Great Western Restaurants on Yangshuo West Street

Great Western Restaurants on Yangshuo West Street

Yangshuo West Street’s affectionate nickname as “World Village” given by Chinese and foreign tourists alike, obviously comes from the constant presence of foreign visitors in the area, many of whom have gone so far as to make this their permanent home. With so many foreigners, a demand for authentic Western cuisine has naturally appeared on the street, leading to the opening of many Western restaurants and bars of all shapes and sizes. Here, we’ll introduce a few of Yangshuo West Street’s more popular Western restaurants. Don’t forget to try them out on your next trip to Yangshuo. 

1) Lede French Restaurant乐得法式餐厅 View In Map

Located in the middle stretch of West Street, Lede French Restaurant could be described as West Street’s largest restaurant. It’s also the most popular with tourists, and is definitely one of the most well known in the area. A large square stretches out in front of the restaurant, packed with tables and chairs which are lit up by candlelight at night, giving the place a romantic atmosphere.

Lede French Restaurant’s inside decor is all Chinese style, with old “Eight Spirit” tables and rosewood benches. The walls boast ancient Chinese paintings as well as a few masks and old telephones, among other artifacts. The restaurants owners are a multi-national couple (a Frenchman and a Yangshuo native), and have been featured in several French newspapers. Of course, Lede French Restaurant’s mouth-watering orthodox Western delicacies are the most memorable part of the dining experience, and include roasted escargot, Provencial chicken, garlic bread, etc. Bon Apetite!

Add: 79 West Yangshuo Street, Yangshuo
Tel: 077 3882 8040
Price: about 100 RMB per person

2) Red Star Express红星特快 View In Map

Red Star Express has quite the unique name, which may come from the eye-catching five-cornered red star at the entrance, the “logo” of the restaurant. You’ll have to pass through a long aisle of pizza boxes when you enter the restaurant, and if you look closely you’ll notice that they’re covered in interesting notes from visitors. After you pass through the bar, there’s another room where the wall is deliberately rough, like the outside wall of a construction site. There are also street lamps decorated with colorful cloth ribbons lighting the room as well as a large fireplace, apparently where they roast chicken. On top of the fireplace you’ll find a statue of the Virgin Mary. This eclectic decorating style seems to be the result of the boss’s meticulous probing of many people’s creative talent. Red Star Express boasts the area’s best pizza, and its grilled fillet steak, salmon pizza and black tree grilled steak aren’t half bad; both are very popular with foreign customers.

Add: 66 West Yangshuo Street, Yangshuo
Tel: 077 3882 2699
Price: about 80 RMB per person

3) Drifters 旅行者餐厅 View In Map

Drifters is one of the most distinctive Western restaurants on Yangshuo West Street. It’s also a popular hangout spot for foreign tourists. Its unique decor is characterized by the unforgettable sketches on the wall opposite the entrance doors, all drawn by former guests to the restaurant, and some of which are absolutely hilarious. The wall to the right is covered with signatures and notes. If you’re lucky you can find an empty spot to write your own name.

Drifters has been around for over 10 years and is currently undergoing some renovations. The Western cuisine here is very authentic, serving up pizza, beef and potato pie, pasta in meat sauce, “Western” orange duck – all absolutely delicious. If you have a sweet tooth, you just can’t afford to miss out on the apple crumble. Of course, if you take a look at the messages scribbled on the walls, you’ll find even more ordering recommendations.

Add: 58 West Yangshuo Street, Yangshuo
Tel: 077 3882 1715
Price: about 100 RMB per person

4) Karst Cafe 喀斯特中西餐厅 View In Map
Guilin is famous for its caverns, which have attracted rock climbing enthusiasts from around the world. It’s no wonder that Karst Cafe would pick the region’s natural wonders for its theme. Karst Cafe’s owner Echo is a celebrity here on West Yangshuo Street. A huge fan of rock climbing, Echo loves to make friends with others who share her passion.

Karst Cafe is a two-story establishment. The first floor is a restaurant, and if you look up you’ll see the ceiling has been lovingly decorated with hand-painted T-shirts, a wooden boat, and flags from several countries. The design is simple with several tables covered in various styles of batik table cloths. You’ll find the restaurant’s bar in the corner by the staircase on the first floor. The second floor is home to a cozy bar. Here, bookshelves line the walls and are stocked with music CDs. The second floor even boasts a small dance floor where restored pictures of literary works line the walls alongside two signed rock-climbing battle uniforms. Another wall is covered in banners and flags. Karst Cafe’s fruit pizza is without a doubt the best in Yangshuo, and all of the pizzas here are full-flavoured masterpieces crafted with the finest ingredients.

Add: 42 Xianqian Jie, Yangshuo, Yangshuo
Price: about 80 RMB per person

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