitors are especially taken with the night bazaar in Guilin which includes night tours of Two Rivers and Four Lakes. Ferries are available to take visitors around all three sightseeing areas, enjoy the different themed expo gardens (including Famous Bridge Expo Garden, Famous Flora Expo Garden, Pavilions and Buildings Expo Garden, and Sculptural Art Expo Garden) and beautiful mountains looming over the lakes.  fter sunset, when the street lamps and neon lights have come on over the city, you'll gasp at the beautiful night view as Guilin bustles with life.


What sets Two Rivers and Four Lakes tours apart (from Li River tours) are the fact that they look to highlight the rich historic and cultural heritage Guilin has to offer instead of just the beauty of the natural scenery. Visitors are taken on an unique cultural tour that include the Sheli Pagoda that was built during the Tang Dynasty, the ancient city walls of the Song Dynasty, former residence of Li Ji, as well as other cultural heritage sites dotting the city. 

Opening Hours: all day; ferry tours at 19:30-21:30
Price: 149 RMB/person (regular ferry); 155 RMB/person (air-conditioned ferry); ferry tour takes around 90 minutes and you can buy tickets at the wharf
Take bus routes 2, 23 to Xiangshan Park station to arrive at Shan Lake Zhiyin Wharf;
Take bus routes 23, 16, 2 to Wenchang Bridge station to arrive at Wenchang Bridge Wharf;
Take bus routes 11, 31, 10, 14, 18 to arrive at Jiefang Liupima Wharf.

Below is a tour map of Two River and Four Lakes Scenic Area:


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