Take a Break: Zhengzhou’s Top Leisure Locales

Take a Break: Zhengzhou’s Top Leisure Locales

With the hectic pace of modern city life, it’s important to take time out to kick back every now and then. To help you get your lounge on, we’ve rounded-up some of the most relaxing spots in all of Zhengzhou.


1) Zhengzhou National Forest Park郑州国家森林公园

Located in northeastern Zhengzhou, the National Forest Park occupies over 576 acres comprised of softly rolling sand dunes, lush and misty forest and rippling pools dappled with light. Step into the thick woods here and all will be quiet, the air wonderfully fresh. Take bus 39 or 21 from the train station directly to the entrance of the forest park, and then walk east to the Public Ecology Park. Tickets are 10 RMB.

The park has barbecue grills available for guests to rent and an upscale, fully outfitted fitness park can be found within the ecology park.

Getting there: From Zhengzhou’s urban center, take bus 21, 98 K39, 215 or 118 to the forest park.

2) Zhengzhou Leisure Road郑州休闲道

This unique road not only has a fast lane for cars and a sidewalk for pedestrians, it also boasts a special “Milky Way (Tianhe) Road” specially designed for the enjoyment of visitors. Running perpendicular to the Yellow River’s Tianhe Road, this stretch is sure to provide guests with an appreciation for the wonders of modernity. At the northeastern intersection between Tianhe Road and Kaiyuan Road is the oldest tree garden in all of Zhengzhou; 3,721 trees can be found within, including three that are over 1,000 years old. Continuing north along Tianhe Road, visitors will eventually come to a Yellow River levee, atop which stands a beautiful grove of poplars.

3) World of the Oscars奥斯卡电影大世界

On January 23, 2003, construction was completed on the World of the Oscars, the first and only four-star movie theater in Henan province. With its luxurious design, featuring high-tech stereophonic speakers; multifunctional theaters with over 260 large and comfortable seats; and smaller, more intimate theaters – ideal for romantic dates – with seating for fifty cinema-goers, the World of the Oscars is simply a superb place to catch a flick.

Add: 8 Nongye Road, Zhengzhou


Tel: 6382 0195

Getting there: Take bus 32, 39, 72, 61 or 42 and get off at the Provincial Museum (cross the intersection of Seventh Street and Nongye Road).

4) Four Seasons Ecological Park四季同达生态园

The Four Seasons Ecological Park is a large-scale theme hotel located in the center of Tianhe Road. With a total area of over 24 acres, the ecological park boasts a number of different plants and homegrown vegetables, as well as distinctive restaurants featuring superb eats. There is also a classical-style courtyard, as well as many different activities designed for leisure, including bathing facilities, foot massage parlors and a fitness center.

Add: Central Tianhe Road, Huiji District, Zhengzhou


Getting there: Busses 78 and 91 will take you all the way there. 

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