Cup of Zhou: Zhengzhou’s Best Coffee Shops

Cup of Zhou: Zhengzhou’s Best Coffee Shops

A flood of cafés have sprung up around Zhengzhou over the past few years, but only a handful have wrestled down the competition and actually attracted a loyal following of return customers by providing quality coffee, good service and a relaxed atmosphere. Here, we’ll introduce you to these rare drops of coffee heaven so you too can enjoy a more “refined” way to get your caffeine fix.

Back Window Café.

1) Back Window Café 后窗咖啡
Walking in, you’ll instantly confront comfortable seating, a quiet atmosphere, soft music, and a faint coffee aroma. These are the charms of Back Window Café, an artistic environment graced by colourful décor and a jungle of green plants stuffed into every corner of the shop. Not just a hangout for young people who come to chat with friends, the café has also earned a reputation as a romantic spot to bring a hot date. Besides providing an impressive array of coffees and desserts (such as its popular cappuccino and chocolate sweets), Back Window Café also plays Chinese and foreign movies, classical music and offers guests a look at their collection of art magazines and books. If you’re lucky you might catch a performance by some of the foreigners the caféoften invites to play here, and share a peaceful night listening with the other customers.

Back Window Café (first branch)
Add: 407 Building A, Dongliansheng Dasha, (at the intersection of Wenhualu and Renzhaijie), Zhengzhou
Tel: 137 8341 5039
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00
Price: about 50 RMB per person
Getting there:
By bus: take line 61, 64, 72k, 88, or 93 to Wenhualu station

Back Window Café (second branch)
Add: 2409 Building A, Guoqiye Center, (100 meters from the intersection of Nongyelu and Jingwulu), Zhengzhou
Tel: 0371 6666 2409
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00

Soda Blue Cafe

2) Soda Blue Cafe 苏打蓝咖啡馆
Located just west of the Weiyilu and Jingqilu intersection, the newly opened Soda Blue Cafe is nice, easy to get to and has an eye-catching door display that makes it hard to miss. Inside, the Soda Blue Cafe is retro and stylish with a long bar and deep red brick walls. The originally high-ceilinged building was divided into three floors, giving diners at each table plenty of leg room. Besides its cozy surroundings and authentic, Italian-style coffee, the cafe also boasts a semi-automatic coffee machine that makes sure guests have freshly ground coffee in their cups.

Add: 20 meters west of the intersection between Jingqilu and Weiyilu Zhengzhou (near Weiyilu), Zhengzhou
Tel: 0371 6382 3556
Price: about 50 RMB per person
By bus: take line 21, 32 or 205 to the Daerfuyuan Station

Coffee Master

3) Coffee Master 咖啡大师
Just behind the big oriental plane tree on Jingwulu, Coffee Master is a small two-story shop. The first floor is a café whose menu displays a wide range of coffees (over 10 types), including its famous hazelnut latte, a rare find here in Zhengzhou. Its most popular drink is the caramel macchiato, praised for its fine cream and full flavour. The café also offers a few dishes and desserts plus wireless internet, and staff here are extremely friendly and polite with customers. The second floor is a wine bar where you can find all sorts of imported wines. There are two private rooms here you can reserve, but you’ll have to spend a minimum of 200 RMB (members receive a considerable discount).

Add: North of the intersection between Jingwulu and Weiwulu, Zhengzhou
Tel: 03 711 6339 5725
Price: 60-100 RMB per person
By bus: Take bus line 101, Dongxian 101 or t101 to Weiwulu Zhengqijie Station

Seven Star Cafe

4) Seven Star Cafe 赛文斯达咖啡
The Seven Star Cafe brings a refreshing gust of fresh air to Zhengzhou’s café scene. Elegant and tastefully decorated, you’ll find all sorts of trinkets around the place, including clocks, coffee cups and art magazines, as well as many old movies. The shop’s exquisite coffee containers hold a colourful collection of coffee beans from around the world (all are imported), and even the pastries here are made by an Italian coffee company. Most of Seven Star Cafe’s coffee is illy and lavazza. The price for a single type of coffee is around 38-58 RMB, while blended coffees run around 48 RMB a cup.

Add: The intersection between Jingliulu and Weiyilu, Zhengzhou
Tel: 0371 8888 3355
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Price: 50-100 RMB per person
By bus: take line 205 to the Weiyilu Jingliulu station

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Black window cafe has closed down. Soda blue cafe is now a run down bar.

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Even when this article was written (2011) it was really incomplete. There are now a ton of cafes in Zhengzhou, from international chains (Starbucks, Caffe Bene etc) to local chains (awful crap like "Dio Coffee") to individually owned shops. Quality varies wildly.

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This list is too short and probably not really reflective of all of the good Coffee shops in the City. If you plot these on a map you'll see that they are all in the same area - roughly in a 2 km square.

It leaves out the Starbucks at Hua Yuan lu and Nong Ye lu, and also all of the coffee shops in the mall nearby, including the Papa Roti on the 4th floor there, where you can get a coconut milk latte.

There's also a chain called "Dio Coffee" that has numerous locations, each with a good menu of food (including the stone pot rice that I love).

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