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Wild Wuhan: Animal Parks

Whether you are looking for something to do with the family or with kids, or just for a good day trip, Wuhan has a lot of furry (or scaly) attractions. These are three of the best places to if you are an animal lover, or if you know someone who is. Read more>>

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Singing the Night Away: Best Karaoke Spots in Wuhan HOT

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Wuhan locals love nothing better than to embrace the winter with a good old sing-song. Why not join them by following our guide to the best KTV establishments the city has to offer. ... Read More>>

Fleeing the Heat: Best Summer Activities in Wuhan HOT

The first thing to be said about summer in Wuhan, especially for those expats getting ready to enjoy it for the first time, is that it's sizzling hot. The city is infamous for its long, scorching summers that leave most people trapped indoors with their air ...... Read More>>

A Dying Breed: Where to Buy (Real) Books in Wuhan HOT

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Everyone is addicted to something.<br /> For some it's the sweet thrill of adventure as they live out their Indiana Jones fantasy overseas. For others it's booze and cigarettes, delicious food, beautiful women, while for some (including me), nothing ...... Read More>>

Rediscovering the Past: A Guide to Wuhan’s Museums HOT

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No trip to any country is complete without stepping inside a museum. Visiting one is always a great adventure. You’ve got the crowds, the kids with their face pressed against the glass, the relics, and of course the self-discovery. To imagine, within each ...... Read More>>

Three University Campuses in Wuhan that Connect You with Both Nature and Culture HOT

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"The most beautiful hills and lake fronts in Wuhan are all occupied by the universities", one Wuhan taxi driver once told me. Fortunately, the campuses of the universities in Wuhan are open to the public. Wuhan has the third most universities ...... Read More>>

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