Shopping in Zhengzhou: The 4 Most Popular Malls

Shopping in Zhengzhou: The 4 Most Popular Malls

Zhengzhou is a far cry from an international center like Beijing or Shanghai, but you wouldn't know it by the malls. From international popular brands like H&M and Uniqlo to mid-range Chinese goods, the malls of Zhengzhou have it all. With three shopping districts and four major shopping destinations, you can find just about anything in one of these shopping centers.

1) Dennis Department Store
For high end buys, check out Dennis Department Store on People's Road. The eight-story department store carries a wide range of luxury and every-day items. The first floor is home to an array of international cosmetics and jewelry. The second floor is the place to buy shoes as well as boutique accessories. It's also home to a Hong-Kong style tea café. Floor three stocks women's clothing and accessories; the fourth floor is dedicated to children's clothing; fifth is menswear and the sixth carries household goods like bedding and kitchen trinkets. There is a medium-sized supermarket in the basement of the department store; but it's not up to par with Wal-Mart and Carrefour.

Add: 2 Renmin Lu (year Guancheng Xi Jie), Erqi District, Zhengzhou
地址:郑州市二七区人民路2号(近管城西街), 丹尼斯百货
Tel: 0371 6623 6688
Hours: 9:30-21:30
Getting there: Take bus 9,26,37,57,98,101东线,520,729,909,k9,t101 to Gongren Xin Cun (工人新村)

2) Parkson Shopping Center
Zhengzhou's Parkson Shopping Center is over 50,000 meters of shopping fun. The best part about Parkson's is that they carry over 100 brands and have an especially large selection in the women's fashion department. The mall has lots of weekly sales and discounts that are usually worth checking out. There is a Starbucks on the second floor and a Haagen Daz so that shoppers can stop in for a cold treat. The sixth floor houses a Hengdian movie theatre and there is a gym and a pizza place in the mall as well.

Add: 72 Dong Taikang Lu (near Renmin Lu), Erqi District, Zhengzhou
地址:郑州市二七区东太康路72号(近人民路), 百盛购物中心
Tel: 0371 6626 9755
Hours: 10:00-22:00
Getting there: Take bus 98 to Bei Shuncheng Jie Shangcheng Lu (北顺城街商城路) or take bus 2,52,58,78支,89,152,518,b17 to Shi Tiyuchang (市体育场)

3) International Trade Center 360 
A classic and bright shopping mall, International Trade Center 360 is a stylish spot with many great shops. The inside of the mall is vast so that it never feels too crowded, even though the shopping center is a popular place for the young crowd to hang out. The mall features popular stores like H&M, C&A, UR and Uniqlo and international eateries including Starbucks, Haagen Daz, KFC, Dairy Queen and other dessert and snack spots.

Add: Huayuan Lu He Nongye Lu Jiaohui Chu, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou
地址:郑州市金水区花园路和农业路交汇处, 国贸360广场
Tel: 0371 8709 6360
Hours: 10:00-21:30(Holiday: 10:00-22:00)
Getting there: Take bus 9,47,62,63,k62,k813,k903 to Huayuan Lu Guanhutun Zhan (花园路关虎屯站)

4)  Huacai City Mall
Huacai City Mall is like International Trade Center 360, but a little less fancy and a little cheaper. Though not as luxurious, the shopping center is a trend-setter: the first Zara in Zhengzhou was opened in Huacai City. There is an H&M and a C&A on the first floor along with a Wal-Mart. Shoppers can grab a bite to eat a DQ, Ajisen, Papa John's or numerous other restaurants (including pizza and sushi).

Add: Yinxiang Cheng Nei, 88 Minzhu Lu (near Xi Taikang Lu), Erqi District, Zhengzhou
地址:郑州市二七区民主路88号印象城内(近西太康路), 华彩城购物中心
Tel: 0371 6695 8888
Hours: 10:00-20:00
Getting there: Take bus 37, 256 to Minzhu Lu Beijing Hualian  

Sip a Starbucks or dig your spoon into a DQ blizzard and browse your favorite international stores at one of these Zhengzhou shopping spots. With movies, pizza, supermarkets and more, the malls really do have something for everyone!  

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When was this article last updated? You really should add Wanda Plaza into the list of the best malls in Zhengzhou. The address is China, Henan, Zhengzhou, Zhongyuan, 中原中路171号. Clean, modern, easy to get to, with three levels plus a basement containing many modern stores, including Haagen Dazs, Starbucks, Houcaller, Pizza Hut, KFC, Walmart, Uniqlo, many other brand name stores, restaurants, and an IMax Cinema. Surrounding the mall itself is a network of open-air arcades lined with many more smaller shops and cafes.

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